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  1. Sarbian, Sorry I have not circled back on this. I should have some time to test this a bit and get some logs uploaded to you. Thanks for the work you do.
  2. I am having a very very similar issue. I am on 1.3 and do not have KCT installed, but I am heavily modded. Whenever upgrade the tracking station or landing pad they revert back to level 0 when i enter the VAB and then exit it again. Edit: According to the version file in the mod directory I am on 1.1.14 also. Removing Custom Barn Kit fixed the issue. I do not have the time to test further with a clean install for a couple days but when I do I will post here.
  3. I am trying to figure out an issue after I upgrade my Tracking Station to Level 1. If i enter VAB and exit again the Tracking Station reverts back to Level 0. Does anyone know what could be causing this. I ahve been trying to diagnose what mod could be causing it but have had no luck. Thanks in advance.
  4. What can be done with this? Without SETI-BalanceMod loaded without errors. What logs do I need to show? I apologize for my bad english What mod is producing that message that tells you what file is the source of error?
  5. SETI-Rebalance is loading a module from the SETI-General Settings.cfg file that attempts to add KER to all ModuleCommand parts, but the syntax is incorrect. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]]:NEEDS[KerbalEngineer]:FOR[zzzzSETIrebalance] { %MODULE[BuildEngineer] {} } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]]:NEEDS[KerbalEngineer]:FOR[zzzzSETIrebalance] { %MODULE[FlightEngineer]{} } First off there is no longer a BuildEngineer Module in KER and the FlightEngineer Module has been renamed FlightEngineerModule. Just wanted to pass it on as an FYI. I have fixed my local copy but thought you would want to update later releases. This was a syntax error from Mechjeb and Engineer For All. Dropping the BuildEngineer section and changing the FlightEngineer to FlightEngineerModule as below will fix it. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]]:NEEDS[KerbalEngineer]:FOR[zzzzSETIrebalance] { %MODULE[FlightEngineerModule]{} }
  6. Rockin. Thanks again for the help!
  7. Thanks @Starwaster. USI-LS does not use Food, Water, and Oxygen though. It uses Supplies, Mulch, and Fertilizer. So the Mk1pod has the below module loaded. This tells it that there is a ServiceModule RealFuel Tank correct? So if I looked at the weights and added Supplies to the ServiceModule TANK_DEFINITION in the RealTankTypes.cfg that would be headed in the right direction I think. Thanks again for the help. MODULE { name = ModuleFuelTanks volume = 25.515 type = ServiceModule basemass = -1 TANK { name = ElectricCharge amount = full maxAmount = 515 utilization = 1000 } TANK { name = Hydrazine amount = full maxAmount = 25 } }
  8. I would like to add USI-LS Supplies, Fertilizer, and Mulch to the tank options in the Real Fuels menu. Unfortunately I am completely new to this and the configs so far are complete greek to me. Not looking for a tutorial just a starting place to dig into. Would this be part of the Community Resource Pack, a real fuel CFG somewhere, or what? I see supplies listed in the Community Resource Pack but they are not listed in the Real Fuels HSP list. Not sure if that has anything to do with it but its just something I found poking / stumbling around. I know there are separate containers for USI-LS but the fact that you can use Real Fuels to add every other kind of resource including Food, Water, Oxygen, etc which are not even used with USI-LS then I figured it should be possible. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Hello sorry for the newb question here. I have dug into this in several threads and can not find a good answer. The main question here is does a craft have to be "on rails" for StageRecovery to recover it? I have a mutistage rocket with SRBs in one stage and a lifter stage that I am taking straight up to test. Once the lifter stage burns out the vessel is sub orbital. I separate the capsule from the lifter stage and they both glide to AP and then return. Everything has parachutes. I have Stage Recovery, FRMS, RecoveryControl, and Real Chutes installed. (I know its probably a weird mod interaction but I am trying to understand the behavior. And yes this is a heavily modded install.) I have RecoveryControl set to auto everywhere. FRMS is set to give StageRecovery control of parachute only vessels. And I even have FRMS inactive. The SRBs are recovered fine. But if I do not put separatrons on the lifter stage to push it out of the physics boundary then it crashes into the ground with no recovery what so ever. StageRecovery does not even register it as destroyed. Here is an example of the lifter stage just crashing. [LOG 