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  1. As I said, in my KSC screen I have 2 icons of the same mod.
  2. im losing something, i read to put sunflares into "StockVisualEnhancements/SVE_Scatterer/Sunflare/Sun" but no folder there, and no SVE_config.cfg to edit.
  3. yep maybe its this problem, i have 1.3.1 mods installed via CKAN, but its the same always, if you play 32 bit mode, forget the mods, if you play 64 bit mode, you we have some problems, but if you are in a modded ksp x64, when you update mods, new ksp version comes. the same love history as always, ill uninstall all non 1.4 mods and test it. thx a lot
  4. hi friend thx for the fast reply, im pretty sure its a mod related problem, when i enter in the launchpad where you can launch your rocket, when mission is over all buildings are full upgraded, cant enter anyone and cant exit game, its a known problem i read before long time ago, but dunno wich solution i can use.
  5. Well hi guys... i just dissapointed, im playing testing and having patience since the first playable version of that superb game. i remember the 0.90 building bug where all buildings where upgraded and locked down. i just came again to game, modded it (because i think ksp modded its a lot better than unmodded one), wait the 20 minutes loading, and when i enter in launchpad and came to ksp yard, every buildings are fully upgraded and locked, so need to quit game. Really this can happen in 1.4.1? really the solution is to play un 32 mode? no solution !? please someone can give me solution or mod to install to fix that... because i think its more possible to have a mod to solves that, than a dev fix... thx a lot guys!
  6. just start KSP 1.2.2 and no text in menu and no terrain for mun. KSP 64x windows 10. hosting imagenes
  7. PUTTING icon icons Icon Icons in exceptions file should work!?
  8. i need an advice about a problem i found: when start my game icons from toolbar are a magenta square, and icons from ksps bar, are in white, i didnt touch anything only recommended options and did the conversion. can anyone help me?
  9. [quote name='nhawks17']i'm a bit confused. What is making it look like you're inside the atmosphere? It has ckan integration :d ohhhh crap that's right... I forgot the overhaul version does that... Well you can always switch to the release version, there's no custom terrain and the city lights are still there and are working. There's just no atmospheric effects yet unless you install scatterer (i'll have custom configs out as soon as i can but the default one's should be ok for now) yeah, astronomer's works off the old eve so you'll need to uninstall his pack as well as the old eve. I know that eve is included in my download here but i'm not entirely sure how the ckan team assembled my pack onto ckan to install but i'd guess it would be how i have it on github which includes eve.[/quote] thx friend
  10. yep i solved this issue related to kw its SPACEY the mod that stops loading
  11. i need some advices, installing this (i want the new "R" version) i need to uninstall via ckan astronomers visual pack and eve? is eve included in ths pack?
  12. can anyone to help me? no one have large mods and using x64 ksp? im the only one here?
  13. That solutions dont solve the problem. Using active texture management or lillemans tool causes spacey mod to halt loading. Plus.... Lilleman tool causes icons to be a white square.. Still have the problem at reducing textures.. Using these two tools causes halt on loading. Any clues??
  14. hi folks. my computer is an AMD with 8gbs RAM and an ATI hd7 with 1gb of video memory. im using ksp 64 because i load a lot of mods, (no way to play vanilla, i want my game with these mods installed) loading it normally, im able to play, but ram usage its about 7300 ram. i tought to use active texture management x64 version, basic install, and RAM usage is lower, but hangs in loading screen at SPACEY mod, (im pretty sure its not related to that mod because loads normally without active texture management. so im asking help: 1 what can i do? use active texture with first half of the mods, and then start again with the other half to bring active texture to compress all mods? 2 another solution to lower textures to free ram? oh i forgot im using kspx64 without any shortcut