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  1. So, life updates, again?


    I think the main thing is, despite my government's efforts on decimating its own population, I'm still alive. That's already a lot to expect in The Year of Our Lord MMXXI, and I'm so happy to see a lot of familiar faces still active here. 

    I've switched jobs a few times since we last spoke, and as of early this year I've landed on a carreer I've been desiring for quite a while, and am now in a senior position working with data science and machine learning. Still happily married, still happily childless (tho slowly changing my mind), at the moment living at my mother's, but with my own house being built (was already slowly due to budget, and then the whole world fell apart...)


    And... I guess that's it. The itch to play the game never came back, tho I haven't lost hope. To the two or three of you that I've on my Steam contacts list of Gtalk (seriously, is that still a thing???), I may not chat with you, but my heart still warms to see you online from time to time. To everyone else, if you ever wanna check if I'm alive, twitter is for the time being my platform of choice, where you can catch up on my very, very low sense of humour and leftist excrementsposts. Or just add me on steam. I... guess my handle there is "Monstah"...? Here, it's this one: steamcommunity.com/id/monstrim


    Stay alive, everyone. Keep safe. Love!

    1. monstah


      "Excrementsposts". EXCELLENT.

    2. adsii1970


      Hey, keep in touch. My user name is the same on twitter (although I am rarely there), Steam, and on Discord. Hope to see you around, my friend.

    3. HafCoJoe


      It's good to hear from you! Take care man, I know from experience that trying to do something you don't have the drive for feels awful. I've been on a hiatus myself for a good half-year now, though I'm hoping I get the drive to come back soon too. Still checking the forums on a daily basis, though :) old habits never die.

      I sent you a friend request! You should see something from a certain HafCoJoe. I'm not sure if we have any other games in common, but there's only one way to find out.

      Take care, Monstah.

  2. SURPRI-IIIISE! @pizzaoverhead sorry for skipping your turn, go right ahead my man.
  3. Yup. Once upon a time, said user would indeed be supposed to be working on the forum. TUBM is enjoying way more caffeine than they should.
  4. Came upon these, and had the most wonderful chuckle: Yeah, this is what I missed about here
  5. Yup, yup, yup, yup, and - oh boy - yup.
  6. Didn't they let you know? They just throw darts at a name board. edit - Heh, crap, that even still my signature
  7. Talking about shoes, glad to see my old ones are so well-filled! Wait, Beavis and Butt-Head avatar, is that right?
  8. I've been lurking here for quite some time already, but you might see more of me again in times to come. Glad to see many familiar faces around here!
  9. Whoa, look at that, a green tag!

    1. adsii1970


      Yup, I think the rest of the moderation team felt that by making me a moderator, they'd be forcing me to behave better... :D

    2. monstah


      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's a good take on it!

      Well, I'm proud. Behavior or no behavior, I'd say you've helped people a lot

  10. Congrats on the moderator position ;) Used to the thousand buttons and dials yet?

    1. Gargamel


      Getting there.... I wasn't told I was mod before I saw all the buttons.  Confused me for a minute..

  11. When I was learning PowerBI, my first project was re-watching the entirety of X-files and track on a spreadsheet, for each episode: a 5 star rating, a theme and mood (e.g., "Conspiracy/Action"), how many aliens appeared, whether it was myth arc or not, and human/alien/offscreen body counts (which I took from a blog rather than counting myself). A few episodes have previously-assumed deceased characters reappearing, that messed up some things... It turns out, I really love the drama episodes. Monster-of-the-Week, only if they're silly episodes (and the one with Bruce Campbell in it BECAUSE
  12. The Kitty Pride Collision Avoidance Technique
  13. Why, yes, it has. Hi there, Winky! User below me has played more than a couple hundred hours KSP.
  14. Wow, lead moderator now :) 

    1. Deddly


      Cower before me, puny mortal! You shall rue the day you heard my name! ;)

  15. That proof is only valid because you assume there are finite primes, and take X+1 where X is the product of all of them. So, (X+1) has to be a prime, not just because it isn't a multiple of the primes you multiplied, but also because there aren't any other primes you could divide it by. If (X-1) is a lesser prime than (X+1), it renders the demonstration of the existence of (X+1) as a prime incorrect. (Of course, the original demonstration isn't that X+1 is a prime, it's that's an absurd you could have finite many primes, so the question of whether (X+1) actually is or isn't a prime isn't reall
  16. Been considering re-installing this and seeing where it's at.... but OH GOD the list of games I've bought over the years (since I first played KSP, to be exact) and never played is STILL SO DAMN HUEG.

