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  1. How is it not working? Like is it just not letting you build a base there at all, or is the base/KK's UI glitching out whenever you tried putting something on Verna?
  2. Hey @Gameslinx, I have a suggestion for the next update, and I was wondering what you think about it. I remember a while ago, you decided to turn Eeloo into an eyeball earth with a small outpost of kerbals on it as kind of a "last bastion in the Kerbol system". Maybe you could turn it into another konstructs launch site similar to the base on Lua. I'll admit, I haven't had much of a chance to explore the destroyed Kerbol system because of its distance away from everything else. If there's an unlockable base in-system, it could make exploring much easier for anyone that's trying to explore in career mode (plus I keep getting contracts to explore Verna before I even left Rhode's SOI. It might be a good way to turn a glitch into a feature !)
  3. I was having a similar issue with this on my game save. Kerbal Alarm clock and a couple of contracts kept referring to "Rhode" as "Kerbin" for some reason. Just remember, Kerbin died a few billion years ago. It's probably just some artifact of the ancient colony ship's software. The kerbals that developed it are long dead, and the methods to fix their code was lost to time with them. Someday the software will finally patch itself to adjust to the new system. Until then, just ignore the bug. It's only the ship longing to go home.
  4. Does anyone know if this mod is compatible with the new 1.7 update? Those changes to the maneuver system should make slingshotting around the new system so much fun.
  5. Is the tether from KIS strong enough to work instead?
  6. Does this come with the tether they proposed for artificial gravity?
  7. After you release this mod, do you plan on updating "Before Kerbin" and "After Kerbin" to run on 1.6.1?
  8. I mean, what's left of it is still there...
  9. I'm glad that you like the idea!
  10. Do you have any plans to add in an eyeball Earth planet? It seems like it would be a really awesome challenge to try and land, and it could have some of the best views in the system from the habitable strip.
  11. This looks awesome!! Just wondering, are you planning on adding black holes, neutron stars, or sigma binary support later on in development?
  12. In the Ciro config, does anyone know what settings I would have to change it's color to a whitish-blue color (similar to the IRL star Fomalhaut)?
  13. I hope I'm not repeating an earlier post, but is there a stable version for 1.1.3? I lost my 1.1.2 save a few days ago when I got a new PC for college.