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  1. For anyone, wondering we solved this issue and @hemeac has put the patch in his wonderful tech tree mod.
  2. Will do as far as the ingame settings are concerned they are. Just a Strang bug I guess but a livable one. I'll post back here if I ever figure it out.
  3. Possible Bug/exploit found: When using along side the K.R.A.S.H. mod it can potentially turn a simulation launch into a real launch so you can refund it and get extra money. This has only happened to me once and to be fair it could be related to other mods I have but I thought I should say something. For now I guess I will turn off the "at launch" feature to avoid this.
  4. As the title suggests I am having trouble changing to Iva or camera modes. So I thought the culprit might be quick Iva or thought the eyes of kerbal. I have had both of those mods installed at one time or another but even with them out it still won’t responds to c or v keys for there expected function. Elsewhere they work as would expected and I was able to get a work-around with fly by wire. But I would like to know what’s going on. Are there any mods or mod settings that have been know to cause this? I am running a 1.11 version. I am not sure if logs would be helpful in this case or not since nothing seems “broken”. Modlist: Flight Manager for Reusable Stages (FMRS) Continued (FMRSContinued ABookCase Orbital Reference System (ABCORS Advanced Fly-By-Wire (Windows) (AdvancedFlyByWire Airplane Plus (AirplanePlus 26.5) All Y'All (AllYAll 1:0.11.19) AlphaMensae's Modular Launch Pads (ModularLaunchPads 2.1.2) Alternate Resource Panel (AlternateResourcePanel 1:v2.10.0.0) AmpYear (AmpYearPowerManager 1:V1.5.8.0) Animated Decouplers (AnimatedDecouplers v1.4.2.2) AntennaSleep (AntennaSleep 1.1) AnyRes Continued (AnyResContinued 2.0.4) ASET Agency (ASETAgency 1.0) ASET Avionics (ASETAvionics 2.1) ASET Props (ASETProps 1.5) AT Utils (AT-Utils v1.9.6) Aviation Lights (AviationLights 1:v4.1.1) B9 Part Switch (B9PartSwitch v2.17.0) BARIS Bridge (BarisBridge v1.10) Better SR Bs (BetterSRBs 1.2.4) BonVoyage (BonVoyage 1:1.2.0) BreakingGround-DLC (BreakingGround-DLC (unmanaged)) Buffalo (Buffalo v2.9.0) Buffalo CRP Play Mode (Buffalo-PlayMode-CRP v2.9.0) Bumblebee (Bumblebee 0.5) Bureaucracy (Bureaucracy 1.4) Chatterer (Chatterer 0.9.99) Chatterer Extended (ChattererExtended 0.6.2) ClickThrough Blocker (ClickThroughBlocker 1: CommNet Constellation (CommNetConstellation 1.5.7) CommNet Relays (ContractConfigurator-CommNetRelays v2.1.0) Community Category Kit (CommunityCategoryKit v5.2.0.0) Community Resource Pack (CommunityResourcePack 1.4.2) Community Tech Tree (CommunityTechTree 1:3.4.3) Contract Configurator (ContractConfigurator 1.30.5) Contract Pack: Bases and Stations Reborn (ContractConfigurator-KerbinSpaceStation 2: Contract Pack: Clever Sats (ContractConfigurator-CleverSats 1.4) Contract Pack: Exploration Plus (ContractConfigurator-ExplorationPlus 2.0.1) Contract Pack: Field Research (ContractConfigurator-FieldResearch 1.2.2) Contract Pack: Kerbal Academy (ContractConfigurator-KerbalAcademy 1.1.10) Cryo Tanks (CryoTanks 1.5.6) Cryo Tanks Core (CryoTanks-Core 1.5.6) Cryogenic Engines (CryoEngines 1:1.2.1) Custom Barn Kit (CustomBarnKit Custom Pre Lauch Checks (CustomPreLaunchChecks 1.8.1) Deployable Engines Plugin (DeployableEngines 1.2.3) DMagic Orbital Science (DMagicOrbitalScience 1.4.3) DMModuleScienceAnimateGeneric (DMagicScienceAnimate v0.23) Docking Port Alignment Indicator (DockingPortAlignmentIndicator Docking Port Sound FX (DockingPortSoundFX v2.1.12) Dynamic Battery Storage (DynamicBatteryStorage 2: Easy Vessel Switch (EVS) (EasyVesselSwitch 2.2) Engine Ignitor (standalone) (EngineIgnitorReignited Engineering Roles - Final Frontier Ribbon Pack (STMsFFRibbonPackEngineeringRoles 0.5.1) Environmental Visual Enhancements (EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements 3:1.10.1-3) Environmental Visual Enhancements - Stock Planet Config files (EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements-HR 2:EVE-1.2.2-1) Extraplanetary Launchpads (ExtraPlanetaryLaunchpads Field Training Facility (FieldTrainingFacility Filter Extensions - Default Configuration (FilterExtensionsDefaultConfig 3.2.6) Filter Extensions - Plugin (FilterExtensions 3.2.6) Final Frontier (FinalFrontier 1.10.0-3485) Firespitter Core (FirespitterCore v7.17) Firespitter Resources config (FirespitterResourcesConfig v7.17) Flight Tracker (FlightTracker Hangar (Hangar 3.6.2) Heat Control (HeatControl 0.6.0) HullcamVDS Continued (HullcamVDSContinued IndicatorLights (IndicatorLights 1.7) IndicatorLights Community Extensions (IndicatorLightsCommunityExtensions 1.6.2) Internal RCS (InternalRCS 1.2) JSIPartUtilities (JSIPartUtilities JX2Antenna (JX2Antenna 2.0.5) Kerbal Actuators (KerbalActuators v1.8.3) Kerbal Alarm Clock (KerbalAlarmClock v3.13.0.0) Kerbal Atomics (KerbalAtomics 1:1.2.1) Kerbal Attachment System (KAS 1.7) Kerbal Changelog (KerbalChangelog v1.3.0) Kerbal Construction Time (KerbalConstructionTime 1: Kerbal Engineer Redux (KerbalEngineerRedux Kerbal GPS (KerbalGPSRevived 1.2.1) Kerbal Inventory System (KIS 1.28) Kerbal Planetary Base Systems (KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems v1.6.12) Kerbalism (Kerbalism 3.12) Kerbalism - Default Config (Kerbalism-Config-Default 3.12) Kerbalism Companion Calculator (KerbalismCompanionCalculator v1.3.0) Kerbal-Konstructs (KerbalKonstructs Kerbin Side Remastered (KerbinSideRemastered 1.0.1) Kerbin Side Remastered GAP (KerbinSideRemasteredGAP v1.2.0) Kiwi Tech Tree Overhaul (KiwiTechTree 1.4.0) KOOSE (KOOSE 2.0.1) kOS: Scriptable Autopilot System (kOS 1: KRASH - Kerbal Ramification Artifical Simulation Hub (simulation mod for KSP) (KRASH KSC Harbor (KSCHarbor 1.2) KSP AVC (KSP-AVC KSP Resonant Orbit Calculator (ResonantOrbitCalculator MagiCore (MagiCore Making History (MakingHistory-DLC 1.11.0) Mandatory RCS (MandatoryRCS 1:1.8) Maneuver Queue (ManeuverQueue 0.5.0) Missing Robotics (MissingRobotics 1) MissingHistory (MissingHistory 1.9.2) Mk2 Stockalike Expansion (Mk2Expansion 2: Mk3 Stockalike Expansion (Mk3Expansion 1.5.1) Moar Filter Extension Configs (MoarFEConfigs Module Manager (ModuleManager 4.1.4) MOLE (MOLE v1.25.0) MOLE CRP Play Mode (MOLE-PlayMode-CRP v1.25.0) NavUtilities continued (NavUtilitiesContinued 0.7.2) Near Future Aeronautics (NearFutureAeronautics 2.1.0) Near Future Construction (NearFutureConstruction 1.3.1) Near Future Electrical (NearFutureElectrical 1.2.1) Near Future Electrical Core (NearFutureElectrical-Core 1.2.1) Near Future Exploration (NearFutureExploration 1.1.1) Near Future IVA Props (NearFutureProps 1:0.6.4) Near Future Launch Vehicles (NearFutureLaunchVehicles 2.1.2) Near Future Propulsion (NearFuturePropulsion 1.3.1) Near Future Solar (NearFutureSolar 1.3.1) Near Future Solar Core (NearFutureSolar-Core 1.3.1) Near Future