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  1. so, looking back in the log, there's nothing between the time the craft entered Eve's atmosphere and the time it exploded except for FAR's normal "voxel smoothing" messages. Should I set the loglevel from info to debug to get more? the FarAero config files look reasonable (I think) - anything to check for in there, any in-game settings to look for? maybe just try it again?
  2. so y'all want to see the *entire* log, not just certain relevant parts? anyone had an issue like this before? I've been using FAR almost since I started playing KSP in 2013 and haven't had an issue like this...
  3. so, odd issue, air doesn't.. work.. on eve.. works on kerbin and on duna.. on eve I'm getting the heat and the explosions, but absolutely no aero drag, and the reynolds number shows as "infinity"; what would I be looking for in the logs here that might explain it? I'll paste logs but I don't want to spew irrelevant garbage in here, if someone has any idea of what to look for, that'd be helpful
  4. I have some questions about PID tuning.. some of my craft seem to have a lot of low-speed pitch oscillation when on initial/final approach; I've been solving this by increasing the scalar value for the vertical speed PID but that doesn't always work; is there a smarter way to tune the PIDs? The craft in question all fly in a stable fashion when using fly-by-wire or pure manual control, so i don't think it's a design problem per se, but I'd like some advice on how to tune out the pitch oscillation better than just ramping the scalar up..? Also if there were a way to integrate with FAR such that I could specify approach speeds in KIAS instead of m/s ground speed, that'd also be good, since.. that's how approach speeds work in the real world
  5. can you use kerbal konstructs to place these launchpads on other planets/moons?
  6. right click and select link, docked or undocked.
  7. if you combine KAS with quantum struts, however.. as soon as you set the KAS parts to 'docked', then the quantum struts take effect, and they're pretty strong. If you just want general structural reinforcement, KJR is the way to go.
  8. 2 days later, came back to it.. cannot reproduce the issue. Not sure what went on the first time, but I guess sometimes KSP just has a bad day?
  9. @FreeThinker just a heads up, I recently updated MechJeb2 and Tweakscale; not sure which of them has caused the conflict, but right clicking on an alcubierre drive no longer has a functional 'show warp window' - it just says "Warp Window: false" and there is no button. Most of the functionality I can get from the right-click menu itself so it's not critical, and there's absolutely nothing in the logs (did full regex queries against the log to try to find anything relevant, and I cannot).. but wanted to let you know that this mod conflict has cropped up. I'd suspect MechJeb over tweakscale (just a gut feeling), but, there you have it. ... or am I the only one seeing this? anyone else notice this?
  10. in the stock toolbar, look for the all-black-and-gray icon that says KSPIE on it.
  11. the docking ports, even the new ones, work fine on my ship described in #1 above - for a single mission, but there's no need for it to stay out there, that ship can lift a Kontainer or a rover or whatever, fly anywhere and drop it off (or pick something up), then land back at KSC.. so it seems that the main problem is the long-term thing. Hopefully it can be fixed one way or another, I had to stop using IR years ago when the docking port issue was a major thing, since I honestly don't have any use cases for robotic parts outside of manipulating docking ports with them (what else can they do?) - although.. I'm not sure if the KAS connection ports/winches/resource transfer cables count as docking ports here, for purposes of this discussion?
  12. however, some warnings (and this may be because I'm using WorldStabilizer, but maybe not?) 1. If you have an liftatron facing DOWN from your craft, when you launch the craft, whatever decides where to place the craft on the runway/pad/etc calculates the height of the vessel using the maximum extension of the liftatron - may be true for other parts as well. Therefore if your liftatron is completely closed/collapsed, the craft spawns in the ground and summons the kraken, so make to go to full extension before launch 2. None of these parts like being on long-term craft/bases. I have a docking port on my minmus base that can raise/lower on a rail slider.. which worked at first, but every time I reload that base to check on it, the parts get weirder... like moving upward, the connected docking port is now offset 2 meters to the right and 1 above, hanging out in space.. and it gets worse every time I load the base. Might be WS's fault, might not, I'm not sure. Parts all seem to work for single-mission applications however.
  13. empirical example - I applied kcs123's patch, and a large+ liftatron can now deadlift a 5m MKS Kontainer full of just about anything, without sagging or breaking.
  14. Question for everyone.. I remember that this mod used to include an electromagnet part, and indeed there are still references to that part when one googles for "KSP electromagnet" (referencing the HE-3(?) part, from KAS)... anyways, what happened to it? Was it somehow broken? I used it quite a bit back in the day, have been doing other things with KSP lately but wanted to get back to doing things that needed such a part, but I find it to be missing.. is there a KAS+ or something that adds the old part back?
