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  1. I don't really know how to introduce games so i'm going to let you just find out take the link http://www.algodoo.com/what-is-it/
  2. I agree you did the right thing.Overall i think that what she did was kind of un-unnecessary you gave her the money but she took it and gave you a false game.
  3. I haven't looked at DEV at all because sooner or later they will release AWESOME info that will make you WANT WANT it BAD so im not gonna look at all till its released
  4. I was stuck on that too. The way i did it was point completely up towards space and push upwards still my orbit matched the grey line then slowed to get inside the green box once i was in i matched my speed with it pointed it up then released .
  5. Thanks for Posting about this I WUV it now i have something to play when i\'m on vacation and there is no KSP I hope that the Docking system for KSP will be like the one in Space Agency.
  6. is there a way to use internal Cockpit view with the new capsule?.If so How
  7. Or wait for Next update then rescue them :/ but between now and the supply them with food so they can last till they can be rescued 8)
  8. Question will this be able to control Lazer Guided Missile flight such as a medium sized so called Nuke mission?
  9. So if its all Paper Mache am i suppose to keep away from water? On Topic: Finally i can make a Proper B17 Flying Fortress On KSP
  10. Your a very smart man i tried doing that but failed ill retry next update
  11. Why was it closed anyways? ???and why is everyone here unhappy
  12. Since my drawing thread got deleted for ponehs D: ill put my draw\'in here Rate it pwease LARGE IMAGE
  13. This thread is for drawing\'s and sketches YOU drew. Anyways this is one i drew when i got bored in my free time Warning Pony and large image alert
  14. Welcome to the KSP Forums! Happy Launching! Arrr! Shuttle 18 Random Dude on the fourms
  15. imagine this with the new updates Explosion logic made by novasilsko
  16. Yogui87 what date do you expect the solar rover to come out?
  17. First 1, 2 enter eh any ways my unknown but new plane Wing boat completed in 4:07/4 Minutes on the first try (we rammed into the balloons) anyways PICS OR NO TRUST here you go ----> Proof None left
  18. Get cart mod with it place camera\'s on cart then agle it then boom camera on ground sorta
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