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  1. This is the behavior I am seeing as well. Where in the code are you seeing the wait? Forgive my ignorance. Just learning this stuff. Dug through the Github a little and could not find it.
  2. I am having a similar issue to this guy. I am running Trajectories 1.7.0 installed from CKAN on KSP 1.3 in a 64bit environment. I will caveat that this is a highly modded playthrough, but I am unsure where to start looking for a conflict. The trajectory line displays fine while warping and very briefly for less than a second when the display trajectory is toggled on. Here is the link to my log. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3tLMNmF1UxvQnFjNG1vNk5GajQ?usp=sharing Thanks.
  3. @stali79 and @JadeOfMaar, Thank you both. I will not post on the OPT legacy forum since you already commented. Thank you for your content and your time.
  4. @DStaal and @Aelfhe1m, thank you very much for your help. It worked perfectly. I do not see a git hub on OPT Legacy to report the issue but I will drop a message on the thread. Thank you again. Cheers
  5. Sorry if this is a duplicate issue. I have searched everywhere and can not find an answer. I have always played with Remotetech and in a new playthrough wanted to try CommNet. I have scrubbed remotetech from everywhere i can find, but MM patches for it are still being applied. So many of the antennas are not functional because the Commnet Module, ModuleDataTransmitter, is being replaced with the Remotetech Module, ModuleRTAntenna. The link below is a shared folder on my google drive that contains my output.log, MM cache file, an example cfg of an antenna and an example patch that should
  6. I can not wait for this day. =) I wish I knew enough to contribute to the effort. Still learning. Thank you and the whole team for your work on this. RT has been a go to mod for me for a very long time and I cant wait to see what you do with it.
  7. Same thing here. Then i removed AVP, EVE, Scatterer thinking maybe there was a dependency change or just CKAN funkyness. Now the main AVP module is missing from the 1.3 compatible list in CKAN and cant be installed. I asked theMaster401 in the KSP discord and he said its a problem in CKAN and there is nothing he can do.
  8. Since Sarbian has been updating CustomBarnKit, I have been having issues with SETI-CustomBarnKitConfig. I know it is just experimental but I threw some logs together in hopes it would help. The custom configs from the original CustomBarnKit default.cfg are being applied but nothing from SETI-customBarnKit-Config,cfg I have not deep dived into the logs yet but have looked several times before. Not sure if this is more floating point number issues but who knows. Very new to the modding / C# / troubleshooting KSP scene. Hopefully this info is useful in helping in some way.
  9. Ok I am digging into this more and it seems that this may be something to do with Seti-CustomBarnKit. Learning about this slowly and probably making an ass out of myself grasping at straws here but after removing that all the values line up with your Default.cfg. Not sure why Seti-CustomBarnKit config is not working though. Not finding any errors specifically as to why its not being applied.
  10. Hello just now circling back on this and installed your version 1.1.15. It fixed the disappearing tracking station however it looks like now that there is a problem loading the customizations for each building. None of the custom settings are being applied. I have attached a screen shot of a new career showing the normal upgrade price for the VAB. I found this in the KSP.log referencing a failed call using Observatory that was unknown. I have not dug into the output txt but it is included with the KSP.log in the shared google drive folder. [LOG 15:06:08.049] [Cus
  11. Sarbian, Sorry I have not circled back on this. I should have some time to test this a bit and get some logs uploaded to you. Thanks for the work you do.
  12. I am having a very very similar issue. I am on 1.3 and do not have KCT installed, but I am heavily modded. Whenever upgrade the tracking station or landing pad they revert back to level 0 when i enter the VAB and then exit it again. Edit: According to the version file in the mod directory I am on 1.1.14 also. Removing Custom Barn Kit fixed the issue. I do not have the time to test further with a clean install for a couple days but when I do I will post here.
  13. I am trying to figure out an issue after I upgrade my Tracking Station to Level 1. If i enter VAB and exit again the Tracking Station reverts back to Level 0. Does anyone know what could be causing this. I ahve been trying to diagnose what mod could be causing it but have had no luck. Thanks in advance.
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