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  1. just added this to EVO/Configs/EVE_Configs/Clouds: OBJECT { name = EarthAurorasLow body = Earth altitude = 45000 speed = 0,0,0 detailSpeed = 250,250,250 offset = 0,-180,180 settings { _Color = 190,255,0,100 _DetailScale = 20 _DetailDist = 0.00000025 _DistFade = 0.01 _DistFadeVert = 0.001 _UVNoiseScale = 1 _UVNoiseStrength = 0.05 _UVNoiseAnimation = 0.075,0.075 _DetailT
  2. Dunno if this is has been fixed for the next update, but I got the auroras working once again, this time with the 0.2 EVO TUFX, without it being pitch black.
  3. I had to do that to make it work on my install. Setting the aurora's transparency to a higher number in the cloud config file fixed the invisible auroras for me, though.
  4. Are there supposed to be land textures over the actual continents that we've seen in previous versions of RVE? I am running this on 1.8 and so far I am not seeing them, but the lights, clouds, and aurorae are still there.
  5. Is there a way to make this work with Katniss Cape Canaveral?
  6. Are Dres-teroids visible? Or is the ring system not that dense?
  7. I don't really know why. It has water and land. Plus, since it's next to a gas giant, it must get some warmth...
  8. I actually like the update, and how you are supposed to put objects that can't survive reentry in these service module things. It makes the game feel more realistic, and it makes your rockets less ugly, and c'mon!! WHO DOESN'T LIKE THE FAIRINGS UPDATE!!?
  9. I had to extract ore and send it to you guessed it! Kerbin! I think this mission was a bug or something...
  10. I love how almost everyone has been to Duna... XD
  11. Do you guys know which tracking station level you unlock maneuver nodes at?
  12. The purpleness might signal biological activity. I've red somewhere that if a planet is purple, that could mean life is thriving on the surface. Eve might have a toxic atmosphere with higher air pressure and temperatures, but it could be a great place for some microorganisms to survive there.
  13. How?? Sorry, I'm a noob. ._.
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