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  1. This is my new bush plane, with an optional ejection seat (uses KAX for the propeller). More images:
  2. It's ugly as hell, but it does fly! Its sole purpose is "technology" demonstration. The wings are quite fragile, they can't survive a rough landing. The whole craft with maximum (allowed) amount of fuel in the tanks weighs around 150 tons and holds 240 passengers + crew.
  3. Today I concluded the maiden voyage of my first Minmus-capable SSTO (in the new aerodynamics). It has the potential to be developed into an interplanetary craft (the prototype landed on Minmus with ~8 tons of liquid fuel left) by adding a mining kit, and some sort of crew module. It's powered by 8 RAPIERs and 2 nukes.
  4. I laughed up loud in front of the monitor It's not a juno engine, but a small circular intake put there to resemble an APU exhaust.
  5. Finally built a decent-looking Mk3 airliner with good balance and long range. Its engines are a bit underpowered compared to its size, but they can accelerate the craft to nearly mach 1 at higher alitudes.
  6. Testing out a towbarless tug for pushing back aircraft on the apron.
  7. Hi there! Since several versions (and aero changes), I have played KSP the first time today. I've tried some SSTO designs, but only achieved munar orbit so far: Approaching the home planet: Final (third) reentry: Approaching KSC RWY 09 Deploying drag chute. Mission success!
  8. I can cook every kind of pre-made food, like those ramen noodles. Delicious but pretty unhealthy. that means i can't cook at all lel
  9. I expected more europeans, specifically central and eastern europeans... My closest neighbor is from Vienna, approx 200 kms away...
  10. Yeah, I know the Surface Pro, but that's way too expensive (especially in Hungary, with its world-record 27% VAT -.-). I've seen cheaper hybrids like some Asus Transformers, Acer Aspire Switch series and others. I just don't know if they could get the job done.
  11. Hello! I'm considering buying a new portable device which would complement my home desktop computer. I'm in the second year of my university studies, and I'm in need of a computer-like thingy I could carry to the school everyday. I have used Android and iOS tablets before, but I didn't like them very much, mostly because the absence of the "normal" PC GUI (i.e. windows & desktop), the lack of PC controls (physical mouse and physical keyboard), and the tendency of slowing down to unusable levels in 1-2 years. Portability is very important for me: the device should be small enough to be carried safely in a backpack (while riding a bike), so I'd forget the 'standard' 15,6" laptops as they're big and heavy (and difficult to protect). The absolute maximum I'd accept is ~13". By portability I also mean endurance, so the device should survive at least 5-10 hours without recharging under light workload (like MS Word). Budget-wise I'm constrained to ~$500 or below. The devices defined by these criteria (afaik) are Windows-based 2in1 hybrids and subnotebooks, mostly equipped with quad-core Atom and Pentium processors. What would I use the device for, you'd ask? -Viewing and editing PDF and DOC files -Browsing the web -Playing old games (like Age of Empires II and Transport Tycoon) -Viewing RAW and JPG photos on the go -Occasional photo editing (in Photoshop or Lightroom - and by ocassional I mean ocassional, like 1-2 photos at a time. I know these small devices are weak for heavy workloads, and their screens aren't up for the job either - for serious work I have my desktop machine. So here is my question: do devices with the specified properties exist in the given price range? Which family of processors is generally better (I hope it's not a dumb question) for my activities? Thanks for your answers in advance.
  12. I shot this yesterday. Boeing 777F, a very rare sight at Budapest Airport, starting its long journey to Singapore. It's the heaviest two engined aircraft after the 777-300ER with a whopping 347,8 ton MTOW.
  13. Muh trains! I usually go railfanning, mostly in Hungary and Austria. One of the most popular locos in Hungary, the M61 "Nohab" at Káptalanfüred A high-speed ICE T train at the new Wien Hauptbahnhof with the modern ÖBB headquarters in the background.
  14. Mother of God, that Millenium Falcon is just amazing. I wouldn't have the patience to build one I do "planespotting" a lot in the summer, which includes a lot of "photography". Sometimes I attend press events where they let the journalists go into the A/C, the apron, taxiways, etc. I dunno why I posted only A332s, maybe cause they are the largest passenger aircraft to fly regularly to LHBP (until Emirates introduces the B77W in December!).