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  1. Earliest I've heard & seen "Fly Safe" was playing Janes F15 over Riger Wilco (predates teamspeak) and also heard it in MS flight Sim sometime in 2000.
  2. Finally installed 1.3 and no mods... Then promptly crashed... After the rocket fell apart. I think I had too many boosters but lacked enough space tape... twice. Whoops.
  3. How long till modding for KSP becomes illegal so they can milk this cash cow...? Who the heck does take-two think they are? EA? </troll bait>
  4. I've cheated with mechjeb back in 0.25. Now hear me out before you people start flapping your fingers in disgust. I built an awesome skycrane lander with 4 oversized rovers to take to Mun and mine kethane. Flawless flight all the way up until I was landing then RCS decided to not work. Plenty of EC, plenty of monoprop, no disabled crossfeed and RCS worked fine earlier in positioning before burns. Nope. Crash, crash crash... So I let mechjeb land it. It also failed. So I resorted to hyperedit and landed it that way. heck, RCS still didn't work. Mechjeb was able to land the rest of the landers fine.
  5. I use a "standard" setup when I played. For planes: 1 = toggle engines 2 = toggle engine mode 3-9 = available 9 = JATO or retro rockets (if equipped) For rockets 1 = toggle (solar panels on lander) or (fairings) and jetisson LES (this is typically done between stage 1 & 2. Before or during circularizaiton burn) 2-9 = available abort = shut-off all capable stack engines, fire LES, activate pod decoupler. Once clear of the doom train, I hit he staging key until my chutes are armed. During a rocket launch, if I had enough power on my lander, i would power land my lander back on kerbin with chutes at the ready if needed. I liked baking failures in my launches to test my abort skills fairly often.
  6. I was a huge fan of the mod "Snacks!". By default it doesnt kill Kerbals (but you can set it to) and I found it simple & fun to use for a simplified life support mod.
  7. Nope. I just downloaded 1.2 to solve the problem. Sadly though, it is very common to see programs especially updaters choke when they realize they're not installed in "program files", or your currently booted version of windows is not drive "C". I tried updating the game "Freelancer" a loooong time ago on a windows multi-boot, but it couldn't find my game install directory (it needs to be installed in C:\program files\microsoft games\freelancer) which was a problem because my games are in D:\Games and at that time I was booted into Windows XP which was partition X: (C: win2k; X: WinXP; W: Win7 RC2). You will find sooooo many installers, updaters, etc fail in this type of setup. Thank god for Virtual Machines nowadays. I haven't installed a primary use program or a game into C: since 1999. OS partition is for the OS only. Anyway 1.2 looks good and my low part-count planes seem to veer off the runway much less.
  8. 64 bit Patcher isn't working for me. • KSP 1.1.3 - 64bit Store Version • Located in: Z:\Games\KSP 1.1.3 • Windows 7 After browsing to where KSP is, I get a dialog "Please Select a valid Kerbal Space Program folder." So, just redownloading the whole thing. Never cared for patchers 99% of the time.
  9. My first screenshot, and first rocket to make it to orbit. Dated: Dec 20, 2014
  10. I cant play 1.1. I also cant even play .23, .25, 1.whatever. Since I had to part out my old workstation, I'm now using an old server with a Radeon 9250 video card.
  11. I like the way you think, totally Kerbal... Forget Kerbal Space Program, we need Kerbal Tunneling Program... Would Jeb really care about a warranty you speak of? I'm sure Jeb showing up at the KSC is enough for all warranties to be null and void.
  12. I didn't watch the video, or read much of the reddit post or all of this thread but I think I got the gist of what happened. • Guy gets hired on to do a job. • Guy gets paid to his job as discussed or contracted. • Guy gets released or fired when *his* job is completed. Sounds like normal business practice to me. It sucks in my opinion, but its the way things are; Industry Standards. Bring on people to do a job, and get rid of them when no longer needed and/or their job is done. Businesses exist to make money, they're not charities. The software industry is hugely cut-throat, high turn-around, faced paced, and doesn't coddle people. Cant handle the pressure, find a new industry or start your own development company with your own procedures. I don't look down on Squad for this, its part of the business.
