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  1. I just love Max's high pitched "Oh no!" and his hopeless expression when he realizes hes going to kill val and the tourist. Oops... Yes, I did watch almost all of it. I enjoy watching Max "play" KSP.
  2. In my opinion... Is it cheating? Here is how I handle it for me. * If I have 2+ engines occupying the same space at the same time = Yes * If I have 2+ full fuel tanks occupying the same space at the same time = Yes Exceptions to 'cheating': * Clipping fuel tanks together needs the appropriate amount of fuel removed. Such as, if have a tank half way clipped into another tank, that tank can be filled half. * I set out specifically to create a replica of something. These are independent of my "main save". * I'm trololololllling the kerbals by building wacky vehicles.
  3. Yea, the MK3 parts are really bad. Like they were bolted together with spit and paper. Anytime I tried delicately landing a huge mk3 beast, it just fell apart like the paint was holding it together. Struts didn't help and made it look hideous. Claw has the Stock Bug fixes, and one of the fixes is the weak MK3 connections. Its actually a mod, but I think of it as an unofficial patch for a number of things. Might be worth a shot for you.
  4. Theres a forum I'm a member of that tracks username changes. Click on someone's name, and on their profile it has a list of their "Known as"... Its pretty nifty when they integrated it into their forums because name changes get confusing as heck.
  5. Fought with the perforated wet tissue paper weak joints on the MK3 parts. All 100 kerbals are fine. Got the 'stock fixes' and now its no longer a problem. I can rebuild that monster mk3 "plane" that fell to pieces on the runway because of "structural failure" between mk3 parts. Its not the plane pictured above... That's the tiny passenger one.
  6. Awesome with the MK3 fix. I got sick of my mk3 planes falling apart when sneezed on to the point in which I pretty much gave up playing. What good are nice big wheels if the whole thing just falls apart on touchdown, even with tons of struts.
  7. Jeb = Likely dead. Game crashed horribly on a 'spaceplane' crash on the runway. The other 3. Astronaut complex waiting just like the other 97 for their next demise.
  8. I've never had a kerbal survive by landing hard. Then again I totally suck at KSP.
  9. I've seen this posted elsewhere and I respond with something like... Nothing wrong with making it an option somewhere. Imagine how KSP would be with no options... Anyway.... I didn't actually notice the new moving-user-interface-object-on-the-screen-that-moves-with-a-hardware-interface-device until I seen the Danny video. Umm, yea. Danny wants his system cursor back! Me? I dont really care but I see nothing wrong with "disable built in moving-user-interface-object-on-the-screen-that-moves-with-a-hardware-interface-device" option.
  10. My new approach is I launch at 2/3 throttle or so, then go full throttle once I get to about 10K. I'm still working on my ascent profile though.
  11. I've only played with 1.0, 1.0.1, & 1.0.2 for probably 20 minutes each. Based on some of the stuff I tried, I like 1.0.2 the best.
  12. MGCJerry


    I think this is the best answer... Can you honestly imagine working with the other 3.. ?
  13. How about both? Sometimes I like building wings when i have a certain design in mind. Other times, I just need a quick wing and don't feel like building one. I wish we had MK3 sized wing parts AND a larger selection of MK3 wing shapes. Also, it would be nice if the wing pieces have tweakable fuel like the MK3.
  14. Thanks for the reply Claw. I used this picture because it was easy to upload as-is. * Only one gear is up front and it is at the back end of cockpit part. * The rear gear are between the nacelle and the fuel tanks. I also have 2 struts securing the nacelles to the main body on the underside. * Adding canards to the font makes it really-really flip happy which makes it excessively unstable and it reaches 20m above the runway, stalls and crashes. On the off chance it does make it to the end of the runway, it flips immediately at the end, even with no control input. I've decided to abandon this the design entirely and stick with big stuff because this veering happen rarely with my mk3 sized ships 100+ tons on the runway, empty.
  15. Me... About 15 times or so... Right now, shes stranded in space when my computer had a stroke on a "test flight" I had all intentions of reverting.
  16. Though I don't agree with regex on many of his posts on the direction of KSP, I have to agree with him now. The new aero isn't moar power anymore. Forget how craft flew in KSP 0.90, its over. I didn't have any problems getting things to orbit. You do need to follow a more realistic flight profile and adjust your throttle as needed and not make sudden control movements as rockets now behave like rockets. I find fine control (caps lock) ideal for ascent to prevent from over-correcting.
  17. I cant build anything more complicated than a speed car, or a ginormous mk3 monster. I tried building a small aircraft, but its veering off the runway to the left 6 out of 7 launches. I've reattached the landing gear probably 30 times and rebuilt it another 4 or 6 times, but it still rolls off the runway. I used to be able to solve this by restarting the game, but that isn't working anymore. The plane below has the COM & COL right next on top of each other. I've strutted the side engines, etc. Maybe I should just stick with huge planes. Offending aircraft: Other ideas?
  18. Sometimes she doesn't mind me playing KSP, sometimes she minds and I hear about it a lot and there is already a very narrow window of time I can play it anyway.
  19. This, most of the time. I don't have a lot of time to play KSP anymore so I take every second or minute I can. Almost all the time I only have enough time to build something then I have to leave ksp for awhile then when I get a minute to two I can put it in orbit and by then other stuff needs to be done.
  20. Plot twist... This isn't the easter egg, max is just pulling our legs. They said that to keep us away from the a *real* easter egg and someone will run into it in 2 months time by accident.
  21. I treat my kerbals equally. But sometimes (always) crap happens. Val will be in whatever craft gets launched up if she jumps in the seat in whatever order and what happens, happens.