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  1. Please, for the love of god, make the following mods standard features: Chatterer Scatterer EVE These are considered so essential by the community that footage/screenshots without them seem out of place and "wrong".
  2. Maybe we're not talking about the same thing... At ground level it's hardly noticeable, but as you ascend in altitude it becomes so pronounced that entire continents will flicker like crazy any time you nudge the camera. Considering how prevalent this bug seems to be, it should probably be listed in the "Known Issues" section of the OP.
  3. Hi Nightingale. Thanks for making killer mods. I have a question regarding the SCANsat compatibility: Every single time I've tried to use Anomaly Surveyor with SCANsat, the contracts appear regardless of whether or not I've done a multispectral scan. I've had this problem on clean installs, modded installs, multiple versions of KSP, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and even two different computers. Same problem every single time. Is there something I'm missing? Do I need to activate that feature in a config file or something?
  4. Still there for me too. I'm pretty sure that nearClipPlane parameter has been around for a while, but it never seemed to do much for me.
  5. Just popping in to report that, as of this most recent build, I'm still getting the coast-flickering when panning the camera. I'm not referring to the FOV bug, but the issue that was apparently fixed in v0.0244
  6. Does this work with the stock app launcher or is the other toolbar required?
  7. I read the Known Issues, but the changelog states: Issue where ocean flickers and bobs around with camera movements appears to be fixed I'm just reporting that it's still an issue for me (other people too, apparently) and asking if there's any way I can help.
  8. Still getting the ocean/coast flicker over here! Anything I can do on my end to fix it myself or help you fix it?
  9. Is there any reason this mod would have an effect on engine performance? After installation, it appears my usual orbiter is accelerating way too fast and losing control shortly after launch.
  10. Hey guys, glad to see this is still being worked on Question: How exactly does the anomaly sensor work? Does it require predetermined coordinates on your end, or will it actually detect static models placed on the planet? Kerbin-Side adds a ton of new landmarks to Kerbin, and I'm wondering if the anomaly sensor can be used to find them.
  11. Two questions! 1. Will the Scansat anomaly sensor pick up these new locations? 2. Do you have runway coordinates that can be used with NavUtilities ILS? okay three... 3. If the answer is no to either of the previous two questions, is there any information you can provide so we can set this up ourselves?
  12. Is there any reason this mod, and many other mods, still require Toolbar to function? Didn't Squad address that in the .24 update?
  13. Can confirm I am also getting the random spray of particles when using SRBs. Not sure why. Smokescreen is a huge performance hog. Will deleting that folder cause any problems? Otherwise, this is great Totally worth the wait and I'm really glad with how it turned out. The quindar is AWESOME.
  14. HOT DAMN IT'S A MIRACLE! Should I be getting massive slowdowns at launch? I'm talking less than 10fps while everything else runs smooth. Something to do with all those smokescreen particles?