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  1. Hi, Every time I build something in the VAB using parts I have researched and own I can launch directly just fine. However, if I leave the VAB and return, like click launch but forgot to do an action group and then use revert to hangar, clicking launch after that always gives me the error that I'm using experimental parts and I'm unable to launch. All consumables (batteries and fuel tanks) and engines are affected. I have to remove them all, re-add and then I can launch fine. Even using the FL-T100 fuel tank which is the first one you get causes this. Using v1.0.2 in career mode in normal diff
  2. why...? why would anyone liquify Kerbals??? They're supposed to die of old age, drifting aimlessly through space. Back on topic though, depending on how difficult you want to make it you could restrict it to a certain biome on a certain planet but that just sounds annoying to me. It'd be too easy to miss. I do agree that it shouldn't be too easy to find. Maybe limit it to planets with atmosphere or enough gravity to pose a challenge in returning. The reward should determine the difficulty. So maybe, single cell fossils on the Duna with a small reward or small invertebrates on Eeloo with big
  3. I would love this. It's makes space planes so much more appealing. The tricky part would be on how to handle it in the VAB. I suppose you could use the sub-assembly system for payloads. But the height and width will need to be checked... I suppose the overlapping system already does this. Idea: The part is tube shaped like a fuel tank with attachment points top and bottom as per usual. The payload door can recess and slides open. (pic attached for visual aid.) The VAB already has the ability to change the state of landing gear so the same mechanic can be used to open the doors in VAB mode. Onc
  4. Hi Guys, After reading about some probe/rover finding traces of microbial life I thought, why isn't this in KSP? So, my suggestion: At the start of a career mode game, randomly set one of the planets as containing microbial life. This can only be discovered by taking a soil sample and analyzing it in the Lab module (or similar). Why It encourages you to plan your missions more carefully in that you have to send a Kerbal and be able to return. You also don't know what planet the life can be found on so you have to hunt for it. It could have a nice research point payout as a reward (cash/fame in
  5. +1 This functionality already exists as the warp rate changes based on your altitude. Having it drop to X1 in another condition should be fairly simple.
  6. Combine the hose and the receiving port. The Receiving port could be in the center of the wheel. So it's just 1 new part that would need to be on any ship/station you want this functionality on. The regular Alt+right click would probably be used after that.
  7. This is a small suggestion. On the antenna, you can see the battery charge and the current status, transmitting/done. On some of my smaller probes with low battery and a single solar panel, transmitting takes a while so I get to watch the thing recharging for a tiny burst of info and then repeat. What I'd like to see: Data remaining 13/48 Mits So that I can get an idea of how long it's going to take. The total should include all instruments in the current transmit batch.
  8. A possible solution to this is to break the tech tree up into categories. If I'm doing research on something, I should hopefully know what the heck I'm aiming for. I have a goal don't I? It's not a case of, "Hmm, let's do some research. What have I found? Oh look! It's a hair curler!" Scientists only do research with a goal in mind. You could have the fuel tank line where the tanks get bigger and bigger with a side line for miniaturization. Wings in their own mini tree, engines in another. You might think that you could then just focus on the engines and tanks but the exponential cost will get
  9. Another difficulty option you could consider: Easier means a weight reduction % This makes launches, landings and handling easier. Also less fuel consumed. It covers quite a lot. And it's quite easy to implement. Anywhere where the weight is read, there is a tiny bit of maths saying weight = %configvalue% * %difficulty% where normal == 1, easy == 0.75, super easy == 0.5.
  10. 1) You definitely want to be able to fix things. Nothing would infuriate me more than spending a few hours on a super long meeting up, docking and joining of my multi part super space fortress only to have the main engine be broken. Early in launch I don't mind not being able to fix, that's what "Abort" is for after all Newer parts would generally have more problems than more established bits. If you've used an engine for years, usually all the quirks get ironed out. Also, there should be a lessons learnt part to avoid it "happening again" now that you know what went wrong. 3) I think this is
  11. Hi Guys, What and Why So, this suggestion comes after many ejected parts collided with my main ship and caused damage. I've tried using Sepratron 1s but sometimes they just fire too early or spin wrong and once you use a radial decoupler, you can't have the sepratrons on the next stage as the part is no longer attached. So, as a tweak-able setting for some parts, I suggest a timer that can be set and starts it's countdown on stage activation. Simple Example: I have a rocket core with 4 radial boosters. Each booster has a Sepratron I with a 5 second timer set. Each booster also has a par
  12. Items can already receive a glow effect as seen in the action grouping screen. Selected items/groups glow blue. Why not have a "Highlight fuel flow" button. When active, selecting a tank makes it the source, it then glows red. All tanks receiving fuel from that tank then glow green. This should make it very easy to spot a bad connection.
  13. +1 This should be a dual system. Fuel hose and extension lead for electricity. I had to make a rather complex recharging station for rovers (pre-solar) like a drive-though docking/charging car wash thing. On stilts.
  14. So, you want a hanky-chute? Something the size of the RCS thruster model?
  15. After reading this my first thought was that spikes can work in both directions. I had this picture of a Kerbal kebab stuck on the Mun. I don't think the planet meshes distinguish between soft ground and solid rock. Unless you want the low tech spike to lightsaber it's way into solid rock. I think it would be interesting to have but I'd probably use girders instead and fake the landing gear.
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