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  1. [URL="http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/129208-1-0-4-Scott-Manley-Head-Pack!"]http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/129208-1-0-4-Scott-Manley-Head-Pack![/URL] That?
  2. Is it sad that I only just realised that Kerbulan is at L3 (Lagrange point)? I know that there is no n-body physics in the Kerbol system, as they would have noticed the planet with their ships orbits going slightly off... Or have they noticed it? Is Mort actually a 'nice' (nice being used loosely here) Kerbulan robot who was exiled for its faulty programming. Maybe Gene (Kerman) wanted the rescue so our lovely heroes wouldn't die on Eve... The tin foil! It is coming towards me! I mean, what if the senior people in Kerbfleet know about Kerbulan but due to the fact that the Kerbul
  3. [quote name='Sanic']Kuzzter, if at all possible could you slip in some 'save the rocket builders' subliminal messaging? *tinfoil hat on*[/QUOTE] Sanic, if Kuzz could either send Kerbs to Dres or mention the potential loss of the RB what would you choose? Have fun with your decision... *laughs*
  4. So many pages, so many changes... Just wow... Everything has changed, and all things that looked unnecessary are meaningful! Also, was the Kerbin on the flag the wrong way around for the Kerbulun?...
  5. Ah, it's all good. It is end of the school year in Australia (1 week left!) I can only imagine all of the work that my teachers have to mark...
  6. Hey guys, when I first installed scatterer, the effects wouldn't load. I retried several times to no avail... Sorry if this isn't very helpful... If it means anything, there was still a large amount of lag when loaded.
  7. Works all good for me. The game speed has gotten better. I would recommend.
  8. Just putting it out there, the Joolian system looks nice at this time of year. Lots of small and large moons. If based on Laythe, don't forget your SSTO's and ISRU units!
  9. My guess? Hmm... By understanding that Fd=1/2 * p * u^2 *Cd * A I understand that the M7 will land... 6.7km away. Oh wait I forgot L=1/2 * p * v^2 * A * Cl. My estimate is now... 6.71km away. Too late? I don't care. Actually I do... Sorry then... I am not saying I am going through withdrawals but... Does Kuzzter even play KSP for fun or just for the webcomic?
  10. I have read the entire Duna, Ore bust and Eve Order Zero series in one night. Whelp, back to my physics assignment...
  11. First thing... When you say B-52, I (and probably many) think of the U.S. jet bomber that has operated with the U.S.A.F. for a fair few amount of years. I feel catfished . Anyway, Looks like an interesting design. Probably relax on the airbrakes! Anyway, I am here, may as well download!
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