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  1. Traditional chinese is used in Taiwan. I happen to live in Taiwan and I speak chinese, that's why I offered.
  2. Chinese simplified only? sad, I could help with traditional
  3. RUD rapid unplanned disassembly If you want to include famous mods then add MJ KAC FAR USI KIS EVE RO
  4. After 1.9.2, part 1x3SPanels is a bit bugged. Placement node appears rotated 90 degrees and also in VAB appears already deployed (and it can't be folded inside VAB)
  5. Small question, are you leaving KSP development or SQUAD? If you are leaving to start a new project I think SQUAD will happily finance it.
  6. @Alshain I know that way. I was wondering about a mathematical approach. I don't know enough orbital mechanics to calculate the answer. My thinking is that taking into consideration the travel time for the Hohmann transfer from 100km to 2863km and the rotation of Kerbin, we could find the timing to place the node. Lets see, using wikipedia I get that the fly time from 100km to 2863km is 10040 seconds (2 hours 47 min 21 sec) Since kerbin rotation is 6 hours, we should depart almost oposite to KSC (167 degrees if KSC is at 0) Am I right?
  7. Hi, Suppose we part from a 100km equatorial parking orbit and want to transfer to KEO so that the craft stays exactly on top of the KSC. Where should we place the KTO node so that the resulting AP coincides with the KSC location? Thanks.
  8. I have a modded install with the SETI mod and all suggestions through CKAN. If I right click a part in VAB to pop-up the window, then launch the craft without closing the pop-up window, said window will be visible all time, even in the main menu, without possibility of closing it (since there is no close button in the pop-up windows) I can't reproduce this bug in a stock install, so it's surely made by mods, but can't determine which one. Has anybody seen this bug before? any workarounds? Thanks.
  9. Yes, there is something called vacation. People tend to take one of those when they feel tired. After 1.1.2 devs were very tired for working overtime for long time, so they took 2 weeks rest. Since everybody is out there is nothing to report.
  10. Here is a suggestion: Make kerbals produce heat, as humans do (8368000 joules every 24h or 2.3kWh) Kerbals heat would make radiators needed in stations (as the ISS do)
  11. It's so easy to complain for the sale of complaining... And by the way, Dr. Turkey and Maxmaps were not CM, they were producers. Badie is the current CM, and before Kasper was acting CM IIRC.
  12. How different is this mod to Atmosphere autopilot?
  13. I really like this mod. Once I removed it because I was kinda annoyed by some glitched, but had to reinstall it because stock is not the same anymore. Hope you can sort out the glitches Btw, here is a funny one I found, lets see if you can guess what it is XD http://imgur.com/E8cDNZy (can't insert the image in the post, weird)
  14. It's Whackjob most know contraption. Let me explain: there are some people who like to build small, then there are others who likes big (more than 1k parts) crafts, an then there's Whackjob Btw, welcome back Whackjob, is nice to see you back into the VAB again
  15. My only complain is that I don't have enough time to play the game!!
  16. I find it hard to find things in the bugtracker lately. I got a couple of duplicated bugs because the tracker did not find results for my searches. Anyway, a small workaround for the service bay issue is to wiggle the craft with asdw a bit, that seems to cool the parts down.
  17. Hi I've been playing a bit now and I noticed that when I place a service bay and a heat-shield below, during reentry the part on top of the service bay overheats quickly. Not sure if it's a bug or something else. Any ideas?
  18. It depends on how many SAS modules you have running. On my experience is much better than before, but if you add many reaction wheels and gimballed rockets then your SAS becomes overzealous. You can try to correct that by setting the gimbals to pilot only mode.
  19. Eject an asteroid out of the solar system. It looked simple until I realize I was dealing with a class D asteroid XD
  20. I still think the KSPedia needs one more slide after Delta-V explanation showing how to calculate it by hand for a vessel in game.
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