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  1. TheYear2525

    Flat Kerbin

    Someone is wanting to make a nonsense mod for fun and everyone instantly cries "flat-earther"? I highly doubt that any flat earther is even intelligent and willing enough to remotely understand and having fun playing KSP. KSP is a flat-earther's worst nightmare, even with a flat Kerbin. All that physical science, gravitation and overall...logik ! Really, this behavior is higly unscientific. I'd find the mod funny too, could be a great way to make kerbals do stupid flat-earther stuff and post the videos on youtube . Though for me personally that gain would't be worth all the work. Also I kinda doubt that it would work well. Even if you manage to disc-itize a planet, all the atmosphere stuff is most probably based on spherical models.
  2. TheYear2525

    4k resolution not possible

    @ Rocket In My Pocket It says just exactly that . @Snark Since it looked pretty controllable, easily scrollable and completely responsive on my side, I didn't see harm in posting the rather puny log file - it was only 500 kB after all. I wouldn't classify that as enormous content as I woudn't classify 20 avatar pics as enormous content or one screenshot...and certainly not bandwith-sucking on mobile devices, trust me, I have 100 MB mobile volume and it's overcome pretty instantly by regular browsing, 500 kB of text (or avatar pics...bear with me, I can't keep the following snide comment for myself: if you'd use jpg, where jpg makes sense and png where png makes sense, you'd reduce the bandwith used for your avatar by 80 %, fitting not only 20 tardigrades into the enormous data volume of 500 kB but nearly 100) in one or even 10 forum posts wouldn't make any noticable difference there, even for that anaemic volume. It's the overhead and most certainly the ads, except you are browsing images and movies specifically. But ok, I'll follow your advice for Celestias sake - and for harmony.....aaand tardigrades . Please take this post with one serious and one laughing eye.
  3. Hi, I have a problem switching to 4k resolution, it's very similar to the initial post here: just I have a 4k monitor (now ) and can play other games in 4k resolution. KSP is switching the resolution back to 2560x1440 while the display (hardware) stays in 4k mode. Making screenshots I can confirm that the resolution actually is 2560x1440. I disabled all scaling and whatever overrides I did in the Radeon control center, also in game no anti aliasing and stuff. Modded KSP or freshly downloaded unmodded makes no differnce, 32 bit vs. 64 bit no difference. Windows 10 Game Mode switching also no difference. No difference switching between full screen and windowed. The window however is as big as the screen, wich is odd, since the window only is 2560x1440 but the screen is 4k. Forcing either dx11, dx9 or openGl makes no difference. [EDIT: Ah, I noticed now that the guy had a physical 4k display too. I was thrown off by the later post with the virtual super resolution, so it's actually very much the same problem here.] Windows: Windows 10, 64bit Graphics: MSI Radeon RX480 Gaming X 8G Display: iiyama Gold Phoenix (GB2888UHSU) via display port KSP Version 64bit: [config] build id = 01891 2017.10.05 at 23:08:08 CEST Branch: master language = en-us KSP Version 32bit: [config] build id = 01891 2017.10.05 at 22:01:28 CEST Branch: master language = en-us should be equivalent to 1.3.1. Output log: I just noticed this line: desktop: 3840x2160 59Hz; virtual: 2560x1440 at 0,0 How can the virtual resolution be lower than the actual resolution? Hope that's all and thank you for looking into it. [Giant browser-destroying log snipped by moderator]
  4. Hello, I'm wrinting in response to a topic that popped up in the comments at the mod's download site recently. I don't wan't to provoke any hard feelings, your mod is great and good enough that I can live with the following. I'm just giving you some examples you requested. While due to the amount of affected parts, it does not make sense to list every single one, I'll give a few examples. In general let's say the price is too low and the impact tolerance is way too high. I've started a new game an will give examples only from the second tech tier, but from what I have seen, it's not different in the other tiers. However, I do not think they need their own tech node and I think they are only "not" to "moderately" overpowered (not taking impact tolerance into account), as far as I can see having not unlocked everything yet. Example 1: fuel tanks Vanilla FL-T400 vs. HH-125-A and B. First of all the extremeyl high impact tolerance popped into my eye. The unit fot this is m/s so the HHs have 160 m/s wich means that they yould still function after they had been thrown againt the ground with 576 kph or 358 mph if you prefer that unit. The Vanilla tank a a realisic 6 m/s . Imagine a car or bicicle rider that hits a wall with 6 m/s, it's already not that slow. As for the princing, the vanilla tank costs 850 credits an the HH-125-A costs 800 which is actually a bit worse, when you take into account that the latter one has about 22% less fuel, so that's totally ok. But the HH-125-B has twice the amount of fuel an costs...well, the same 800. Example 2: (upper stage) engines RMA-3 vs. vanilla LV-909. Again, the RMA has a whopping 60 m/s impact tolerance, again the LV has a realistic 7 m/s. The specs of the RMA are actually totally ok. It's a bit heavier than the LV but more effective and a quite a bit stronger. If it'd cost a tad more, it'd be just right, but actually it costs less than half of the LV (300 vs. 750). However, the lower stage engines do not show such a pricing discrepance, the are well in sync with the vanilla lower stage engines (if you don't take the impact tolerance into account ). Cheers o/