Spacecraft (NearFutureSpacecraft 1.4.1) Olympic1's ARP Icons (Olympic1ARPIcons 2: Omega's Stockalike Structures: No Textures Required (StockalikeStructures 0.0.12) Operations Roles - Final Frontier Ribbon Pack (STMsFFRibbonPackOperationsRoles 0.5.1) Pathfinder (Pathfinder v1.36.1) Pathfinder CRP Play Mode (Pathfinder-PlayMode-CRP v1.36.1) Probe Control Room Recontrolled (ProbeControlRoomRecontrolled 1.2.3) QuickBrake (QuickBrake 1: QuickExit (QuickExit 1: QuickMute (QuickMute 1: QuickStart (QuickStart 1: RasterPropMonitor (RasterPropMonitor 1:v0.31.4) RasterPropMonitor Core (RasterPropMonitor-Core 1:v0.31.4) Rational Resources (RationalResources 1.14.1) Rational Resources Parts (RationalResourcesParts 1.14.1) RCS Build Aid (RCSBuildAid v1.0.5) Real Plume (RealPlume 2:v13.3.2) Real Plume - Stock Configs (RealPlume-StockConfigs v4.0.5) RecoveryController (RecoveryController 0.0.4) REPOSoftTech-Agencies (REPOSoftTech-Agencies V1.5.8.0) ResearchBodies (ResearchBodies 2:V1.12.0) S.A.V.E (SAVE 1.10.2-3192) SCANsat (SCANsat v20.4) Science Roles - Final Frontier Ribbon Pack (ScienceRolesFinalFrontierRibbonPack ScrapYard (ScrapYard SDHI Strobe-O-Matic Warning Rotator Lights (SDHI-StrobeOMatic v1.0.1) Simple Adjustable Fairings - Plugin (SimpleAdjustableFairings v1.11.0) Smart Docking Aid (SmartDockingAid v1.1.0) Smart Parts (SmartParts 1.9.16) SmokeScreen - Extended FX Plugin (SmokeScreen Space Dust (SpaceDust 0.3.3) SpaceTux Library (SpaceTuxLibrary 0.0.5) StageRecovery (StageRecovery Station Keeping (StationKeeping 1: STM's Enlisted Ranks - Final Frontier Ribbon Pack (STMsFFRibbonPackEnlistedRanks 0.5.1) STM's Expedition Ribbons - Final Frontier Ribbon Pack (STMsFFRibbonPackExpeditionRibbons 1:0.10.1) STM's Naval Ranks - Final Frontier Ribbon Pack (STMsFFRibbonPackNavalOfficerRanks 0.5.1) STM's Officer Ranks - Final Frontier Ribbon Pack (STMsFFRibbonPackOfficerRanks 0.5.1) STM's Warrant Officer Ranks - Final Frontier Ribbon Pack (STMsFFRibbonPackWarrantOfficerRanks 0.5.1) Stockalike Mining Extension (StockalikeMiningExtension 1.1.6) Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux (StationPartsExpansionRedux 1.4.0) Strategia (Strategia 1.8.0) Sum Dum Heavy Industries - Shared Assets (SDHI-SharedAssets 4.0.4) Surface Mounted Lights (surfacelights 1.17) TextureReplacer (TextureReplacer v4.3.1) The Janitor's Closet (JanitorsCloset 0.3.7) Toolbar (Toolbar 1: Toolbar Controller (ToolbarController 1: Tracking Lights (TrackingLights 1: Trajectories (Trajectories v2.3.4) Universal Storage II (UniversalStorage2 USI Asteroid Recycling Technologies (USI-ART 1:1.4.0) USI Core (USI-Core 1.4.0) USI Exploration Pack (USI-EXP 1.4.0) USI Freight Transport Technologies (USI-FTT 1.4.0) USI Tools (USITools 1.4.0) Utility Weight (UtilityWeight 1.2.1) Vessel Viewer Continued (VesselView 2: VesselView-UI-RasterPropMonitor (VesselView-UI-RasterPropMonitor 1: Waterfall Core (Waterfall 0.4.1) Waypoint Manager (WaypointManager Who Am I? (WhoAmI 1.2.0) Wild Blue Tools (WildBlueTools v1.81.5) WildBlueIndustries CRP Play Mode (WildBlue-PlayMode-CRP v1.81.5) Zero MiniAVC (ZeroMiniAVC 1:
  5. That makes sense I didn’t install the airship mod, because it’s listed as incompatible. The Kerblisum wiki mentioned it was due to Atmo. Once it’s balanced out I might add it in. I have the Buffalo and a bunch of other wild blue mods so it would be nice to have the full set :p
