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  1. My speculation: Minimal: 64bit system (Win, possibly Mac and Linux) AMD Ryzen 1600 or Intel Core i5 9400 8GB RAM Nvidia GTX 1060 or AMD RX 570 (must be compatibile with directX 12, i think there also will be options to use dX11 instead, but not lower) 20-30 GB of disk space Broadband internet connection (multiplayer) Recommended: 64bit system (Win, possibly Mac and Linux) AMD Ryzen 3500x/3600 or Intel analogue 16 GB of RAM (scaled accordingly for higher res textures) Nvidia GTX 1660ti or AMD rx 5500xt (must be compatibile with directX
  2. @Nertea It appears to be a problem with the newest release for 1.11 . Debug console is printing "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" if you add any tank from the mod to the editor. While in flight console says "[ModuleCryoTankPowerHandler]: Critical configuration error: Multiple ModuleCryoTank nodes found with identical or no moduleName".
  3. Ability to strap things to the ground. Why devs added construction lamp, if you can't properly place them, and they are just rolling on the ground, or falling.
  4. @Nate Simpson One of the simplest QoL features of the builders (VAB etc.) would be ability to disable UI for showcases of the crafts, like this one. Please consider adding it.
  5. If jetpacks are not glued to the kerbals, I would propose to add tethers for early career spacewalking.
  6. They should withdrawl the release statement/date rather than just keeping doing the same thing. In my opinion that would be much more honest.
  7. Yeah. But i think publisher is more greedy this time, because KSP is "hot topic", so the game will not be released in "early access", because of one simple reason: it will balance the expectations and desire for this game, so there will not be a "boom" in sales after release. In my opinion that's why devs are trying sell us a pig in a poke - not revealing any critical features, and only some "cosmetic".
  8. I've followed exacts steps from parttools 1.10 installation instruction and I also have the exact error like @theonegalen. This ( Shader error in 'KSP/Alpha/CutoffBackground': failed to open source file: '../CustomUnityShadowLibrary.cginc' at Assets/PartTools/Shaders/AutoLight.cginc(6) (on d3d11) ) error is even on the unity ksp part import tutorial. @JPLRepo Can you save help us ? (1.9 parttools work normally)
  9. The first thing i will do in KSP2 is making vehicle with landing legs and/ or wheels to test if they will drift on surface ( not like Tokyo drift, i mean while they are parked). If they not, I will proceed to have fun.
  10. It's big. @Nertea is reducing scope to minimum, because of that all Antimatter branch fell out for now. So I don't think at the moment it's a possibility.
  11. Are AM engines completely ereased from conception this mod without chance of going back, or they are removed only from the scope of nearest release(s) of FFT ?
  12. I think that's their way to express "We are not ready". I'm kinda sad because of this, but that is understandable.
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