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  1. Took lots of explosions and fails and experimenting to get that rocket, even if it wobbles a bit... but, it can definitely reach orbit, and leave poor kerbals drifting into distant space. Taking one for the team, I love these guys! Maybe one day I'll try to get them back with a rescue mission but that will have to wait because I still cant get a stable orbit. I'm too much of an idiot... One day, I will get an orbit... then one day I will land on Mun... Then maybe one day, rescue all the poor kerbals that are drifting through space (some are EVA.. happens).
  2. After reading about KSP elsewhere on the 'net, I decided to check it out and downloaded the demo. Lots of fun even if I'm not a rocket scientist... Launched a lot of stuff, but no orbits yet. A whole lot of building, piloting and crashing by the seat of my pants. Amazing how tough these guys are. I let him EVA out of this rocket, and watched him bounce to the ground. Tis only a scratch! Edited With all the fun I've been having today with the demo, I went ahead and bought the game.