14:50:47.335] 7/21/2017 2:50:47 PM,DeepFreeze,DeepFreezeEvents onVesselWillDestroy 43759180-46ef-4006-8284-d8d9519fadfc [LOG 14:50:47.404] ControllingMod failed [LOG 14:50:47.405] [SR] Controlling mod is null [LOG 14:50:47.479] [SR] FMRS is not active. [LOG 14:50:47.485] [Dynamic Battery Storage]: Summary: vessel RC.stack (loaded state True) - 0 stock power producers - 0 stock power consumers [LOG 14:50:47.495] [Dynamic Battery Storage]: Summary: vessel RC.stack (loaded state True) - 0 stock power producers - 0 stock power consumers [LOG 14:50:47.497] [Dynamic Battery Storage]: Summary: vessel mk1pod (loaded state True) - 0 stock power producers - 0 stock power consumers [LOG 14:50:47.498] RemoteTech: SatelliteManager: OnVesselDestroy(43759180-46ef-4006-8284-d8d9519fadfc, Upgoer Mk1 Debris) [LOG 14:50:47.500] RemoteTech: SatelliteManager: UnregisterProto(43759180-46ef-4006-8284-d8d9519fadfc) [LOG 14:50:47.502] IR: [ServoController] OnVesselUnloaded, v=Upgoer Mk1 Debris [LOG 14:50:47.556] 1 explosions created. [WRN 14:50:48.733] [F: 88320]: Vessel Upgoer Mk1 Debris crashed through terrain on Kerbin. [LOG 14:50:48.736] [KSP Interstellar] Handling Impactor [LOG 14:50:48.738] [KSP Interstellar] Handling Impactor [LOG 14:50:48.740] [IM:7/21/2017 2:50:48 PM]: crash data -CRASH-Ker And here is an example of the lifter stage being recovered properly because it was on rails at the time of the crash. [LOG 15:14:50.704] [F: 157235]: Vessel Upgoer Mk1 Debris was on-rails at 1.0 kPa pressure and was destroyed. [LOG 15:14:50.706] 7/21/2017 3:14:50 PM,DeepFreeze,DeepFreezeEvents onVesselWillDestroy 3c666a75-9f1c-404a-ba16-5ea62979d957 [LOG 15:14:50.766] ControllingMod failed [LOG 15:14:50.768] [SR] Controlling mod is null [LOG 15:14:50.834] [SR] FMRS is not active. [LOG 15:14:50.836] KK: OnVesselRecoveryRequested [LOG 15:14:50.837] KK: OnVesselRecoveryRequested is career [LOG 15:14:50.838] KK: Distance to KSC is 39079.4446377483 [LOG 15:14:50.840] KK: SpaceCenter set to: SpaceCenterMarker [LOG 15:14:50.841] [SR] Searching in RecoveryQueue (0) for 3c666a75-9f1c-404a-ba16-5ea62979d957 [LOG 15:14:50.851] [SR] Vt: 4.66989548508274 [LOG 15:14:50.852] [SR] Adding funds: 4998.43896484375, New total: 39378.167816189 [LOG 15:14:50.854] [SR] Stage was recovered. Distance: 39.08km, Altitude: 24939m [LOG 15:14:50.856] [SR] D%: 0.944, S%: 1, Total: 0.944. Funds: 4998.44 [LOG 15:14:50.858] [StageRecovery] Attempting to add parts to ScrapYard inventory Is this intended behavior and I just need to plan on using FRMS through recovery control when a disguarded stage will be landing closely enough to the my controlled stage that it is still in physics range? If it is not then can you tell from these log snippets what the funky mod interaction is? Thanks for the incredible work you guys do. It is very much appreciated.
  10. Did you ever hear back from him Linux? Thank you both for everything you guys do for the community.
  11. Here is the fix. This is a problem with Mk3 Hypersonic Systems Mod installing an old version of several mods under its folder when installed through CKAN. https://github.com/Mihara/RasterPropMonitor/issues/513?_pjax=%23js-repo-pjax-container
  12. There is a Github issue for this and I have also posted in the forum thread for RPM. https://github.com/Mihara/RasterPropMonitor/issues/513?_pjax=%23js-repo-pjax-container
  13. I am having an interesting issue and I can not trace down what the interaction is. I have a phantom MK2 inline crew cabin that superimposes itself over the root part of any vessel. If you EVA a kerbal it follows the kerbal. Removing RPM fixes the issue. Also the Kerbal heads are removed from the lower right corner. I have read a few pages back and it seems this may be related to the transparency stuff but i cant match it to anything. I can post logs if it would help but didnt want to take up the space if it was not needed and someone knew what the issue was. This is 1:v0.25.1.28297b installed via CKAN. Thanks. Update 1: Here are the logs that I also posted on GitHub issue 513. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dxd9vmxko5jbe12/AAD4a-hKeDj47MhXZpif6FE3a?dl=0 Update 2: After searching there does seem to be several references to JSITransparentPod and JSIAdvTransparentPod. And from the github issue conversation it seems those are not compatible with each other. Unfortunately I do not know hoe to tell which mod is referencing JSITransparentPod. Update 3: Thanks to MOARdV for helping with this through Github. The issue is that Mk3 Hypersonic Systems when installed through CKAN is installing several outdated versions of mods nested inside its directory. Including an outdated version of RPM. cleaned that up and good to go. Thanks again all for your time and dedication to making this community amazing. Your work is very much appreciated.