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  1. Hey Ladies and Gents! I've been messing around with BDArmory recently, and decided to start a YouTube channel in order to share with you a rather intense 10v10 dogfight! I plan on creating more videos in the near future! Hope you enjoy! If you like the video, consider subscribing to my channel for more videos soon to come! Also, let me know here or in the comments any thoughts, tips, or suggestions you have for future videos. gGATORr
  2. Turns out Kerbals have a Santa Claus too, and his ride is pretty sweet! And, of course, it wouldn't be a Kerbal Christmas if Santa's sleigh wasn't rocket-powered! Enjoy, and happy holidays! DOWNLOAD
  3. [quote name='Majorjim']LOL, I posted this nearly two years ago, I'm tempted to make something similar now it will work! [url]http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/3282299796576600172/210898BF69D568EA3D7BA64DBA2289850E7727C8/[/url][/QUOTE] Ah, I remember when you made that. Very nice design, aesthetically. Here's an old ship I made. [img]http://i.imgur.com/vp8tp5Kl.png[/img] More pictures (including the fully detailed interior) can be found in the original [URL="http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/92653-K-S-S-Kraken-three-masted-sailing-ship"]post[/URL]. I forget what version this was in. Definitely pre-1.0 though.
  4. Thanks folks. And yea, Alphasus, the wingtip gear are purely aesthetic, meant to look like the wing tip fuel tanks on early jets. I simply removed them from the landing gear action group.
  5. Hey players, Do you find yourself looking at the crazy jets folks post on these forums, thinking to yourself, "Man, that's cool, but I'm not nearly good enough to fly that!" No? Well, okay then. I'll just post these trainer jets here anyway. The series includes a beginner trainer, an intermediate trainer, and an advanced trainer. All of the jets incorporate a common tandem seating theme to accommodate instructor and student. While each jet in the series is more capable than the last, they all share the same responsive and smooth handling. From left to right: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Give em a download and let me know what you think! Enjoy! GATOR P.S. I just realized that I need actual names for these aircraft. A common theme between all the names would be appropriate I think. Regardless, I'd like to hear any suggestions you all might have! ----------------------------------------------------------- Beginner Download Intermediate Download Advanced Download
  6. Wow dude, great work so far! As a huge BSG fan, I'm always excited when someone undertakes a project like this. The hangar pod looks sweet! Although... it would be ridiculously awesome if you could have the vipers launch out of tubes in the side of the ship like they do in the show. That would take some serious KSP engineering, but it seems like you're already taking a well-thought out and 'realistic' course, so why not?
  7. Incredible man! I wasn't expecting something that good looking to be able to fly and shoot as well! Hell of a job!
  8. Download link is now in the description. Nice! I'd be interested to know more about how you rotated those S-foils - if it's still a practical method in 1.0.
  9. Thanks guys! Glad y'all like it! I've actually made both of those (well, TIE Interceptor)! Check out this ! Although... that was a long time ago, and I didn't do that great of a job...- - - Updated - - - Nice! Yes, it is stock. I'm not entirely sure what a sketchfab is, but if you'd like the .craft file, I'll gladly post it. Any chance you could give it a proper Rebel Alliance paint scheme using Kerbpaint? I'd love to see how it looks with the red detailing, but my computer doesn't get along with mods too well...
  10. Hey folks, It's been a long time since I've played KSP, much less posted anything on the forums. However, when I checked the forums out of curiosity the other day and noticed a plethora of Star Wars crafts, I got the urge that seems to be going around. I booted up the game and whipped up this A-Wing fighter as my contribution to the SW frenzy. Capable of vertical take-off, good atmospheric handling, and space flight, this little guy is a blast to just play around with or use in your epic Star Wars armadas. Part count is 176. Enjoy! Let me know what you think! GATOR ------------------------------------------------------------ DOWNLOAD
  11. Great looking airplane, especially the way you made the machine gun! Well done!
  12. Outstanding looks man! Good thing there's no Kalderaan in this star system!
  13. How have I not seen this before? Absolutely beautiful!
  14. Space fighters! Giant-space-carrier-that's-bigger-than-everyone-else's ship! Much-more-manageable-space-carrier ship! Floating aircraft carrier! And a whole host of others... Take your pick!
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