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  1. ow yea this makes more sense thx! I am sure I will be able to use this properly now Houston we got liftoff
  2. sweet thx! I also see the colors defined on github so I could compile them but I'd prefer a ckan install
  3. well excrements now I get why I don't understand this. I don't see a difference between yellow and green...
  4. when I select a mode(lets say land) how do I know if its on! would it be possible that you change the yellow color to RED when that mode is active? its a very counter intuitive UI. I love your mod! and your coding skills are epic but just saying you could improve on the UI a bit edit: also nowhere here: https://github.com/qfeys/ThrottleControlledAvionics/blob/master/GameData/ThrottleControlledAvionics/INSTRUCTIONS.md does it say anything what 'engines unoptimized' is, what it does, and how I can fix it FYI sorry to be such a pain in the ass but maybe it helps making the mod better and easier to understand for other people
  5. just google CKAN and install it that way. CKAN will also install dependencies.
  6. general question for you guys, I am having issues climbing nearly every slope on the mun. its a pretty heavy rover (3x3) should I simply add more wheels? does that increase the power of the rover?
  7. I was wondering if you can use this to only balance engine thrust for a classic space shuttle launch with boosters etc. and have mechjeb do the ascend? I tried just enabling it but then It will force it to say vertical. basically this: (but updated and all in 1 awesome mod made by you )
  8. luckily we have something like ckan because I try to avoid curseforge like the plague thx for KAS!
  9. I like your parts, excellent mod. Just to let you know the scramjet is not working, with your default craft it says aircombustion failed
  10. Same issues except for the Ramp thing. I use way less mods and I am now also figuring out which mod is fighting this mod! No fuel and texture glitch is annoying as hell, well I should say unusable.
  11. your place plane hangar parts say the MK3 items, they say you can only place items in those when in the editor. but I want to be able to re-hangar those satelites. only the 2.5 diameter hangar and the big carrier can restock ships!
  12. I will go and compare the 2 right now! if I dont find any issues with the fix then I wont reply back right this instant out of curiosity, why cant any of the space plane hangar parts restore satelites/small landing crafts! I kinda want to use those repeatedly. (have a big SSTO with a small lander for planets.)
  13. they kinda look like the the ones from the B9 pack I think
  14. could you perhaps support these parts: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/101699-0-90-Mark-IV-Spaceplane-System-%2814-12-14-important-fixes!%29 would make a fine addition to your hangar mod dont you think?
  15. please add it to CKAN mod enabler/downloader! and thank you again works great as always
  16. can you add this mod to CKAN! this mod the only one thats not in the CKAN mod downloaders/enabler
  17. I tried welding the octagonal cargobay 8m + 8m octagonal fuel tank with an adapter going to 2.5m round end. that resulted in some weird textures. tomorrow I can make a screenshot to illustrate.
  18. have some problems welding b9 parts together, is that normal?
  19. Also getting this bug on latest build, after removing all mods still encountered it. I5, gtx 970 , 8 gb ram
  20. help 1 of my wings is upside down! its probably the new ksp but how do I put the vab to mirrored mode instead of radial nvm you have another way of doing it
  21. masterful redesign of the code allista, these mods make it worth my time playing KSP! thank you and please keep doing what you are doing! its working
  22. very cool idea, I just dont like the ugly textures maybe someone can help ya with it
  23. whats wrong with the latest mechjeb build? when I use ascend autopilot it creates Huge elliptical orbits... and does not circularize.
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