  6. Link to logs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DcPnmDxYbb9xG9BTki_IiXL6GfNCsuQ1?usp=sharing (You will want to go to the 01/17 - 17/01 for you non Americans - folder) When I try to EVA my crew I get a B9 part switcher warning immediately and my poor kerbal is destroyed along with my aircraft. I also dont switch perspectives and I am still controlling what's left of the craft. I am not even sure if my kerbals are truly "dead" as their portrait is still there but staticy like they had just come back. I did have a successful EVA earlier in my play through so I will roll back my mods to see if I can tease out what the issue is but I am still new at kerbal crash logs so if one of you gents/gals/persons is free and willing to give it a glace for me I would apricate it. I tried to make the log playthrough as straightforward as possible and get right to the bug and alt-f4 out when it did its damage. The only other things might be me before hand is recovering my vessel and trying a different one to see if that helped. But that might have been the the previous play through. I will post back here if anything develops. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions.
  7. I have a strange problem that I can't figure out what is causing it. I have added the extra ground station setting in the advance options. However, when looking for them in the tracking station I just see a little red x that tells me I need to build a ground station there. That's all well in good but I am not sure how to do that! clicking on it doesn't do anything. I am not even sure if this is default how its supposed to work. Since I have been out of the Commnet loop for a bit playing with RT. I think the mod that is causing this is either Kerbalism, or Kerbal Konstructs/ Kerbinside Re. If its not then I can upload a list of all my mods here if that would help.
  8. @severedsolo Will do, I apologize if I was asking a question that was already answered. Might have missed it while I was looking in the posts before I went to bed . Thanks for the quick reply.
  9. So do I need to do anything special to settings if I am using this along with Kerbalism? I already figured out how to set the KCT settings just was wondering if there was something similar I need to do. Looks like a well built mod I can't wait to get going with it.
  10. Alright, some KSP logs, hot off the presses: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DcPnmDxYbb9xG9BTki_IiXL6GfNCsuQ1?usp=sharing
  11. I’ve been getting warning about Xeon gas not being found or something. Anyone know what this is about? Also I know this probably isn’t related to this mod particularly but I am also having some trouble with the Rational Resorce Parts throwing B9 duplicate modules errors for nuclear engines. If anyone has any idea how that might be happening and how to fix it please let me know. It’s possibly the last big I need to sort out before I play.
  12. I am having some trouble with b9 part switcher. There seems to be something about duplicate nuclear engines. I took a photo of error message if that helps. And I will try to track down the log. I am fairly certain it’s something with the RR parts mod as removing it seems to fix it.
  13. Yeah I feel that. It’s a hard balance to find. If you find it let me know! I think I might do 50% for this play through I’ve been setting up. But then I’m not quite as ocd about getting all of the science. We’ll see I guess.
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