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  1. @linuxgurugamer OP says that this is available via CKAN; this does not appear to be the case. The old version of this mod is there, but your version is not.
  2. oh ok yeah... pretty sure I'm using his 1.4.5 right now. will look in that thread, thanks
  3. so I'm a bit unclear on how to tune this... when I push alt-end with default settings, it actually makes the stutter problem about 10x worse. Going through the messages here I'm trying changing all the 0s to 1s in padheap.cfg and changing the total to 4096, but that's just a guess... is this file documented? If so, where, or failing that, what's an appropriate way to configure this on a 32gb system with a lot of mods installed...?
  4. ok. yeah, the formulas I plan to use take into account the planetary radius.. calculates greatcircle distances; so it should work on other planets too if you just change the value of R.. I'll let you know when I have code ready.
  5. I realize it is a new mod. however I'm sure a lot of people are like me in that they are migrating to this mod from the old kerbinside, and in that context, my statement is accurate. since the name is roughly the same, people think of it as a continuation, or something co politely different, which is what it actually is. and that statement was just a side note to the point of my post anyway.
  6. Has anyone made any kramax flightplans for the new Kerbinside Remastered? It's a completely new mod which replaces the old KerbinSide (which still has some fairly catastrophic bugs in 1.4.5; the Remastered version is a lot better and has cool stuff like proper runway numbering, better assets, makes better use of Konstructs, etc). Anyway, the author changed a bunch of airports, removed a bunch, added a bunch... the only kramax plans that are still workable are for KSC and the Island. I'm considering writing a bunch for this myself, but before I do that, has anyone else done that/is anyone else working on it? I'm thinking I will write some python to generate these plans, and I will share the code.. ie, pass the python script the lat/lon/alt of the runway threshhold, runway heading, distance to FAF, IAF, etc, glideslope angle (default to 3), and it'll create a workable approach in the format described in this thread... can add other STAR waypoints as you wish, but this would be an easy way to procedurally generate approaches for any airport. So, has anyone done any of this already? i don't want to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to.
  7. I notice this adds a lot of new airports and removes a bunch from the old KerbinSide (like Kerman Lake, which was always a tricky approach, kinda like Kai-Tak, in a way).. so.. as of right now, the default Kramax flight plans only work for the island and KSC; runway changes have invalidated other existing approaches So... I'm going to make some. I'm familiar with real-world IFR flight, charts, procedures, I have a pilot's license.. and I'm at least somewhat familiar with the haversine formula and related stuff, and how to implement that in a few different languages, so I think I can make some python code that will take a runway heading, threshhold lat/lon, and desired disttance to FAF/IAF/etc and create something workable. Anyone have a preference as to which airports they'd like to see a Kramax approach for first? I was thinking one of the ones closer to KSC as that'd be easier to test.. maybe the airfield on the island NE of KSC?
  8. yeah, I know they require KSR, I just can't find a download link for your work, does it exist yet? didn't find it on the first page where such things are usually pinned...? am I dumb or is it not there? update: I am dumb. found it. Perhaps I will make kramax flight plans; for those of us using FAR, it's the only functional aircraft autopilot in KSP, so... kind of a must-have.
  9. you're sure you have the latest TCA installed? I suppose it might be a mod conflict although I don't see any on your list that I'd think would conflict.. I have most of those (and quite a few more) myself. I'm not able to reproduce your problem.... oh wait.. waaait... stock visual terrain. It changes the height maps for Kerbin and may make TCA think you are underground... I vaguely recall having a similar problem with SVT.
  10. I'm confused, are these airports included in KSR or is it a separate download? or is it not yet downloadable? Are there any plans to integrate this with Kramax autopilot or should I get started on making Kramax flight plans for these airports myself?
  11. no.. i can change speed without incident. it's only steering that causes this. it's most likely to happen when crossing an SOI boundary, although that isn't a requirement. If gravity drag only works when start/end of warp are in different SOIs, then I have a big problem since I can't steer under warp, I have to stop, recharge, and re-jump a few times to get there, and that resets my starting SOI every time... I suppose it's not insurmountable though.
