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  1. Has there been any official word on how early adopters get the DLC for free? They said they will, but I haven't seen any updates. Will it be automatic for Steam users?
  2. Belay that order! Just redownloaded the mod and reinstalled it.... somehow I managed to download an old version of the mod before! Apologies!
  3. I do. Just started a new game and it's the same. No "Telemetry Report" option
  4. Downloaded and installed the mod today. I don't seem to have an option for "Telemetry Report". I'm right clicking the Stayputnik and the Octo, and I get nothing. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Hey guys! To celebrate hitting 700 subscribers, and to keep the numbers rising, I've decided to run a charity livestream supporting the Childsplay Charity. The stream will take the form of a live REAL TIME Mun landing mission, with no time acceleration. Don't worry, we've got stuff planned to pass the time during the journey, and we'll make sure we have plenty of snacks. Check out the announcement video here: Please share the video aroun as much as possible so we can hit our 750 subscriber target and also raise a decent amount for childsplay on the day! Thanks all! See you there!
  6. Hey everyone! A while ago I posted a hardcore challenge using a mass of mods and a challenge to post a flag on some of the celestial bodies of the Kerbol system.... Now I'm going one better! With the release of 0.90 it is quite possible to create your own Ultimate Hard core mode from within the vanilla game's difficulty settings... so I've taken on the challenge and started a new series on YouTube so you guys can track my progress and see f you can do better. Here's the challenge: Vanilla game... absolutely NO mods Start a new game with HARD difficulty settings... AND Set starting funds to 0
  7. Hey guys! I just launched the pilot episode of my new series exploring the possibilities of KSP in Ultimate Hard Core mode! What is Hard Core Mode? Start with deafult Hard settings Set starting funds, science and reputation to 0 Set all rewards to 10% Set all Penalties to 1000% Panic, sweat and try to get a rocket into orbit and beyond My previous hard core mode challenge involved mods, this one is TOTALLY vanilla. I'm carrying over some rules from the previous hard core challenge, namely: At least one orange suited Kerbal must be present on any manned mission Unmanned missions obviously
  8. KSP Live! Is moving to a new time-slot effective immediately! From now on KSP Live will be broadcast EVERY SATURDAY at 8:30pm GMT (3:30pm EST). Follow now for notification when we go live at http://twitch.tv/ellbristow Our livestreams are also the platform for our milestone indie game giveawys! At set milestones we will give away free indie games to our twitch viewers. Our current milestone is 500 subscribers on our YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/ellitopiamc, and when we hit the milestone we'll be giving away FIVE free games! If you're not subscribed, subscribe now and help us get to ou
  9. Finally got around to uploading Episode 9 "Minmus Unmanned". It's time to risk an unmanned mission to Minmus usign Remote Tech!
  10. Hey Ippo. Thanks for dropping in. I'm loving Dang It! Good job! Personally I feel like the balance is just about right. personally I'd like to see classes of spares, so that if you have multiple failures of the same types (ie betteries) you could run out of spare battery parts etc... though that's obviously a fair chunk of additional coding. Re the exploit... that is unfortunate, and is the same issue the Kethane mod had. My personal opinion would be for you to "simulate" the passed time the next time the device is loaded so that any parts that Would have failed do fail "in the background", y
  11. Finally added Episode 8! This one features Dallas Kermann, our first Patreon supported kerbal! Interested in getting your own kerbal in our series? Head over to Patreon.com/ellitopia
  12. Watchign the Poll, Realism overhaul WITH RSS seems to be edging ahead, so I may be looking at a EUHkC v2.0!
  13. Hmmm... Zombie Jeb on a mission with the promise of a sacrifice if he should die.... very near the mark with the rules... but I'll allow it on this occasion as it didn't lead to an unfair advantage and because it was because of a setting which (granted) I didn't make 100% clear. Rules updated to clarify that Kerbals must not be allowed to respawn.
  14. Correct. Alarm clock gives you an indication of your transfer window yes... so you don't need the added advantage of distant objects. One person using Distant Objects would have an unfair advantage.
  15. I'm glad some people are starting to see the real challenge here.... the DangIt mod adds some real difficulty! With unmanned missions (which are indeed an option) you run the risk of parts failing and you lose your craft because you have no one to fix it! Loving the series Don... looking forward to other peoples' entries!
  16. Scott Manley has claimed he can do this in 2 missions. The gauntlet has been thrown down. https://twitter.com/DJSnM/status/509811685465395200
  17. Nice one Don! Looking forward to the rest of the series!
  18. Make sure you post it here... and you're guaranteed at least one view, like and share
  19. It has been suggested that this challenge should be more challenging, by using the Realism Overhaul pack. I don't really liek the idea of Real Solar System, but the other mods in the Overhaul pack are very interesting... what do the rest of those who have looked at this think?
  20. Exactly right... it's not so much about points... it's more about the success.... HOWEVER I am thinking we can have a leaderboard of "Completion Times", so if you provide a screenshot of your completion point (unlocked last tech node, or placed last flag) as well as your other screenshots to prove that this was the point you completed it... you will get added to one of two leaderboards, one with bonus objectives, or one without bonus objectives. How does that sound? I'll update the OP with these details. As far as other visual mods are concerned, I'm quite happy for other PURELY AESTHETIC mods
  21. I discussed this briefly on my livestream the other day, but I've been rounding out the idea, and here it is: Ell's Ultimate HardKore Challenge I love realism mods, and making KSP harder, so my challenge is all about succeeding under the hardest of circumstances, (although I think RSS and mods like that might be pushing it a bit too far, feel free to comment if you think they should be added). The "Must Use" Mods These mods must be used to add the realism: Deadly Reentry FAR (or NEAR) Remote Tech 2 TAC Lifesupport (Set so Kerbals do not respawn) Dang It! The Optional "Allowed" Mods These mod
  22. Added Episode 7 ... series is startign to roll now.... and we didn't lose any Kerbals this time! Success!
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