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  1. Hello!


    I installed your pack and loved it from map view. Started playing and experienced lag. I'm on a mac. Boooo. Read your disclaimer. I'm wondering why it's slow on macs, this is the first quality planet pack i've experienced this with. I wish I were a programmer so I could assist.


    Anyways, just wanted to say excellent work and maybe if I upgrade my computer soon I'll be able to enjoy visiting your worlds and not just admiring them from afar!



    1. Galileo


      In the next update there will not be a mac and Linux version. I have fixed the issue with OpenGL and DDS textures so GPP will use a significantly lower amount of ram for those systems. I'm not saying the performance will be any better, but if your game is laggy due to your processor being stressed, then it will help tremendously. I hope it will solve your lag. 

  2. Hi folks, I'm pretty sure this is a relatively common bug, but I can't seem to figure out how to work around it. I've got two ships docked and I can't undock them. I'm not new to docking, so I'm quite certain this is not a user issue! The undock button has disappeared from both docking ports. I know there is a persistence file editor program recently released (@Mythos - great work!) but unfortunately I'm on a Mac and it's not available to us idiots just yet! Is there any way to undock the two vessels via editing my save file? I've got a variety of mods installed, so @Claw stock bug fixer doesn't appear to help either Thanks in advance community!
  3. kerbal joint reinforcement appears to work. tested on a "noodle" rocket. kept 'er nice and straight and rigid.
  4. Some rocket that produced inconsequential results.
  5. One of my favs: How does your system not crash?! Back in 1.05, adding more than 2 or 3 planet packs would eventually cause memory issues for me and my game would "break". Maybe 1.1 is more capable? If so, I'll start loading up!
  6. Ya, not a fan either. I'm OK with people "militarizing" KSP on their own time, it's their choice. I'm OK with said mods being hosted on common mod hosting sites, but I don't think they need to be featured here.
  7. so far, beautiful, although I miss Duna's abundant ice caps! will definitely be one of my standard mods moving forward.
  8. I currently experience this with 1.05 as well. However, only when KSP is running on full screen (which is obviously preferred!). If I reduce the screen size, everything is as it should. I'm using a Mac, perhaps it's a Mac issue?
  9. I had similar issues some time ago in that if I had too many planet packs installed, my VAB buttons (including exit) would cease to function. If I removed some packs, things would return to normal, but of course my save was invariably ruined. I assume it's a memory issue (for me at least) in that the planet packs are memory hogs.
  10. No problems signing up just a moment ago. The verification email was in my spam folder though (gmail), but otherwise, no issues!
  11. There's this, although it does not provide all of the info you're looking for. Also, I don't know if it's being updated as regularly as it once was.
  12. Here's a good source for planets and star systems for KSP. Some are great, some less so and some not at all. Some you can combine, some you can't! Enjoy playing around.
  13. I only land small probes, so I don't know if my solution will apply to a much larger craft. I've been encasing my Eve landers in a fairing with heat-shields below. Once through the worst of the atmosphere, jettison fairing, jettison heat-shield, deploy chutes when safe, land softly! Edit: Doubt you'll get a stock fairing over your lander. May need to redesign or grab a mod.
  14. Apologies if this has been covered before, but my cursory search did not yield any info... Is there a maximum amount of time that the game will allow to pass, say 100 or 1000 years? Or is it unlimited? I ask because I've recently sent a probe on an intercept with a body in the Trans-Keptunian mod (installed on top of OPM) and, well, let's just say that I missed the optimal transfer window and now have to wait 89 years before arrival at the SOI! That should give me plenty of time to do other stuff... Perhaps all the stuffs. It would just suck to get there and then find out I only have 11 more years of game time left. Launch windows, who needs em? Thanks in advance!