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  1. I suspect it could be the browser hiding the referer due to browser settings. Copy of my headers as sent from the browser on clicking the download link: I did manage to snag it with IE 6 in a fresh VM. We can consider this resolved for me. @Stone Blue, not necessarily paranoia but strict system control. Most of those are development related but some are security related. IMO browsers are only that, browsers- not the complete client for everything internet. Plus it stops most nasties at the gate. This "paranoia" keeps me from having to screw with my machine and keep it from catching any internet STDs. Too many times I have fixed too many machines from an "oops" that was "mistakenly" sent through an advertiser. I was good money though. Sure this was a loooooooooong time ago when it was just so easy to do malicious stuff with ads, flash, & javascript. Old habits die hard, especially if they kept you clean. Edit: Wow, this extra newline reminds me of using Front Page Express 2.0 in Windows 95 with having to use shift+enter.
  2. When Whackjob starts taking notes from you... When Whackjob's ships are the payload you're sending to Eeloo.
  3. Win7 Ultimate x64 Palemoon 24 (based on firefox) Browser Extensions (got several): Adblock Plus (0 items blocked on kerbaltek) Cookie Manager Form History Control Greasemonkey (4 scripts, 0 active on kerbaltek) Live HTTP headers NoScript (scripts enabled for kerbaltek) Nosquint (full zoom 150%) Page Info Button PlainOldFavorites RemoveItPermanently (kerbaltek not filtered) Saved Password Editor Web Developer Browser Plugins: Flash (disabled) Java (disabled) Java Deployment Toolkit (disabled) That's only if you attempt to hotlink directly to our files - which is not allowed. The site is fine. Please try again. Same thing. I'm following links from Clicking the link for
  4. This... So much this. I hate AJAX navigation. It appears the web is going to pretty-ness over standard functionality.
  5. Same thing. I'm following links from Clicking on the button for "HyperEdit-1.4.2_for-KSP-1.0.5" and still getting "Downloader: Sorry, no direct access."
  6. Slightly... My only 'rules' are to make sure my first stage is suborbital, and that my transfer stage crashes into the body I'm landing on. My lander fuel is used for further fine tuning, and the descent.
  7. Windows 7 here... I *just* recently moved to windows 7 because my new board lacks XP/2k drivers. Even windows 7 is too annoying for me, but I deal. "Sit down, shut up and do as I say not what you think I should do." I'm a tweaker and power user too, and people like us seem to have been forgotten. I still run a ton of commands and can still navigate a computer faster with a keyboard than a mouse (touchscreens are a bane to me, and feel incredibly slow). Automatic updates are disabled too when I found about the GWX updates and how they are pushed through. Its not like I run around the internet clicking on every popup and running stuff from 'questionable' places to suffer a buffer overflow. I'm of mind where if its not broke, don't fix or update it. A new shiny version number means nothing to me. Recently "used" win10 on a newly updated laptop. I don't like it. I don't like it at all. Feels simplistic and cheap (hey it is 'free') and there is no way I could use it as a *workstation*. Simple use would probably be ok for me though.
  8. I tried making a kerbal cannon this way. you have to turn off the heating otherwise they die immediately. I can only get them up to 674m. Its even more fun angling the muzzle and landing him back inside the tube for another shot.
  9. I have been unable to prevent an mk3 craft from blowing up at 37K on kerbin from overheating when simply going suborbital (at waaay less than orbital velocity, and reentering at a 20deg angle). Never had this problem before... Oh, and the veering off to one side on the runway on takeoff has struck again (even on craft that never did it before). I'll be sticking with 1.0.4.
  10. I like this engine. The gimball range, the power... A lot more power than I expected especially for its size. I was honestly expecting something within the range of 500-600 thrust, not 1000 but they suck down the fuel. If anything, for its size I think it might be a bit much. It is fun to build a rockomax sized mammoth with them and watch the fuel disappear when you light them. However, I play purely in the sandbox.
  11. The paper weak joints.. Especially the batteries, MK3 parts, XL rover wheels.
  12. Reason #1 why I don't click on any of these url shorteners and actually have many of them blocked router side as well as hosts file. There is no telling where they really go to. If someone has to twist my arm like that to vote, IMO it is not a valid vote and would try to vote something else just on principle. This is the primary reason why I use my own domain & services. I have a handful of legitimate addresses I check (nobody has them), everything else is just a front facing email address and anytime I need to use an email I create a forward so if later on that email gets released in a security breach, or spam comes in.. I know where it came from and can delete the forward and never get mail from that address again. Even my email here and in the ksp store is a forward.
  13. Crashed a probe into Tylo early in ksp days. I typically keep within Minmus.
  14. I've been trying this on and off for awhile now... But KSP keeps giving me the hell kraken whenever it messes up. 4146t on the pad. Lander is planned at 1500 tons.
  15. Tried rescuing 6 trapped kerbals from the mun using one ship, that had a 50% failure rate on my re-entry tests. Good enough *approved* * Attempt one worked great... Perfect launch, perfect direct burn, and perfect direct landing 610m away from my guys... Sucked when I ran out of fuel on the return trip. Needed 460 more dV. Pushing with RCS was going to take just too long, so I reverted and exited. Just cant stay focused in KSP anymore. I would have probably been ok if I burned the other direction. Took careful balancing the power because it had no solar, so i had to disable the battery in the remote guidance unit until it came time to burn, and i only had 30 units of power to aim the right way and light the engine to recharge... It was a fun exercise... * Attempt 2 was a struggle to launch because i wanted to carry a little more fuel, but the launch was a nightmare. low TWR on the pad (under 1.3), had to dip into my landing/return fuel on the mun injection and I just knew I didn't have enough to get home. Reverted. * Attempt 3 has a bigger launch platform, but it has yet to fly to space. I had to quit KSP to take care of something else... Maybe ill try it again later today.
