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  1. I have a modded install of KSP 0.90 and my orbits are behaving weird. They are grey instead of the usual blue, and that has nasty consequences. I can't click on a certain point to make any maneuver node, and orbit predictions don't work, which means if my orbit intersects, for example, the Mun, I can't see that because all I see is a grey orbit, which doesn't show any sort of encounter, as if the mun wasn't there. Althought the encounter is not shown, I manually flew to the Mun with no maneuver nodes, and I still intersected the Mun, even though my orbit didn't show me I would. List of mods below. EDIT 1: (I have an idea of what might be causing it. I think it might be the Trajectories mod, maybe conflicting with some other mod.) I will test without Trajectories and come back with results. EDIT 2: It's not Trajectories, it's some other thing, which I have no idea of what it might be. Halp? EDIT 3: I'm a total idiot. Turns out I just needed to upgrade the tracking station.
  2. About the albums, I cant see them. I can only see the >> and << arrows, the ones to switch pictures, and nothing else. Just the black background :\ Maybe you can post Imgur links?
  3. Ermagherd! Those look absolutely amazeballstastic! Really like the glow. Huge ion engines, apparently that's a thing.
  4. Sorry I haven't been online, but really liked the last video I'm probably not gonna be able to see any live streams unless I really prepare and stick some notes on my fridge :\ I'm quite busy these days...
  5. For a first mod, they look great! I bet'cha have some experience with modelling/texturing, huh?
  6. I'd love a livestream! I would appreciate if you warned us maybe a week in advance, because I'm not sure if my time zone is even close to yours, I'm at UMT+0.
  7. AWESOME work buddy, keep up! I laughed so hard at the latest episode xD
  8. Ermagherd, that's too much awesome in one post, please remove it, my eyes can't take it! The way you are doing the radial cockpit seems really good and functional. I like it The nose opening up surprised me I wasn't expecting that. But in a good way.
  9. Can someone help me with the download link? I can't seem to find it. I just see the enormous "Download" thing, but it's just text, not a link. And no, I'm not joking. Someone please tell me where it is or send me a link. Thanks.
  10. Does SXT have KAS compatibility? If not, please, I beg you to add it. I'd really appreciate it. Now that I'm running the ARM Pack I can enjoy SXT like never before. And I've got to say, it's way too awesome for how light it is
  11. That enormous 3000 isp engine might not be so overpowered. The first successful NERVA built had about 850 isp, but I believe that it is possible to create an engine with about 3000 isp, I think the core must have a much higher temperature though. So very fast overheating could be one of the disadvantages of that engine, so it's not as "OP". But I vote against decreasing it's stats. I made my "Project Muddaship" with that same engine. Here it is: https://imgur.com/a/2kDew#0
  12. I made this some months ago. It got me 0.1337 seconds of fame. I'm quite proud of it, I could say it's my KSP masterpiece, along my 5 shuttles which are seriously Awsome (with a big capital "A"). Don't wan't to sound bad, but they are extremely cool. Oh and I don't have the pics. Dumb me, huh? No pics, no clicks, no reps.
  13. Efermi Aphatis Epítis Amerish
  14. Look nice and is incredibly functional! I love it, the ones i used to build always lacked a protective layer for the missiles, or any protection, really. You managed to link both very well. The design is nice as well!
  15. Please continue, your videos are great!