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  1. Stock up on the Coffee IV's so we can continues hitting the reload page button
  2. Do a mission to eeloo with only stuff up to batteries and solar panels researched
  3. He's just building the Suspense in his borderline evil way
  4. BUM BUM BUUUUUUM What Someone had to do it
  5. HAHA man nice job in lightning the mood Stay safe man My dad just got back from war and i don't want to see him or any soldier in another one
  6. I believe this should go in the Rocket Builders section of the forums
  7. hehehe I see what you did there with the title I'm reading the Epic of Gilgamesh in class right now.
  8. Can't wait for the next chapter *calls Russian former KGB hit man named Oleg to hurry process up*
  9. Its just that the whales are a crucial part of the ecosystem that cannot be replaced
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