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  1. Ok, well it took me all week to iron it out but I think I’ve made my own take of a Unkerballedstart mod pack, in the flavor of the classic SETI that I got a lot of good use out of in its hay day. The configs still need some tweaking and I might add/remove a few part mods but I think as far as core mechanics go I’m set. I’ll post a list of the mods I chose later but the short list is USI LS combined with Kerbal Health. From what I could tell Kerbalism could replace both soon. But there’s a conflict with remote tech, plus I really want to try out USI Kolonization properly. Thank you guys for the tips and pointers I’ll try to get the full list on here so others can use this to help them get and idea for pack, plus if you guys see something that redundant (I had two types of Gemini style cmd pods at one point!).
  2. Sweet guys thanks so much for the recommendation! I think I'll have to make 2 packs with either LS and play a bit to find the one I like the most. My next question is about Remote Tech. How dose it compare with the Commnet? I think the time dealy would be a neat mechanic to play around with.
  3. Oh I should also mention I would like to have some sort of background processing. It looks like Kerbalism dose that natively. So that would be another pro, as for the USI all I could find was installing the mod background processing would have "unexpected results" I know that there is a stock way to do all this, it calculates how much resources your vessel has used and applies it all at the loaded state. So if you fine folks would have a suggestion as to witch is preferable? I guess I would worry that maybe there's a reason SQUAD has the background process the way it dose. Will Kerblisum lag with too many ships?
  4. Hello Fellow Exploers, I am returning after a few years and could use some advise on how compile an up-to-date mod pack. I have lots of questions first off, is Ckan still somewhat unsupported? I've been doing a little testing and some mods seem either missing or out of date. Is manual install still your go to method or not? Next my first real big mod choice seems to be life support. Back when I started playing TAC was THE life support and that was it now it looks like two others have grown up the USI LS and Kerblism. I have to admit that less resources put me off somewhat of USI but after some more reading it seems like its not less per say just its all grouped together under supplies. It also seems to work really well with Roverdudes other mods witch are always a treat so it is very tempting. So on the other hand we have Kerblism witch seems to be TAC plus other good stuff. I really like that there seems to be a robust wiki for it and a compatibility list is quite helpful, but if I want to use it I would need some other base/station builder as USI's seems to not be compatible. So if you have anything thoughts on witch life support mod you preffer let me know, or if you would strongly recommend hand making the pack over ckan. I'll probably have more questions base off witch life support pack I want to go with, so stay tuned. Edit: I also am going to make it based around Unkerballed start mod.
  5. Hey any updates on the other 2 modpacks/ Balancing 1.0.4? I know KSP modder comunity isnt really keen on Mod packs in general but this one is awsome! I just would like some more content. In the past I have added the mods in myself using CKAN and what not. But now it seems like I am spending more time tring to get my game to work and less time actually playing it so a prepacked (or mostly prepackaged) solution is very appealing to me. Am I right in thinking you are going to use the mods suggesting and bundled them up with a CKAN file?
  6. Hey I downloaded this but I cant find the .exe file. Probably something I did I don't really know how to work Github and avoid it if I can.
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    Update Got the game and yes it was on sale! Thanks for the welcome and the advise.
  8. WLLP


    Hi fellow space travelers I hope I am doing this right Been a long time space nerd, played around with Orbiter for a while then found this game! Only have been messing with the demo, but I plan to pick it up soon, let's just say space budget is tight. But part of my reckoning weather or not to buy will be to see how active a community this is! After all no point in buying a game no one eles is modding for . Also the sandbox seems fun but how are the mission and carrier mode too?