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  1. I'd love to be able to interact with these easter eggs though, give them a purpose. Maybe capturing an alien probe would net you a bit of antimatter for use with KSPI. Or an OP engine you could weld onto an existing ship.
  2. The concept of modding in alien Ai has come up before, but I think this would actually be unnecessary. Would it be possible instead to implement scripts for random encounters with alien ships, similar to asteroids? I know nothing about modding KSP, but it seems like it would be fairly straightforward to simulate the presence of a hostile and/or friendly AI with random scripted encounters and different effects on your Kerbals and ships. Say for example on your first successful Mun landing an alien ship is spawned in a low fly-by of your landing site, with an impossibly fast escape trajectory. Later, after a random number of landings or after 3 planets, whichever comes first, there is a second fly-by that drops off a small probe lander that impacts near your landing site, and carries a beacon/artifact that you can pick up using KAS. The artifact could have a variety of effects, such as playing an alien gibberish soundbite, being reclaimable for science or funds, or attracting hostile/friendly encounters, or all of the above. Maybe hostile aliens would teleport and abduct your kerbals during EVA while on a fly-by or damage your ship if you got too close. What do you think? Feasible? Worth the effort? If not, do you have any good links or tutorials on modding KSP?
  3. I experienced the same bug as Pondafarr and Xenro66 after playing successfully with NEAR for some time. Aerodynamics dropped out of the game completely, and no control surfaces would function. Turned out, the near.dll had gone missing from its plugin folder, and replacing it with a fresh copy solved all problems. No idea why it vanished in the first place, but I'm happy to have it back.
  4. Hey bran new here, so I'm unsure of the etiquette regarding bug reporting, but I've got one for you. I'm running KSP with KAS Kethane, and Infernal Robotics, all the latest versions, if that helps. The problem is, quicksaves/quickloads have been reversing the direction of rotation for some IR Rotators on my VTOLs (if it reversed all of them, it'd be fine). I'm not sure how it picks which set to reverse, but this seems to be a new problem that is getting worse with each build/save I make. My first VTOL never had an issue. If I had to guess, I'd say the plugin isn't clearing it's memory properly. Settings and servo controls carry over to new ships and parts instead of being reset.