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  1. Just leaving this here because I'm having the same problem. It is not hardware or mod related: my computer always had more power than the game required and i'm running clean installs (not even kerbal engineer). I noticed this huge frame drop when looking at terrain too and I'm guessing it is something related to it also. But evenwhen in orbit, I still get strang hiccups with even the smallest ships, when in the past I used to build nice space stations that would now be unthinkable. Really hoping the next update, or the 64bit version will ammend this.
  2. Dude, I love submarines! Hope they open cool new exploration oportunities... like dropping one of those in Laythe! Btw, today I re-installed KSP in order to test some things.
  3. Indeed. FAR was pretty much the first mod I installed everytime the game updated and now I just don't really bother anymore. I do like parts and visual enhancement though and I look forward to add those back. BTW, random question here. I have a more than capable computer and didn't have problems with hiccup lag. I do now in the current version. Is this a common problem that has been addressed elsewhere already or is this version somewhat laggy? (I'm only running Kerbal Engineer)
  4. Total noob here, spitting the question out there. Can the Citadel in Mass Effect be modded not as a space craft, but like a fixed planet such as those in the already existing alternate solar system mod packs? Guess that would be rather awesome... Would it not?
  5. Sorry if there is a topic about it, I didn't really find what I was looking for. So I was thinking about the Delta-IV CBC (common booster core) design, and I didn't really get why exactly the boosters run out before the central rocket. Certainly I overlooked something, but what exactly amounts to this difference of burn time if they are virtually the same rockets?
  6. You really should try man. It is really fun when you manage to design a working one. Plus, there are a couple of tutorials by scott manley out there that really teaches all you gotta know.
  7. Yes, I've had the same problem too. I would just take the wings off and slap 'em back in place and it would solve the problem. But as soon as I added some other part such as solar panel or battery it would shift the CoL to the right just like that. Is that a thing with FAR perhaps?
  8. Well, these are my spaceplanes. The small one is called Wolfie and the big one is - fittingly - called Behemoth. Wolfie is a real shuttle, able to carry 28 happy Kerbals to Space; an obscene number by any space agency standards. If flown correctly to orbit, it has some 2000d-V to spare, so it can pretty much reach anywhere within Kerbin's SOI. Behemoth is my heavy cargo plane. It can easily carry space station parts into obits exceeding 200km BTW, they are supposed to fly with FAR.
  9. Not much, but I feel proud of it because it is the first "Organic looking" space station I ever built. Others just looked ugly... Beauty shot Night view from spaceplane's cockpit. I really like the blue tones.
  10. Is there something going on with dropbox? I cant seem to download the files...
  11. I've been having an issue I didn't have in older iterations of RT2. For instance, I would send a mission with a large probe with a dish antenna+omnidirectional to orbit Duna with a smaller probe with an omnidirectional antenna that could link to the bigger probe orbiting thus relaying my signal back to kerbin. The thing is that, with this latest version, this doesn't work anymore and I only found out in Duna. Was there a change on the code or something, because if it didn't this kind of thing is really frustrating; you just can't expect that RT will work as predicted. And yes, I have tried switching to some other vessel and back and still didn't work.
  12. Absolutely something worthy of final vanilla release. Will download sometime in the near future when things get more stable, but I just can't commend you enough for this incredible idea!
  13. Oh wait, no need... Already solved it. For some reason it was hidden away in a corner of the screen.
  14. I'm having problems. I did a little search here but couldnt find anything. Anyway, it might be something silly, but the GUI doesn't show up during my flights. It show up in the VAB and the toolbar icon tells me it is on, but I just cannot see the screen with the stats when I fly. What could it be?
  15. Well, I do like the Apollo aspect of it. The ladder placement does suck a little bit... But nothing that really annoyed me.
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