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  1. Hi, I hope they put a true realistic clouds like that:
  2. For the solo playing: The best will be a planet generator, to have a challenge at each new game. Like civilization, at start you choose, the scale, the type of planet or totally random will be fun to. For the multi playing: the same thing, youy choose a server on which you can see the caracteristic of world created and if you are accepted by the players you can join it...
  3. The good idea could be to have a life support in option and can be disable for the beginner. After the base construction, we need to make a closed cycle life support with all technolgies, and before we need to resupply the bases. But resupply 10 colony can be a repetitive task, that's why the KSP team must find a solution like a automatic delivery in exchange of money. KSP is a space simulator but it's a management game to. Without management ressource, the challenge to make colony is less interesting. In the USI mod, the most complex things was the ressources management for constructions. Make a closed cycle life support was more easier than the manufactured parts. But in KSP 2, if your can make a rocket or a ship in a new colony, you have to manage a more complex tasks than the management of life support, make a greehouse is not very complex except if there is no water on the planet in this case the logistic can be a little boring). So I hope there will be a true life support in KSP 2.
  4. The FPS is not a problem for me, I have a good PC. With KSP forced in DX11 I save 800 mo of RAM. And If I've correctly understood, the new Z-buffer 24bit of scattering is only compatible with Open GL or DX11. My graphic bug is a bug setting with KSPR+ new scattering (I thinks...)
  5. yes, with KSP DX11, KSPR and the last version of scatter: the sky is totally white in middle of day.
  6. Hi THX-1138, i can see on your last pic the clouds are not over the atmosphere in the planet horizon and you have shadows clouds. How do you make that? With my KSPRC setup, I don't have this. (no shadows clouds and cloud over the atmosphere at the planet horizon) (and sorry for my bad english speaking)
  7. hi angel. I've put all files in game data (community, squad, WildBlueIndustries and the module manager 2.6.13.dll) = it don't works The start loading of KSP stop at module manager. Without any other mods, just ksp 1.05 and deep vessel. i thinks module manager can't load any files.
  8. Thanks murdox! I've tried to set textures to "Half Res" and it works very good with: -trajectories -dynamic texture loader -dockingport alignement -Karbonite plus -FTT -Warp drive -Kerbal alarm clock -USI kolonisation system -RCS build aid -Karbonite -TAC life support -Chatterer It take me, 3.1 GB of RAM on windows 7 64bit in dx11 (game in 32bit). But as soon as i have tried "full res" in graphic option, the game instant shutdown. So "half res" + dynamic texture loader is perfect. Great thanks murdox
  9. hi proot! I want to purpose my experience report of KSPRC. I have the same graphic bug like "bandus" and other users (but maybe we need to fix scatter) and i have instability of ksp 1.05, i can't leave my profil game to the main start menu, the KSP 1.05 instant shutdown. It's only KSPRC + KSP 1.05 in 32bit mode, (with no other mods) After many try to install the game, i can't install the rover dude mods with KSPRC = the start loading don't works. TY for help
  10. hi! It don't works for me. The start loading stop at "module manager loading" with KSP 1.05 + deep exploration vessels mod only . Only this mod bug. I haven't any bugs with a couple of other mods. Thanks for helps
  11. hi rover dude! can you make a variable size of bubble warp with balanced (or exponential) EC and exotic matter demand?
  12. Hi rover dude! Can you make a variable size of bubble warp? Bigger the bubble warp will be, bigger is the cost of exotic matter demand. We can make bigger ship or have a variable size of ship with the docking assembly (sorry for my bad english speaking)
  13. What is your KSP? 32bit 64bit windows linux? I've tried the same travel but I can't finish it. There was too much bug.
  14. Hi rover dude, I've tried your alcubierre drive with the Star system mod with KSP 0.25 windows 32bit. i've travelled from kerbin to Corbos but there is 2 problems: 1/ After 1/4 of travel, the ship turn automatically, so i stop the ship and after, we can't active anything on the warp drive, i reload KSP and I can't reload the ship. (also, (without alcubierre drive) there is bug with the 2 SAS 5m of the FTT mod) 2/ The alcubierre drive is too slow for the interstellar fight. With KSPI, we can use the warp time simultaneously with the alcubierre drive. And the KSPI alcubierre can speed to 20x the light speed. Sorry for my bad english speaking
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