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  1. I didn't see any reading as I looked towards the KSC, maybe they de-spawned after 20km? I wonder if there's a calculation for this
  2. On a launch to the Mun, I was starting my gravity turn and looked back at the KSC and wondered if there was anyway of finding/working out my Down-Range position. If any of you know how or have any ideas I would like to hear them, I can't see it becoming helpful but could be great for roleplaying. The only way I can think of doing it is placing a flag at the KSC, but wouldn't that become redundant after 20km? Anyway, I look forward to hearing any solution to my problem.
  3. Flight Simulator X for me as well, been playing that game for a while now. The annoying thing is when I play Flight Simulator X and then play Kerbal Space Program afterwards, I get used to holding the spacebar instead of the right mouse button to look around, so whenever I go to look around in KSP, I hold the spacebar instead of right clicking and causes the rocket to stage get's quite tedious but only happens when I play it straight afterwards, after that I'm fine though, quite funny at times.
  4. Just read this article, I thought it was very interesting and, to an extent, quite frightening Thought you guys would be interested let me know what you think
  5. On June 3rd at 8:30 a.m, NASA is testing their new Mars heavy lifter that will eventually be used in the Mars atmosphere, tests will be on NASA tv. The 'flying saucer' helium balloon will lift it and then release it so it can test it's capabilities at high speed in the atmosphere. Further info: Let me know what you guys think
  6. As long as we don't get a bad case of Kessler Syndrome (let's face it, it's inevitable at this rate) we still have time to develop techniques and methods to get rid of this orbiting junk. All we can do for now though is postpone the inevitable
  7. I tend to use the Apollo technique, two-stage lander on the ground and the Command Module stays in orbit ready for a rendezvous
  8. I'm currently 16 and I can't think of any other game like it, I think 'trial and error' was made along with this game although none of my friends play this, they've seen me play it and I think it's the effort that put them off, but I for one am fascinated by space, especially the apollo missions and watching documentaries and interviews with the veterans as they reflect on the glory days, just amazing really I think this game applies to all ages really, you just need the right mindset
  9. What if it entered a machine like one of those jetwashers, which would make it high powered which would surely be even better
  10. I was just watching Apollo 13 and when they mentioned the 'constellation urine' it kinda looked like rcs, so couldn't (in theory) an astronauts urine be used to power a spacecraft?
  11. When we left earth for me... Obviously >< I've heard that about 'from the earth to the moon' I need to watch that as soon as I get the chance The Sagan Series on youtube also make me want to play Kerbal
  12. I hope we go back one day, we need to do something to inspire the next generations. The shuttle inspired thousands after the Apollo program but other than SpaceX and a few private companies, not much is really going on in the space exploration department, we mostly stay in low earth orbit nowadays which is a shame
  13. Norfolk in England, East Coast, I used to live in Devon but moved Not much to do really, lots of amusements and holiday makers but the broads are nice to relax on a boat, and concentrate on exams
  14. Thank you, someone understands
  15. At least something is happening in my lifetime I'm looking forward to seeing the launch tonight, it should be an awesome sight to see