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  1. Yes, one side was reversed. Here are photos showing that behavior, becasue i don't have recording software. This turning is not instant, it happens 1-2 seconds after pressing w, and disappears when rover is going fast enough.
  2. @Shadowmage Hello, I have problem with any wheel or track in this mod (test release 1.6.1). When I am giving power to the wheels (pressing w), the rover or other vechicle always is turning automatically. I have noticed that I have diffrence in rpm between right and left wheel, and I can't do anything about it. If you want any additional files or screenshots just send me message or reply.
  3. I don't really think anything was fixed about the landing legs. They apply massive forses when spring is set to 0.05, and they drift when weight of vessel is small (<1t) Edit: Objects are drifitng only when they are not supported from 4 sides (front back left right). Also objects are woobling under phisics timewaro
  4. Hi, i have found an issue in fft test relase, the exhaust from x-2 heinlein engine is basically flat and from other sides is deformed.
  5. @Nertea Hello, are you gonna ever pick up work on Far Future Tech ? Personally I love this mod.
  6. I warped 1 year foward and 15 asteroids spawned in TWB systems and near Kerbin only one spawned at the beginning of save, after it dissapeared no other were seen
  7. Unfortunately, still asteroids do not spawn near Kerbin. I can send you a film proving it if you want.
  8. I found out that resources of MKS should spawn literally on every planet in the game. Maybe I will manage my time to make patch adding extraplanetary deposits of super-rare resources such as Karborundum or He3 (I wonder if you [StraCrusher] want to migrate to CRP where is actually made He3 resource config that a lot of modders are using and It would help getting rid of duplication)
  9. I have a small question, is KSS compatibile with MKS resources ?
  10. Hello, I have the problem that asteroids spawn only in the solar systems provided by this mod. Is it a general bug or only I have it ?
  11. In debug version of KJR menu is not working, is that normal or only I have this bug ?
  12. I only want to ask, is there any option to use KJR with IR, because it causes joints to be unmovable.