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  1. Maybe instead of completly deleting it, there should be some sort of option in the difficulty or options menu "Enable wacky landings"
  2. I have encountered this bug in K-2X "Jackdaw" engine. Is there possible any quick fix for this (I'm not planning changing version of the game) ?
  3. Hello, I suggest to make way for players to gently land their kerbals. I tried many many times land a kerbal, and I couldn't land without making kerbal "unconscious". I don't mean "auto landing", I think about manual smooth landing without kerbal hitting ground with his head. They should have some sort of "landing roll".
  4. Saddest thing I've ever read on this forum. But still, thank you form completely not abandoning it. This is my favourite project on this forum. I'm learning modelling and texturing, maybe some day I will be able to make my own cool futuristic engines mod. I also found some minor bugs: - Rhino Engine surface attachment bug (attaches from botom node) [Restock] - resource converters are fautly displaying "start converting ore to methalox" (instead of "Start ISRU: LCH4+Ox" is "#LOC_Cryotanks_ISRU.." [Cryotanks] - In PLTO Bus and PLTO Compact bus endcaps are faulty aligned to the bus itself [NFT Exp] [all newest versions to this date (20.02.20)] Sorry for posting it here, but I forgot my password to github.
  5. I wish KSP2 would contain building, in which we could nicely showcase our creations (something like a museum) where we would have aircrafts with opened canopies, plaques where we would write a description of our plane, or rockets suspended horizontally on metal frames. Considering this game will have multiplayer, it would be very nice way of showcasing our creations to other players. Also, I hope devs will focus more on performance than graphics. Graphics could be improved over time, performance improvements after release would be much much harder to achieve.
  6. While spacehooks are much harder to implement to the code of the game and usage of them would be unimaginably hard ( large diffrences of speed, randezevous on such high velocities with manual only steering is unimaginable for me. Some living gods of this game like Marcus House or Stratenblitz would do it, but for the generic KSP player it would be unpassable border. Generally without some auto guidances it would be unusable. It would be hard to stick to the spacehook, and even harder to detatch when required direction of movement is achieved), Lofstrom loops would be better option- easier, much more predictable, easier for the coder (its bassicaly a large mid air suspended em sled).
  7. Hello, have anyone encountered problem with PBR ? I have issue consisting of not rendering shine on gojira when in flight (in VAB it however works). What can be reason (besides that PBR wasn't updated yet to 1.8.1) ? I have clean install,only dependencies for Tundra.
  8. Yes, one side was reversed. Here are photos showing that behavior, becasue i don't have recording software. This turning is not instant, it happens 1-2 seconds after pressing w, and disappears when rover is going fast enough.
  9. @Shadowmage Hello, I have problem with any wheel or track in this mod (test release 1.6.1). When I am giving power to the wheels (pressing w), the rover or other vechicle always is turning automatically. I have noticed that I have diffrence in rpm between right and left wheel, and I can't do anything about it. If you want any additional files or screenshots just send me message or reply.
  10. I don't really think anything was fixed about the landing legs. They apply massive forses when spring is set to 0.05, and they drift when weight of vessel is small (<1t) Edit: Objects are drifitng only when they are not supported from 4 sides (front back left right). Also objects are woobling under phisics timewaro
  11. Hi, i have found an issue in fft test relase, the exhaust from x-2 heinlein engine is basically flat and from other sides is deformed.
  12. I did not wanted to bother Nertea :) Thank you for reply