  12. The MJ2 function to "limit acceleration to <X> m/s/s" is very handy for this I usually limit to 30 m/s/s except when carrying civilians on vacation or on a cruise to an offworld starbase or colony... usually try to limit it to 15 m/s/s for those guys
  13. this one is far more advanced and feature-rich, however. as far as I can tell, kspie supersedes the old mod completely.
  14. I get that... and the new mechanic sounds cool... what I'm noticing now is as I approach the destination planet my DV to circularize goes up instead of down in many cases, and the approach vector seems to be the determining factor. hence my question of what the correct approach vector should be...?
  15. I'm using TCA with 1.4.5 ... don't think I recompiled it against 1.4.5 specifically this time, either...? Seems to work.. do you have the latest version?
  16. @FreeThinker the bizarre "shearing apart of craft using hyperdrive" issue which has been dogging me for years appears to be worse lately; any steering input while the alcubierre drives are active seems to be enough to cause parts to get .. not blown off, but weirdly sheared apart so that the craft cannot be steered, and can lead to kraken issues/crashes later in the session. The only workaround I've found is: 1. ensure persistent rotation is uninstalled or disabled 2. point at target 3. increase timewarp to 5x+ (non-physics) to settle things 4. timewarp back to 1x 5. all RCS/SAS/autopilots OFF 6. engage warp and then it'll still drift a bit so you h ave to do course adjustments with multiple jumps which is... ok I suppose. I also still cannot for the life of me figure out how gravity drag works. Do I want to approach the target along my relative-to-kerbol velocity vector or do I want to do the opposite of that, or something else? I've just been carrying a lot of fuel and eating the 11k-18k m/s dV burn on the far end
  17. yeah I had the same issue. the regular antimatter reactors no longer work with those engines. use the positron reactors instead. keep in mind that regular am reactors now only interface with mag nozzles and charged particle generators. you'll need to pair a positron reactor with a thermal generator if you also want power generation.
  18. well found the issue with the thing I mentioned... known bug due to the way the drills are coded. being worked on. I'll leave y'all alone on that topic now
  19. So .. @goldenpsp this may be an MKS issue after all; the problem only happens when the craft/base to be built contains MKS drills - pulse 500s or industrial strip miners (those are the ones I tested with) - remove those parts and the behavior is normal. I posted on the ground construction forum as well, but... I'm super confused here as to why the drills would do this?
  20. so does anyone have the same issue I posted above with the DIY kit? It's super bizarre and it's very recent behavior, this is something I was doing all the time, and now it's... almost comical really... "Hey Jeb, is that box getting bigger?" "Yeah it's supposed to, Bill" "... is it supposed to be ... that tall, and long, but not wide?" "umm... " ... and then it explodes. sometimes it pushes my ship out of the way. this thing I'm trying to build isn't even that big. UPDATE: I found what was causing this.. if the item to be built contains any of the MKS drilling units, the bad behavior is observed. Remove the drills and the problem goes away. Any idea why this might be?
  21. in my install, at least, machinery doesn't transfer with MKS local warehousing. I feel like it should, and this is a bug, but machinery specifically does not allow itself to be transferred whereas other resources do. The fact that the machinery kontainers have a local warehouse option is what makes me think this is a bug.
  22. yeah I use MJ, TCA, Kramax, and fly-by-wire, all for different mission phases..
  23. there are some functions that TCA doesn't support, though, such as in orbit... it can't hold specific vectors relative to the surface, nor do a zero-roll attitude, for example
  24. OK so I have been using Konstruction/Ground Construction (in conjunction with USI) a lot... design a base, make it into a DIY kit, land that kit somewhere, take a construction spaceplane there which contains a workshop and materialkits, unpack the box, build, etc. I do this often. Until today. I noticed that the latest update to the mod lets me constrain the DIY kits by one of the three dimensions, ostensibly so it can fit into places, and that's cool. I thought nothing of it until I tried to build something on the Mun just now. I brought the construction craft in range, and pushed DEPLOY on the workshop window, as usual. The kit started expanding, again as usual. But it only expands along 2 of the 3 dimensions now, whereas it used to expand evenly. That'd be ok if it ever STOPPED expanding. It just keeps growing and growing and growing, to a size far larger than the footprint of the base I'm trying to build... and then it starts sliding, and then it explodes. This is obviously .. not good. Anything else I should be trying or is this a known bug?