    1. adsii1970


      I have 47 Steam-games; I've never played 5 of them. They came as bundled games where I only wanted one title in the three-pack.

    2. monstah


      I just bought an Eidos pack with... I dunno, some... thirty games?  :confused: All Tomb Raiders I can think of except for Shadow; all Thief...s. Thieves? Thievs. Sprinkle some Deus Exes. Plus a crapton I'm not even interested in or maybe heard of in the first place, but the price, the price.

  17. YOU'RE ALIVE???

    1. Red Iron Crown

      Red Iron Crown

      AND YOU ARE TOO?! 

    2. ZooNamedGames


      I am also surprised and delighted to see you return RIC, although perhaps without as much of the enthusiasm of Monstah :P . Nevertheless, it's good to see you again and I hope your time away from the forum was a good one.

  18. I've left, for reasons. These last few days, tho, I've been lurking back, for reasons. The former reasons are personal. I've half-stated them on the forum before leaving, but they go deeper and some of it still lingers. The latter reasons... are out of the scope of this forum to discuss, but if you know the kind of person that I am, and if you know where I am, you can figure it out yourself. But, because of them, my life is in a really dark place right now. And, so, I've been browsing here and reminiscing. And I've just come across this: And it hits a heavy note, becaus
  19. Down, down, dog!






    Hey, bud! :) Real life is going through some dark times, so I'm just taking a look around here and reminiscing to escape reality a bit. Cheers!

    1. Dman979


      Hey! Sorry to hear that things aren't going too well. :(

      I sent you a few things on Hangouts, but I never heard back. HMU if you wanna talk- I do!

    2. monstah


      Hangouts? Is that the Google thingie? I keep my Gmail open, but I honestly don't know how it integrates with things...

  20. Hi, friend! Just passing by to look at things. Don't suppose I'll stay, but.. hi!

    1. adsii1970


      Hey, buddy! I do hope you hang around.

  21. Hello, everyone. So. Life updates!

    I haven't played KSP since last time I saw you. Actually, I uninstalled it for the first time in years. I'll probably take at least a year of time out from it, which is fine considering I'd been playing it almost nonstop for some five years.

    I have a new job: I now do BI for a (big) insurance broker (which is opening up for other products). I knew nothing of insurance before this, so I'm doing homework all day long. At first I thought I couldn't access the forum even if I wanted to, but recently I discovered the company has both a Corporate and a Pesonal wi-fi networks, and I can use the Personal without a firewall. That means I might be around here more often that I thought at first :) (I may not feel the same about the game as I once did, but know this: I miss the forum. You guys are in my heart)

     Unlike my previous job, however, I've been busy the whole friggin' day, and I get home tired as hell. I used to moderate from work, now I can barely catch my Feed. Also, I'm now co-worker with a childhood friend, and that's pretty damn awesome.

    My wife's employed again, after a year without a job. She's teaching classes at a university! So, between that and my slightly improved paycheck, our household income has increased by some 110%, which is great for our plans of building our new house.


    I guess that's it for now! Hope you guys are doing fine.

    Just read that there's an 1.4.3 coming up, I'm crossing my fingers you get a product you can call "THE game". 1.3.2 was so close to being it, in my opinion! 1.4.0 was a big let down to me, but I wouldn't have left the forum if not for a combination of factors including changes in my personal life. Even if I never play KSP again, it was a big part of my life, and I think you guys deserve a definitive edition, just like the game itself deserves to be in a worthy shape of a larger market.



    1. monstah


      (also, I'm constantly reminded of you guys: the company I'm at divides its work-force in... Squads. And, by that, I mean: we use the actual English word for it. What the hell, right?)

    2. HafCoJoe


      Love ya monstah :wink: And that's fantastic to hear about you plans! Everyone needs a break at times, good to hear from you again. :)

    3. Geonovast


      Just came by to see if I could figure out why I haven't seen ya around much.  Sucks to see you take a sorta hiatus, but glad things are turning so well for you! 

      Hope to still see you around, and I hope 1.4.8 is everything you need when you get a chance to come back!

  22. No, man, it's not just you. I've been seeing so many problems, in fact, I don't even want to play this game anymore. I'm this sad with it, and have been so for a while now. So, this is it. Good-bye, everyone! It's been a good run, I've had a lot of fun, both with the game and with you guys, but I just can't anymore. @Vanamonde, @Snark, @Dman979, @Deddly, @TheKosmonaut, @Val, @luizopiloto, @Ten Key, @Darth Badie, @UomoCapra, and all the others at Squad and the moderation team: it has been an honor working alongside you. You're great people, you know you are. @adsii1970, @WinkAl
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