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  1. Hello, I have installed ACK and Waterfall, but plumes don't work on the SRBs, other plumes seem to work fine. Modlist:
  2. Would be nice if there would be ability to make big solar farms in space and beaming this power via IR to ground stations (or beaming to the ships on orbit). I know KSP2 is aiming to utilize far future technologies, but would be great to push to the edge everything "near future". IDK how much hassle it would be to implement it tho, but if you guys have time, that is great idea, that was implemented in some mods for KSP1. Also, i suspect, with the new resource system, it would work more reliably than in KSP1. Also, please consider adding procedural truss as a standalone part. It would be very useful in creation of big trusses.
  3. I like how you are taking care of things that haven't been taken care of in KSP1. It looks very promising!
  4. That's understandable. This part has great design and potential, so I was suprised this was a 'bonus' part. Also sad that there is not very much things that you could stick into this dome (from any mods).
  5. https://github.com/post-kerbin-mining-corporation/StationPartsExpansionRedux/tree/2-0-0 Here you go. Click green "Code" icon, then "Download as zip". You still have to get all the depedencies tho.
  6. @coyotesfrontier I think he stated it for people that would immediately start posting creations with this on e.g. Reddit. I posted it for bug catching purposes. But nonetheless I will delete it and post it again if @Nertea will say so.
  7. I don't really know how Nertea wants it to function, but currently: -You can walk inside them, but in some places collider stops you from going near wall. -There is no other way to get inside them other than some clipping stuff with airlocks, or place inside seat and spawn kerbal inside. I think it would be nice to add hatches on the inside and outside, and add crew capacity 1 as a buffer. That's what I can tell for now.
  8. Dome North and South wall nodes are placed incorrectly (model is ok, but the construction node for north is placed on the south and vice versa). West and east nodes seem to function well.
  9. My speculation: Minimal: 64bit system (Win, possibly Mac and Linux) AMD Ryzen 1600 or Intel Core i5 9400 8GB RAM Nvidia GTX 1060 or AMD RX 570 (must be compatibile with directX 12, i think there also will be options to use dX11 instead, but not lower) 20-30 GB of disk space Broadband internet connection (multiplayer) Recommended: 64bit system (Win, possibly Mac and Linux) AMD Ryzen 3500x/3600 or Intel analogue 16 GB of RAM (scaled accordingly for higher res textures) Nvidia GTX 1660ti or AMD rx 5500xt (must be compatibile with directX 12, i think there also will be options to use dX11 instead, but not lower) 20-30GB for the base game, 15-30 for possible DLC's (don't know how many will be made) Broadband internet connection (multiplayer) Raytracing, or very large resolutions, like 4k: 64bit system (Win, possibly Mac and Linux) Any CPU with matching performance of the recommended specs CPU's, or higher 16GB RAM (I have a feeling, that this number will be higher, but, I'm not sure, so I am writing recommended specs instead) Raytracing cards for optimal performance ( some older cards also have Raytracing capabilities added via drivers, but they are not taken into account) Disk space as above Internet Connection as above What do y'all think ?
  10. @Nertea It appears to be a problem with the newest release for 1.11 . Debug console is printing "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" if you add any tank from the mod to the editor. While in flight console says "[ModuleCryoTankPowerHandler]: Critical configuration error: Multiple ModuleCryoTank nodes found with identical or no moduleName".
  11. Ability to strap things to the ground. Why devs added construction lamp, if you can't properly place them, and they are just rolling on the ground, or falling.
  12. @Nate Simpson One of the simplest QoL features of the builders (VAB etc.) would be ability to disable UI for showcases of the crafts, like this one. Please consider adding it.
  13. If jetpacks are not glued to the kerbals, I would propose to add tethers for early career spacewalking.
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