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  1. Good. Simple yet effective. I like how she looks in the promo shot but I wonder how she looks EVA or in the portrait view. Of course not that the Kraken or gravity cares what gender a Kerbal is... However, I do feel that the kerbals in general do need different color hair or even different hairlines to differentiate each of them male and female. Perhaps randomly generated (or procedural, I don't care), but that's a different topic/debate.
  2. MGCJerry

    1.0 date?

    Between now and the end of the world...
  3. We have watched a few Squadcasts, which has made my girlfriend wonder if Maxmaps even actually works for squad, or do they just feel bad for him and lets him stream and fail at KSP. For me, its like a trainwreck. Its bad, but you cant help not to watch. However, I do read ObsessedwithKSP's summaries in case I missed something and to read over as a 'review' of what happened. I still don't understand why Squad doesn't use their official forums to post official information. We must hunt for it on all kinds of unofficial channels.
  4. I think the graphics are fine. What sold me was how it plays and thinking it made me to. I like to exercise my brain, not my fingers by playing (YARBS) Yet Another Realistic Button-Smasher. After seeing enough pictures of ksp on imgur and reading a little, I had to play this. I didnt even own the demo long until I bought the full version. For me, gameplay sells. Heck, I like playing what is probably the worst pc game ever made "Big Rigs", just because its that kind of disaster...
  5. For new set of planets (or even some more sun systems, heck yes). Anything else, NOPE. DLCs are terrible how theyre being handled nowadays. Remember Mass Effect 3? Total aggravation. Incomplete game comes out, then later "get this DLC to see the ending". Pay to play, pay to win, pay for powerups, its getting out of hand.
  6. 3 units of LF and the proportional amount of Ox on my first Mun return. It took 3 quickloads to find the right window and approach. 68K pe over Kerbin was the best I could manage and made it work.
  7. I didn't lurk much. I signed up immediately because KSP warranted an immediate purchase and forum registration.
  8. TL;DR Thread. Yes. As a person who doesn't use twitter & can't stand reddit, I'd expect the official site to have such announcements relating to KSP. Squad is after all an advertising agency, but perhaps they feel official updates on the official channel are too mainstream and people who want to know should go looking (time is a luxury with a family member with a terminal illness).
  9. I would also like to echo what Streetwind says. I don't do reddit (i dont even have an account and have only read 1 or 2 threads there - ever), the interface is abysmal to my eyes and tolerance levels. I've played ksp for the last year and I'm still as dense as Kerbin and hugely incompetent but I'd like to try to help.
  10. Watch people freak out and panic as they have become dependent on the internet. Me? I'll still be entertained. I can still do all kinds of stuff without an internet connection. When you don't live on the cloud, you aren't tied to the cloud . Personal story: When my aunt died a few years ago, I took my computer over to her house to help assemble music cds and to help with the planning and other family stuff. She did always handled all the bills, and it was all new to her husband, who was at work most of the time anyway. Her grandkids stayed the night one night while I had my computer there (and no internet) and they were absolutely astounded I could play games, record cds, play music & movies, work on my website (local copy) without the internet. It blew their minds, and these 'kids' were teenagers. I do mean literally wide-eyed and jaw-dropped.
  11. I'm fine with subscription model games as long as its not "pay-to-win", or "pay-go-get-the-rest-of-the-story DLC" (eg: Mass effect). However for me to even consider to think about purchasing any fictional unregulated currency with real world backed currency it needs to be have a non pay-to-play model. I'm not going to buy a game then continue to pay in order to be required to play it. Currently the only game/world I've ever spent my real money on is Second Life. Rift had some consideration, but not much.
  12. There is also the radial decouper bug where it causes outside boosters to smash the center stack in certain situations. Mr Claw up there has a 'mod' that fixes the radial "decoupler bug" and a number of other minor but annoying bugs.
  13. I changed the XL3 rover wheel because despite its size, its incredibly fragile and I get sick of them shearing off with the lightest touch.
  14. My heaviest rover is my crawler transporter when loaded. 200 something tons when loaded. Carries 2 karbonite drillers, and a mobile karbonite refinery. It can also carry them when fully loaded but it requires some care for braking and slopes since there are no hardpoints to secure the vehicles. Crawler Mass: 60T Parts: 267 With modifications, it can float:
  15. I've now run into an issue where RCS no longer works. I have a number of place anywhere RCS ports on an MK2 based plane, plenty of electric charge, and plenty of RCS fuel but RCS doesn't function. I've had KSP to this to me a number of times un-modded, and when this happens I have hyperedit (but I shouldn't have to). Is there a way to correct this in-flight or does it need to be reverted (been there, done that or hyperedit), a known bug, etc? EDIT: I noticed I have fine control enabled so it may have had something to do with this flight. I have had fine control off in the past, and still had this issue with unresponsive/non-existant RCS. Ship X : Craft File here: My specs & Mods:
  16. I have the "it used to work" issues all the time. Build a wonderful plane, that flies great at all altitudes. Then suddenly, after a number of reverts, it careens of the runway, flips end over end, accepts no pilot input, etc. I have to exit KSP then reload it and 95% of the time, things are fine. The other 5%, I have to rebuild.
  17. You can configure "Snacks!" to kill your kerbals.
  18. I kept seeing that sand castle a lot probably 30 out of 33 times for awhile (for a week at least). I haven't seen it in a few days though.
  19. I just want to post here that despite my previous post, its sporadic on my end too (USA).
  20. 46 screenshots since I got KSP in December 2013. I'm not a screenshot guy.
  21. Mistakes were made... Believe it or not, it did take off, but buzzed the tower of the SPH...
  22. I was goofing off with a "stupid rocket", and somehow managed an encounter with Tylo. Being I've only crashed on Duna by chance (another "stupid rocket", and the realization theres an atmosphere ) and been nowhere else outside of Kerbin's SoI, it made really interesting. Yea, so I crashed on Tylo... Never did get screenshots though.
  23. Radial decoupler bug There's also a few other times where "Bill had to use the bathroom"...