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  1. Laz, great work! Good timing to coincide with the recent launch of CRS-3 too. And thanks for implementing my suggestions
  2. dtobi, I've gotten some reports of incompatibility problems with people using my LazTekCoolRockets.cfg with the LazTek pack without RSS installed. It is setup for RSS users and appears to not like it when there is no RSS, so I think it would be best if you could remove it from the main download.
  3. ANWRocketMan, would you be willing to share your TAC cfgs? It would be greatly appreciated .
  4. Are you using RSS? If yes, then your cfg is missing a bracket somewhere. If no, then you have an RSS cfg (or part of one) mixed in somewhere.
  5. From reading through this thread and FAR it seems that the inflatable heatshield is most prone to the "180 flip" phenomenon during reentry. The crux of the problem is that it is difficult to put as much of the mass as possible into the forward position. I'm not sure who did the (awesome) model for the inflatable shield, but it would be really cool if someone with modeling skills could have the shield sort of "envelop" the payload which would allow the CoM to shift forward relative to the shield, as it is supposed to work irl. This picture demonstrates what I am talking about:
  6. Starwaster, thanks that did it! Is there an update that includes the planetfactory planets like metaphor's one linked in the OP?
  7. I've encountered a very strange error with Mars' atmosphere. I'm within the SOI, about a day out from Mars (mech jeb says 570Mm, KSP's dial says 570Km altitude) and I'm getting the message "cannot warp faster than 1x while in atmosphere". Even though I'm nowhere near Mars' atmosphere and mechjeb says 0g/m3 atmospheric density, 0atm pressure. What is going on here? I cannot wait an entire day in real time to get to Mars.
  8. You can try out jrandom's TAC RSS fixes, linked here. The readme says to change a few values by hand and then the cfg alters some other stuff for realism. I was using it when he first released it a few months ago, before I switched to ECLSS, and I remember it working pretty well. I haven't had time to play in the past few days, but hopefully this weekend I'll be able to try it out again.
  9. Other than adding it to the OP, what would actually need to be done if RO were to change over from ECLSS to TAC?
  10. I would like to support a change from ECLSS to TAC. Until ECLSS is being updated again I think this switch would be best, at the moment ECLSS is acting buggy and makes my FPS sad . The only downside really is that the parts aren't as pretty, but you can use procedural/stretchy tanks for resource storage and then a cfg edit or two to use different parts for the recyclers. Didn't jrandom do some preliminary work on adapting TACLS for RSS a while back? EDIT: yep found it http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/59207-0-22-Realism-Overhaul-ROv2-Modlist-for-RSS?p=838013&viewfull=1#post838013
  11. So now that we have this awesome Saturn V, is anybody working on a RSS cfg for it?
  12. Yes! So it is not just me. Exactly the issue I'm having with this mod as well. (Using RealFuels too if that matters)
  13. Hmm yeah I guess it should work, but I just tested it out (and after resetting the epoch = 0) it is wildly inaccurate. Either I'm doing something wrong, or something else has changed.
  14. Does this update mean that the RSS Launch Window Planner will no longer work? It's pretty awesome, so I hope it is still accurate. Should have a link in the OP for it.
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