  16. Ah! that explains a lot. I've been feeding it km the whole time. I knew it was something stupid simple... I'm not a math guy so details like this slip by. Typically I do not mix strings & numbers. I seen I did that after I posted it, it was my code where I was in the 'let me get the right numbers, then ill clean up' mode. Also because math isnt my strongest point, the 4.19 was one of the ways of trying to simplify it, but it did give me some good numbers... Until... Thanks for the solution and pointing the idiot (me) to the right direction.
  17. This isn't KSP related, but definitely space related. I have an old script ive been trying to modernize and I wanted to add some calculations to help fill in missing data. Escape Velocity and volume. The problem is with the solutions that php is giving me. Either I'm just being really stupid, or there's some bug in how php handles math. Lets start with Earth. Its giving me all kinds of convoluted output. Its telling me Earth's escape velocity is 353420.83796328... I know its 11.200 km/s, rearranging the math and using brackets does not alter the output. I have been fighting this math on and off for the last 3 days. I can get it to get close, but when you try figuring it out for our sun, its over 10,000x over what the answer should be. I have even tried avoiding scientific notation from php, but even then the output remains the same. Here's my variables... $radius = 6378.1; //Earth radius $mass = '5.972e+24'; //earth mass $g = 6.67*pow(10, -11); // Gravity constant $volume = sprintf("%01.5f", 4.19*$radius*$radius*$radius); $density = $mass/$volume; //density.. $ev = sqrt(2*$g*$mass/$radius); // Escape velocity $ev returns: 353420.83796328... As far as density concerned, it give me and obnoxious number... 5493280854827.7 I have this bit of code that gives me correct information, but when it comes to the sun, it becomes extremely wrong. This is the code that is currently in the script that I managed to get to work after screwing with it for 2 days. Otherwise the numbers are very good out of it (even if the equations are wrong). $g = 6.67*pow(10, -11); // Gravity constant $volume = 4.19*($radius*$radius*$radius); // Volume $d = $mass/$volume/1000000000000; // no idea why i have to divide like this... otherwise its stupid WRONG $ev = sqrt(2*$g*$mass/($radius*1000)); // Escape velocity.. no idea why i need to divide by 1000.. its over 3 million, and stupid wrong if i dont. $gv = ($g*$mass)/($radius*1000*$radius*1000); // Gravity $buffer['escapeVelocityMS'] = number_format($ev, 2); // escape velocity in m/s $buffer['escapeVelocityKMS'] = number_format($ev/1000, 3); // escape velocity from m/s to km/s $buffer['gravityMS'] = number_format($gv, 2); // force of gravity $buffer['relativeGravity'] = number_format($gv/9.80, 2); // gravity relative to earth $buffer['volumeCM'] = number_format($volume, 0); //density in cubic meters Using the code above, I get the following results... which I find acceptable. Array ( [escapeVelocityMS] => 11,179.98 [escapeVelocityKMS] => 11.180 [gravityMS] => 9.80 [relativeGravity] => 1.00 [volumeCM] => 1,087,095,173,817 ) When it comes to our sun... Here are the results it gives... ... Which are beyond wrong. Of course I'm using the sun's data to try to compute it. Array ( [escapeVelocityMS] => 61,765,610.61 [escapeVelocityKMS] => 61,765.611 [gravityMS] => 2,742,624.48 [relativeGravity] => 279,859.64 [volumeCM] => 1,409,630,947,936,250,112 ) Any ideas why i cant get the math to work the same for both items? I almost give up trying to hack at it myself. Thanks
  18. Given his KSP abilities... I hope they don't ask him to run NASA...
  19. My list. Same applies to youtube videos... AND videos not related to ksp. * Overly eccentric/hyper. Take a valium and relax... * Excessive babbling that is not related to the subject matter. Das Valdez never shuts up, but most of it is related to the task and topic at hand and he covers a lot of material which is great. * Don't go overboard with the laughing/giggling especially if its not funny. * Liek OMG 2spookey4u lkie tweet hashtag funny is a total reason to immediately leave. Concentrate on your topic, not social media. * Not a annoying voice. The screaming voice in your face salesman/woman is a definite way for me to keep walking. *exit* * have some enthusiasm for your content. Sure it may be a bore sometimes, but I dont want a lecture by some bored kid but I don't want to watch the host bouncing off the walls either. * Informative for informative videos. Funny & entertaining for non serious and/or fun videos. Don't mix em up too much. * Like you know Like this is like how like this works, like you like know what I'm like talking about right...? *exit* * Know what the hell you are talking about. If you don't know, say you don't know. If I wanted to get lied to, I'd watch the news or a reality show. That's pretty much it. May seem like a lot but it really isn't. Only a couple of them will get me to leave *immediately* but the others I can overlook to a specific point before I *exit*. I've thrown a few us dollars to some streamers with my limited budget because I liked the stream.
  20. Didnt read whole post, but based on the topic... Game: Yes DLC: No, no, no, no, nope Grabs his cane and walks back to old-timer logic.
  21. Multiple floppy disks... I'm actually using normal hard disks. I have plans of putting my OS & temp/scratch on a SSD at some point.
  22. Clearly, whack is trying to get to space before the heating is computed and becomes a problem... ... Welcome back whack!
  23. My weirdest ship was 2 kethane mobile refinery & 2 mobile driller rovers that were being launched in one shot. It had a weird skycrane with the 4 rovers attached. Empty, the payload was easily over 100 tons but launch weight was 170 tons or so. I did get it to the Mun on a few different launches really close to where I was going to set down at only for RCS to stop working every time before touchdown. Levelord... No idea why those ships are in this thread. They look great!