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  1. And all that is possible with your choice of mods, I don't see the problem. *shrug*
  2. A work environment for the devs, so that not a bunch of people as a whole have to leave at once...
  3. Will give it a try, just had my RSS backuped for the incomming doom that is 1.2 =) Maybe it will fix that I have only clouds in the northern hemisphere in the Main menu.
  4. Funny, i compared your install with mine and while it is essentially the same there are some small differences, for example my scatterer config had no eclipsecasters don't ask me why =) and I lack a partfx.dll in RVE but it looks quite right to me. So depending when and from where you gathered your info your RSS with RVE will look slightly different. o_O
  5. What i can't understand why not let the experimental build sit for a few days (was last updated 2am mexican time today) or a week, if I remember correctly it was new experimental builds until the last moments and then release for most of the updates i can remember. And this has nothing to do with the fact that my RSS install is running smooth at the time and 1.2 only can mess up things for a while *commencing RSS Backup procedures*
  6. For the sake of confusing people we should stay like we are, and because in physics there is often the right hand rule, a right hand coordinate system would put radial out as the positive part of that axis too if you put prograde as the primary coordinate which makes sense because prograde will always be prograde no matter how you define the other ones.
  7. *looks at the ticket for a long time and thinks maybe there is something off but I can't put my finger on it*
  8. RSS runs to good, please take your time with 1.2 at least until the next year.
  9. Can we postpone 1.2 for a few month? RSS/RO/RP0 runs really well right now. *Starts running to get a headstart against the pitchforkmob* Greetings Ben
  10. So like the 1 Minute Time Machine? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBkBS4O3yvY But I would possibly miss some folks i would definetively kill by messing with the past and getting them back would be almost impossible I guess. So I would love up the present and future instead. Not if we are in the first batch of intelligent life like it seems to be. Maybee there are no aliens visiting us because on the way to get the tech to do so there lays something as a z-pinch machine so powerful that the first test firing of the device unleashes unpredictable amounts of energy zapping th
  11. Obviously not destroying the space time continuum. o_O
  12. WTH is going on with this pokemon phenomenon, I don't get it. How could a game with the depth of a cd burning program minigame of the 90s be so popular?
  13. 1. Make some Money 2. Get the best decrypt/spy hardware 100 years from now 3. Find out what the hell goes on in the world right now...
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