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  1. I really don't know what to tell you. Could it be that I'm creating the 3D by unintentionally crossing my eyes in the rift? Right now, the Perception is not detecting the projection matrices. I need to find the names used by KSP to call the projection matrices. Can anyone help me with that? What are the constants used to call the projection matrices?
  2. Hello, Thanks for the tip, I have fixed the images now. Native support could be much better than any 3rd party drivers. If you decide to do it and need someone to test or something let PM me I'll be more than willing. I don't care what approach is taken to achieve compatibility.The vireio drivers seem like an elegant hack, they are free and it will probably work well given enough effort. It is also a learning experience for me and it seem like the easiest way for me, since I've never modded in KSP.
  3. Hello. KSP has become one of my most played games. I got an Oculus Rift last week. Vireio perception released drivers that are somewhat compatible with KSP. Here is what happened. I got to orbit in stereoscopic 3D!! I can honestly say that KSP and the Oculus Rift were meant for each other. Here are some screenies to tell the story... Getting to the launch pad was not easy. The mouse is out of sync with the distorted view used for the rift. It is in sync with the original view. Once I realize this, I was able to fumble my way to the launch screen. The settings are set to no shaders, but it was still beautiful because of the depth perception. The screenies don't do it justice. In the screenshots you can see the HUD, but with the Rift you can not see the stages at all, the navball is distorted and you can not see your altitude. But this is kerbal space program, who needs fuel gauges... we'll do it by sight and ear. There is no head tracking, but you can use the mouse to look around. Again, no justice from the screenshots. The IVA was nice, it works as good as in regular KSP. No problems to report here. Jebediah needs to chill. The EVA was also very nice. It was not as usefull as I though it would be, but it was much more precise and fun. The sun looks ok in the picture, but in game it looks like its part of a skybox. The map view also works, however it looks like a solar system inside a box. Perception 2.0 is the software that makes this possible. It was released the 28th of November so there is a lot of work to be done and a lots of bugs to iron out. I find myself with some spare time so I'm trying to make it better. So far I have done a profile for KSP, but to make it playable it needs a lot of work. I am learning the ropes and I thought this would be the best place to find information on how to make it better. Is there anyone else with the Rift? what is the position of the Devs on this matter? Is anyone else interested? Edit: The settings I used. It's not much but its a start. Graphical settings: Vireio Profile: (paste to profile.xml) <profile game_name="KSP" game_exe="KSP.exe" shaderModRules="KSP.xml" VRboostRules="Default.MTBS" minVRboostShaderCount="19" game_type="500" rollEnabled="false" worldScaleFactor="1" convergence="3" swap_eyes="false" yaw_multiplier="25" pitch_multiplier="25" roll_multiplier="1" hud_3D_depth_mode="2" hud_3D_depth_1="0" hud_3D_depth_2="0" hud_3D_depth_3="0" hud_3D_depth_4="0" hud_distance_1="0" hud_distance_2="0" hud_distance_3="0" hud_distance_4="0" hud_key_swap="0" hud_key_default="0" hud_key_small="0" hud_key_large="0" hud_key_full="0" gui_3D_depth_mode="2" gui_3D_depth_1="0" gui_3D_depth_2="0" gui_3D_depth_3="0" gui_3D_depth_4="0" gui_size_1="0" gui_size_2="0" gui_size_3="0" gui_size_4="1" gui_key_swap="0" gui_key_default="0" gui_key_small="0" gui_key_large="0" gui_key_full="0" />
  4. Hello, I got a Rift and would love to play this game with it. Yesterday the Perception 2.0 VR driver was released and it could be an alternative for rift support. I'm trying to figure it out but it has a long way to go.