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  1. Age limit is probably because the age required to sign a (Non Disclosure Agreement) NDA in the country of origin for Squad.
  2. I just started playing Elite Dangerous last week (havent played in the last couple days), and I've already seen a Kerman. I dont remember the first name.
  3. 1,170 Tons. It was going to be a "mobile" kethane base that was going to stop over on Mun or minmus to 'refuel', and try to use it to explore the system. Got it to orbit, but never did anything with it. This was with 0.23.5 (ARM update). No pictures though.
  4. Facebook... Always facebook. It is the new 'failblog'. KSP related. You know building a rocket only for the clamps & decouplers getting screwed up... *SPACEBAR* main stack sits there, while the outside stack takes flight without the center stack... Oops. Tip: don't build in a hurry.
  5. Yea... I used to get this when I forgot to turn off sticky keys when I played UT 99:GOTY. Shift was my "kick" button so when kicking people off asteroids, id get kicked out of UT with a dialog.... This was back in the day when hitting the windows keys or minimizing a game caused a crash or getting kicked. Annoying... So annoying I ended up removing that crap using nlite and creating a custom windows CD. Not so successful with removing that crap off windows 7.
  6. Add another me too. Its been doing this to me for the last couple weeks. I've just been dealing with it because it seems to be an issue when you setup joystick bindings and not have the controller connected/on when you start KSP. An absurd bug IMO.
  7. Funny you say this because I used to have a Fly 5 joystick YEARS ago, and wanted to get back into my sims so I looked at joysticks just a month ago. Didn't really see anything new that caught my eye and it was the same stuff. I've always wanted the X52, so I just went to ebay and bought one from there. I haven't really setup the controller yet. During my search I did see this farming simulator hardware and first thought it might be good for KSP, but I wouldn't be able to flightsim with it much. Opted for X52. This still leaves me the option to make use of an ardunio and make a "navigation computer" and set it near my controller.
  8. Suddenly everytime I start KSP, I keep getting the "KSP Stats tracking" dialog. I have also removed all mods, and I still get the dialog. This is entirely new behavior that started a few days ago. Nothing else was updated. Mods versions are up-to-date. ATM Chatterer Mechjeb Collision FX StockBugFixes KAS Using Windows 7 KSP 1.0.2 Remember, KSP still does this even when I remove the mods.
  9. I still have my MX-518. I dont use all the other fancy crap buttons on it (change dpi, the annoying button close to the palm that closes tabs, etc), so I removed them from the board and saved the micro switches. I tend to replace micro switches when they fail, I have probably 80 switches now. This mouse has lasted 8 years so far and the poor thing gets abused. Prior to this mouse, I used a Wacom Graphire 2 mouse for nearly 13 years. Its 'wireless' but doesn't have batteries, and wireless lag as bad as other wireless devices... So, as far as a normal wireless mose... No. Never gonna happen for me. The "imperceptible" lag is highly noticeable when FPS gaming. Plus batteries. No.
  10. I paid $27 for KSP. Honestly for what KSP has done for the amount of time in it, it has been way more cost effective than any other single game I've ever owned (including Fallout 3, and the Mass Effect series, not to mention Starcraft:Brood War, Diablo I & 2, Unreal Tournament (99, 2004) & Total Annhilation). Knowing what I know about KSP now, even if it was $40 I would have bought it. Considered buying it again just to help support the devs. However, as far as new players. With a demo there is no excuse for them to pay $40 into something they don't know anything about. For me, no demo = no buy. That's how I see it. I'm too poor to throw money on something I may not like.
  11. 10,000? Fair estimate. Yea, sounds about right.
  12. Read the first couple pages... Great suggestions, but here's my list... * 4 Props. 1 Big, 1 small. Electric and LF versions. * Airbags for dropped probes. Or Kerbal shakes * Loading ramp for MK3. I like that idea, and stronger MK3 connections * Radiators. * FAT version of the wing parts, and stronger joints between wing parts and/or more wing selections.
  13. I'm not superstitious, but.. Yea I agree with this... The Kraken... Yea. That's it. *sheepish grin* That canyon does not like me though...
  14. As far as I know, it was enabled with an F key in 1.0.2, otherwise you would have to use the debug menu. There is also one that shows aerodynamic forces.
  15. Oddly I cant rendezvous, but I can land landers on top landers. I've done that probably 8-9 times and by the time I realize it, its usually too late for me because I panic and crash. I really need to learn to make my kerbals get out, and plant a flag for my landing location and have their lander 300m away or so. I never learn though. Edit: Which gives me an idea... A lander stacker challenge... How many of the same landers can you *land* on top of each other before they topple over.
  16. I think this new mechanic is great. Yes it did... burn me a couple times, but at least there's now a reason to use other parts. Nice having parts that a designed for different things.
  17. Either use a gimballed engine, or fins with control surfaces. I find using both gimballed engines and fins with control surfaces on my first stage seems to drive SAS crazy on some launch platforms. Your rocket as-is, is just a dart with an engine on it and no control authority. The new aero will grab it by its ankles and shake it out for loose change and drop it on its head. Whatever worked in old versions of KSP for years, may not work anymore.
  18. As mostly a lurker... least mentioned I think is Dres, and Tylo. Actually, I think its a toss-up. I 've only impacted Dres because I screwed up... I'm good at that which is why I've only left kerbin's SOI twice.
  19. I crashed a probe on Duna. Forgot about the thin atmosphere. The other places in the poll, havent been to. I've only crashed on Duna & Tylo... Otherwise I have not left kerbin SOI.
  20. You need to create a BOINC project to help do the physics calculations for KSP because your 60,000 node farm of quad 12 core servers just isn't cutting it anymore, and you still barely break 1 frame every 30 minutes.
  21. I think some rules need to be specified. To clarify, you want us to build a rocket plane and take off and fly for 15 seconds? What about FAR? 0.90? 1.0? 1.0.1? NEAR? aerodynamics are different. You may want to check the rules for posting challenges. Your entry is missing. No scoring? Antbin, your structural intake is located in the Aerodynamics tab. All air intakes are located in aerodynamics tab, at least in my minimally modded copy. Just trying to be helpful.
  22. Lets not forget the UI is being completely redone because of Unity5 'issues' (not usable on 5) and 'new goodies' (didn't elaborate). The UI has been with KSP since the beginning, back when 'nobody knew what they were doing'. Loosely 'quoting' Maxmaps...
  23. In sandbox? By default, no. However for RP purposes, an option would be nice. In Career? Sure, but a difficulty slider would probably be nice. Fuel cost & starting fuel. I don't play career, so I can be ignored in this regard.