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  1. Good luck with the move, nothing fun about that! I'll keep eye out on this thread. Thank you, frankly not sure if I would recommend it at its price. I thought it'd be faster, and the price point is just absurd. I live modestly otherwise though, and have seen career success these last few years, so treated myself
  2. Fun to see you still active Probus. After setting up a deeply modded game back in 2020, my hardware failed and I never got to do my playthrough. Writing this from a 4090 system now though and setting up modlist at moment and looking back at all the work you've discussed without release. Could you use an extra hand in developing the next update for release? My dev skills are pretty novice but learning all the time.
  3. @evileye.x I also am using a JNSQ install and was attempting to use the KK ground bases in the same way (where I had to land and pay to open them for them to activate). After a day of testing, I can conclude confidently that the issues you described with the Comment stations are there and unfixable (as a player at least). HOWEVER, if you use RemoteTech, then it works exactly the way I wanted and expected it too with the extra comms stations only opening after I had landed and payed to open them. RemoteTech adds a little more complexity vs stock, but if you turn off the signal delay, then they effectively work the same.
  4. RL first, always. Hope you guys are doing okay, and thanks for all the time you've put into this project already.
  5. Fixed! You hit the nail on the head, removing the stock TechTree.cfg from the Squad file allows the tree to load normally. (Now time to look into those other errors...mod it til it breaks they said...) @Probus is there a master list of what parts are in each node (and what mod they come from) or a public link to the excel sheet you mentioned you used to sort parts anywhere? I have a ~lot~ of part packs installed so I would expect to see more nodes filled, however things like the entire SRB branch, the entire nuclear branch, docking, fairings, and other nodes are completely empty, and I suspect that this should not be the case.
  6. Been a while since I needed support, so let me know if I missed anything Downloaded ETT + Yonge Tech to go with my new modded install on 1.11, deleted CTT and started a fresh save, but the tree looks like cobwebs, similar to problems described by others in this thread years ago when they had conflicts with CTT or Remove empty nodes, neither of which I have. Any ideas if it's a conflict/incompatibility from a mod or if it's from the latest version? Mod list is pretty long, but I'll be working through it after this posting looking for a conflict. (Biggest downside of modded games is the long load-times imo, makes it a nightmare to test). Tech Tree with Cobwebs Annoyingly long mod list. (Will type this out soon) Log Thanks for all your hardwork and Merry Christmas!
  7. After a years-long hiatus, I started playing again earlier this week and just now finished configuring and testing my mod list for a JNSQ Hard Career mode. I swear that while I've played this game I've probably spent half the times in my saves and the other half testing and installing new mods. All part of the fun. Have some big dreams of a full MKS base on Duna but its anyone's guess if my game brakes before that point
  8. Excellent, excellent mods, thank you for all the work you've put into it.
  9. Squad finally gives us a longtime requested feature: community pre-release. However, due to limitations outside of their control, half the users got shafted. But, because people have been dying to take part in this forever, and due to 1.1 taking just under a year, then went ahead and gave the option out anyways. I'm sorry for those who drew the short stick but its that or nothing. The fact that they even listened and responded is class act enough. Miles better then, say, Turn10 or EA. Its also worth pointing out that (at least I don't think) not everyone who applied will even be accepted, just a lottery of willing and able users. Please everyone, keep this community classy and see the bigger picture.
  10. For all those asking, it has been scientifically proven the the experimentals for 1.1 will begin on K +1, with K begin the day you read this.
  11. Stumbled across Kerbal after upgrading my computer recently, and looking to start playing again. I had 300 hours logged in Steam form .22-.90, but its been a while. Looking around at the mods again, because its impossible to stay away from them, but the selection is overwhelming now. I applaud the modding community for that, but leaves the question - where do I begin? Any good must-haves or groups that go well together? Thanks all.
  12. I logged back into my account for the first time in months to express my excitement over this. Thank you Squad!
  13. Looking forward to using this once some more mods off of your to be added list get on there. Looks like a fun tree.
  14. I think they are old fustek parts that are no longer around due to them having no use besides cosmetics.
  15. Romfarer has been extremely busy with 1.0, too busy to work I this. After the release, he took a vacation for a while. I'm sure he'll be back at some point to update this.
  16. On the dev version, for ATM, the exceptions work fine (rpm and agencys don't compress) but neither does anything else, such as parts.
  17. Thats a grand idea. Another littler thing that just makes planes look so much better.
  18. Think I finally figured out my modding setup, minus B9. Waiting hopefully for it's update.
  19. I just want to leave my support and thanks for you continuing this mod. I have a soft sport in particular for this mod, because asking for building tiles back in .21.5 was what brought me to the forums.
  20. I went through the list of mods again- still waiting on a IR update and a B9 update.
  21. As a loyal Anvil user dating back to .22, when I started, I can say that I'm overjoyed to see these updated and rebalanced. Couldn't even fathom ding a career without them. Eagerly awaiting the Dune Raider and Fire Hawk! Edit: Also, is the First Light coming to 1.0? It's an epic build, and once it gets some proper texturing it will be a real treat.
  22. "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to BahamutoD again."
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