  15. "ran out of fuel for antimatter" is the result of the explosion (ie, your antimatter storage was destroyed before the reactor was, so that message appears). Assuming you're not just landing too hard, I'd suggest looking and seeing if you're using any mods that modify the terrain height.. some mods do that and can cause unpredictable ground handling behavior.. like stock visual terrain i think is the one that I was fighting with for a while in that regard, although it was a while ago. @FreeThinker - separate topic, something I've been meaning to ask for a while - the Winged Edge graphene radiators have a maximum pressure limit before they will dissipate heat - it seems to be the same limit as the folding graphene radiators (which makes sense for those, you can't extend them if there's high dynamic pressure for obvious reasons).. but considering that none of the other fixed graphene radiators have that limit, and considering that it's a "winged edge" radiator, why do the parts not work in the presence of significant dynamic pressure? they don't *break*, they just *don't dissipate heat*. It seems a bit counterintuitive that these particular parts would have that particular limitation? As I recall they didn't always do this, either.
  16. despite those missing textures, those parts still work; I also use them. I'm betting that if one were to roll back to an older KSP on steam and snarf out the texture files from the install, then go back to your regular install, you could drop them into the appropriate folder to put them back... but despite the missing textures, they still function as before
  17. update update: Lisias has released a new version of KSP Recall on all channels, including CKAN, which contains the fix.
  18. most part mods from any version of KSP will work fine in 1.12 .... Mk4 has a few functional bits like the fan engines, but those seem to also work. Really the only incompatibilites I've found on older parts mods (ie, B9 specifically) is that some of their animations stopped working around KSP 1.11 - in most cases, this doesn't break any actual functionality though so it's still usable. I personally use Mk4 parts quite a bit though, and they do not have any animation or other problems with them in 1.12.
  19. It works in 1.12. The only thing is that since .. 1.11 or so, none of the animated parts (like the opening doors on some of the lights, etc), none of that works. Lights still work, just the animations don't. Not sure if that's easy or hard to fix, I suppose someone, maybe me, could try a recompile against 1.12, but I haven't done it yet.
  20. update: Lisias (owner of KSP Recall) has acknowleded this as a bug with KSP Recall (which is a required dependency of KSPIE) - possibly if KSPIE bundles an older version of KSP Recall in its distribution, it's not an issue for some, but for those of us using CKAN installs, this is definitely a problem. However, Lisias has both acknowledged the bug/opened an issue to track, and has also posted a functional easy workaround on the KSP Recall thread, so if you go over to that thread, and you can use notepad, you can fix the issue in a couple of minutes while he develops the actual long-term fix in the mod.
  21. @Lisias and @rawhide_k - I can confirm that Lisias's workaround posted a few posts ago, does in fact solve the problem
  22. I noticed this as well after my last post, it's not just the KSPIE stuff blowing up.. I just use KSPIE stuff so often that I drew an incorrect conclusion; I will say that it's easier to replicate with KSPIE, but that's likely due to those parts/engines generating more heat than other stuff does(?)
  23. Upon further testing, it seems to happen with a wide variety of engines and other parts... probably the easiest way to reproduce it is a craft that looks like: Nosecone AI Core Positron Tank Big Hydrazine Tank Short Thermal Generator Positron Reactor Krusader thermal nozzle set to use Hydrazine Put some wraparound radiators on it, tested with just a few and with enough that KSPIE's thermal helper says it's fully good to go under max load. Then launch it. Turn on SAS, engage the Krusader engine, and throttle it up. If you throttle it up slower you can maybe prevent it from exploding right away. Note that if you cut the throttle, all of the heat instantly goes away, like full glowing red hot to full cold in an instant when you close the throttle.
  24. OK, now I have no idea what the hell is going on.. Recall is the only thing I *can not* uninstall, but I noticed I had SystemHeat installed... removed that, even rolled KSP Recall back to its previous release from 8 days ago when everything was fine for me.. still doing it. My previous designs all seem to be *somewhat* ok, although there's more heat than there was before... but the problem is as I described it above - even if I just make a simple sounding rocket with a positron-reactor-powered Krusader engine, burning Hydrazine.. and I put enough graphene radiators on it so that the KSPIE thermal calculator says I'm well in the clear.. as soon as I go full throttle on launch, almost every part on the ship overheats instantly (radiators first).. the radiators explode, followed by the rest of the ship. the logs show nothing save the launch and then the explosion, I'm not seeing any errors or anything to indicate it. If I just throttle up halfway or so, to the point where things don't quite explode but get red-hot... and then I cut the throttle.. everything *instantly* cools off. I've never seen this behavior before and i've uninstalled pretty much everything that's been updated/added in the last few days.. and, as I said, rolled back the KSP Recall version to the previous one...
  25. so this might be a KSP Recall issue.. as it just recently updated, but it's required by this mod.. I did post this over there; but ever since last night's update, all the KSPIE engines are instantly overheating and making everything explode as soon as you throttle them up.. if you catch it in time and cut the throttle, it instantly cools off.. ie this is not how thermodynamics work in either direction; not sure what exactly to do here, I can't uninstall KSP Recall without uninstalling this and about 9 other mods, so.. any ideas?
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