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  1. I might have found (another) solution to the problem. Upon investigation I found two .craft-files with the same vessel name. One was about 200 kb, the other one was 1 kb. After deleting the 1 kb craft-file, vessels could be loaded again. Try that approach, maybe it'll help.
  2. I'm having the same issue - modded install, but no mods on the ship so far - tried the fix, which didn't help. I could load perfectly yesterday, then installed Kerbal Alarm clock and went offline. Came back this morning, build a ship from scratch and then decided to look at another ship build for reference; so I saved the new ship and tried to load the old one - that failed and I wasn't able to load any ship from then on. They are present in the save specific folder, though. I tried to edit the save-file (Allow stock vehicles = TRUE). Didn't help. Any suggestions?
  3. 30 km on Duna. Jeb crashed and the rescue party missed the landing zone. Unfortunately, I don't have a programable keyboad, so I stuck a knife in it. Worked quite well.
  4. Sent Jeb to Duna ... crashed but survived. Sent Bill to save him ... landed but not enough fuel to return to Kerbin. Sent Bob after them. Landed, yet not enough fuel to get home... always improved the design, still no dice ... lets see who will be the next poor soul to "rescue" them.
  5. Stuck in a crashed lander on Duna. Resuce Mission is underway!
  6. As far as I can tell these are bugs. The only difference that I get when splashing down is if it is near a land mass or out in deep waters.
  7. Scales ... just details that can be neglected ....
  8. If you think about it, it makes total sense. NASA is actually the successor of an ancient organisation founded by an old race that lived on earth many eons ago. Long before the solar system was the way it was today. Earth had two moons actually and jupiter was not red (yet). After humanity discovered the first remains of that ancient civilization, they startet their own rocket program (and named it KSC to honor those who came before) which will eventually lead to the discovery of time travel to meet our ancestors which in turn will lead to certain "easter eggs" on certain planetary bodies. Yes, if you think about it, it does make sense. Really.
  9. Jeb went to Duna and crashed. Bill went after him but missed the landing zone by 30 km. Poor Jeb had to walk (run) there, since I didn't want to waste any more fuel. After he ran out of RCS fuel, I only had one option to get Jeb to the ship yet still participate in some form of social life.
  10. Hoi, inspired by this post on IO9.com I figured, we could start something similar here. So here's the deal: Write a short story of no more than six words taking place in the KSP universe. Here's mine: "There goes my parachute!" Jep thought.
  11. I am amazed and thrilled by your responses It's good to know that others are as crazy as oneself when it comes to playing that game / sim / sandbox. And now I have an excuse to play even more ... muahahAHHAHA
  12. Hey, first, I did not find a similar thread for this kind of topic so I thought I'd start one. If there already is, I apologize. Why do you play KSP and what got you into it? Personally, I started after I got to know someone from ESA. I came across KSP much earlier through steam but never felt the desire to play. After this encounter however, I felt encouraged to pick it up. I like the challenge that the game puts up and very much appreciate it's effort to combine science with humor (two things I really like). The freedom in design and modding capabilities is fantastic and the work the community puts into add ons, art, stories, tutorials and so on is just amazing. I guess without the time and energy people had put into this, I would have never gotten to the Mun and beyond (since I tend to be an impatient person and getting no results after some time would have surely made me quit soon). So what's your story?
  13. When your mind starts to form the question "How to decouple the girlfriend's clothing ..."
  14. Nice! Another great example on how music and editing can make a difference!
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