  13. Nope... I'm a lowly store peasant. Not that I can play KSP anymore anyway because my "new" i7 based machine had to be sold to cover for some "expenses". Running a Pentium 4, Radeon 9250, & 2GB RAM now...
  14. I had to actually part out my i7 based workstation to cover for some unexpected expenses. On my "new" machine KSP is absolutely out of the question as well as any other game released in the last 11 years. At least Starcraft:Brood War & Unreal Tournament (99 version) still work, • Running a Pentium 4 521 CPU (single core, with HT) • 2GB RAM • Defective Radeon 9250 graphics that cant run most 3d accelerated old games Actually, its an old Dell Powerege 830 server. No PXI-E 16 slot, it only has an 8x slot otherwise id be able to use my previous card.
  15. I will use what works best for me. Why use something that doesn't work? If it turns out there is a 1.1 in 64bit on windows and if it constantly has problems ill be using the 32 bit. If 32bit has constant problems I'll stick with 1.0.4 & 1.0.5.
  16. I had recently built a system because my budget AMD system was on its last leg. (SATA controller failure & BSODs). I didn't have the luxury of waiting juuuuust a bit longer (nearly a year) for a new machine. As a result I opted to reuse as much of my original hardware as possible so I opted for a 1150 based platform. My option was to build another "budget" system with the new generation. OR, I could have used the previous generation to get a decently performing system for about the same money and not have to buy all new stuff. I opted for the latter because I don't replace hardware just because I can, I wait till it breaks. My days living in the bleeding edge are over. Mid last year my girlfriends mom passed away from brain cancer, and she did leave us some insurance money so technically I *could* have built a new mid-high end machine but I didn't even when my girlfriend told me to. I got my SSD & RAM upgrade with this money around the end of last year and even then it still felt "wrong" doing that. I ended up using my tax return to build it hence the limited budget. This was built before my girlfriend's mom passed away. A month before my girlfriend's mom passed away she ordered an i7 for me. I originally got a i7 4660. ◘ Gigabyte z97 UHD5 board ◘ i7 4790K (tweaked to run at x44 with 4 active cores) ◘ Swiftech Apogee h2o loop ◘ 16GB DDR3 (stock) ◘ 500GB m.2 SATA SSD (windows, my stuff, & "production"). Only 1.02TB written since November (wear level count 1). ◘ 1TB SATA HDD (2 partitions. "temp" which windows is instructed to save temp data here even my desktop location is there. "Media" and rapid update applications go here (elite, Rift, new version of ksp). When I finally "commit" to a version of KSP, it gets moved to the SSD into my games folder.
  17. <Destination><ship type><number> Munrocket 1 Munbase 2 Munrover 1 Munprobe 5 etc
  18. For a crewed ship, I power land the lander back on kerbin while utilizing the parachutes on the capsule itself. Then after that, I revert. For non-crewed ships, I bury them into the nearest landscape as fast and hard as possible.
  19. There was this time during 0.25 that I seen it all the time, even my girlfriend made comments about how "rare" it is, but we both seen it everytime I started KSP for at least a week.
  20. What? This is the most absurd crap I have read in a long time since the steam wiping linux filesystems fiasco. In what universe was this determined to be the best way to handle *local* files? I know people who would be sitting on the street unemployed begging for stale bread covered in ants if they wrote a garbage procedure like this.
  21. I find them on the forums. Agreed that mod authors should keep the first post updated with current links. As far as downloading, Kerbalstuff when its online, failing that github. Curse is the absolute last resort.
  22. I wasn't able to read the article. Lack of javascript permissions made the content inaccessible. My comment will be based entirely on the "title". Of course KSP is mundane. Its "too hard", the average person wants a quick, point-and-click adventure. How many average people know how orbital mechanics works? The average gamer also wants something violent. The most violence you'll get in KSP is slamming a vehicle into one of the buildings. The other thing they want are games that look very pretty... My source? I'm around a lot of these kind of people. KSP is none of this. KSP is a mind game. KSP was hard when I first tried it and I had to learn more before I could do anything simple (orbit, transfer, etc). I like exercising my mind. Hope this is respectful enough, I still wanted to be frank enough to get my point across without being disrespectful.