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  1. First, bloody necromancers. Second, the reason discussion on it is banned is because, as pointed out by Streetwind, it inevitably ends up devolving into...well, I'm going to use Streetwind's "Butthurt" description here. Exhibit A.
  2. Ahem. As mentioned earlier in the page, that's an easter egg in the Toolbar mod.
  3. Wait, wait, wait. This is literally the first I've heard of this.
  4. *checks date* Wait, Video Wednesday is actually on a Wednesday?!?!
  5. No. It says terminated OR landed You can land it instead.
  6. Found a pic of the original Kerbals/Kermans. EDIT:Higher quality. From here.
  7. Maybe use some Kraken Drives to stimulate the psuedothaumic field that you're establishing to reveal the Kraken?
  8. On the other hand, binding a Kraken to a ship is a rather handy method of propulsion.
  9. Protip: Do not try to test stuff with a probe at night.
  10. Accidentally forgot to keep an eye on a burn while trying to get into orbit. Come back, out of fuel, and this happened:
  11. It's universal with all fandoms, not just games.
  12. You've essentially worded them to support your point.
  13. Anyone else having trouble opening the FF tab with the ARM update?
  14. Didn't Whackjob once brick KSP from sheer amount of parts?
  15. Jeb, now is not the time to try a Inazuma Kick. EDIT:Narrowly avoided losing Bill too.
  16. The attempt at circularising for a Mun run kinda failed.
  17. My latest rocket had a few minor mistakes. This is the pile once everything landed.
  18. ...Why are people posting Zalgospeak "The Power of Kraken Compels You"? That makes no sense to post. It should at the very least be "The Power of Kraken Propels You".
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