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  1. This mod is just so beautiful, I love it!!
  2. iliketrains0pwned

    [1.5x] Duna Direct

    Is the tether from KIS strong enough to work instead?
  3. iliketrains0pwned

    [1.5x] Duna Direct

    Does this come with the tether they proposed for artificial gravity?
  4. iliketrains0pwned

    [RELEASED] Beyond Home.

    After you release this mod, do you plan on updating "Before Kerbin" and "After Kerbin" to run on 1.6.1?
  5. iliketrains0pwned

    [RELEASED] Beyond Home.

    I mean, what's left of it is still there...
  6. iliketrains0pwned

    [RELEASED] Beyond Home.

  7. iliketrains0pwned

    [RELEASED] Beyond Home.

    I'm glad that you like the idea!
  8. iliketrains0pwned

    [RELEASED] Beyond Home.

    Do you have any plans to add in an eyeball Earth planet? It seems like it would be a really awesome challenge to try and land, and it could have some of the best views in the system from the habitable strip.
  9. This looks awesome!! Just wondering, are you planning on adding black holes, neutron stars, or sigma binary support later on in development?
  10. iliketrains0pwned

    [KSP 1.4.5] Galileo's Planet Pack [v1.6.3.1] [03 Aug 2018]

    In the Ciro config, does anyone know what settings I would have to change it's color to a whitish-blue color (similar to the IRL star Fomalhaut)?
  11. iliketrains0pwned

    Galactic Neighborhood

    I hope I'm not repeating an earlier post, but is there a stable version for 1.1.3? I lost my 1.1.2 save a few days ago when I got a new PC for college.
  12. iliketrains0pwned

    RSS Constellations | Solar System Discussion

    Do you have plans for WR-104 (a wolf rayet star that is pointed right at us), Gliese 581 (the first system ever discovered to have a rocky planet), or J1407 (a system with a Saturn like planet with rings that are almost 1 AU across)
  13. iliketrains0pwned

    [1.3.1 & 1.4.x] ESLD Jump Beacons Revived (1.0.0)

    Thank you so much for continuing the ESLD mod. I've been waiting forever for a stable version to be released, and you have no idea how happy I am that one finally exists. Also, if I was to use it for interstellar jumps (I was thinking about using it Galactic Neighborhood), is it going to require an impossibly high amount of Karborundrum to do?
  14. Do you have plans on adding in a direct antimatter engine? It could run off of a mixture of matter (LFO, deuterium, argon, etc.) and antimatter to produce very high efficiency or very high impulse thrust. But there is a catch. While the engine is on, it produces a TON of waste heat. The only way you're gonna make it in one piece is if you really love radiators.
  15. iliketrains0pwned

    Galactic Neighborhood

    Do you have plans to make Kpol a trinary system like Polaris?