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  1. Dudes and Dudettes! It's... so... beautiful... My first Duna landing ever! Edit: We got the whole crew back to Kerbin with a ton of science.
  2. Awesome! Thanks. I'll hopefully get some printed next week.
  3. The transition from pre-release to release went smooth and everything was running fine at my mun station. I got the power module added too. So, it got me thinking since everything was good, I should try to get a probe to Duna. I slapped one together and sent it to LKO only to learn that the transfer window is WAAAY away. I don't want to skip that much time, so I figured I should do a manned mission while I'm at it. I designed a 2 part ship to get to Duna, do a landing and get back to Kerbin. This is when I noticed I'm short on crew and since I'm too cheap to hire some new blood, I started doing rescue missions, but most of them were on mun, so I had to re-design my rescue ship. When I finally got the crew together and there were still time, I decided I should try it out on a minmus mission and finish some contracts while there. Everything went great, got the contracts done and found few flaws on my design. Major one being that I forgot the parachutes from the return vessel. So, after a one more rescue mission to get my Duna crew back to Kerbin, I'm finally getting ready to start the actual mission. This game is really starting to interfere with my life. Way too much hours spent playing the last couple days. Maybe I'll take a few days break... after the Duna mission of course.
  4. @Badie Was the printable paper command pod, seen in the launch stream, uploaded somewhere?
  5. My 1st Space Station ever is coming up nicely. Still needs refueling module for the science hopper and proper power module. The crunching for moer science has started.
  6. Added a docking module to my Mun station and made my first Mun landing with my brand spanking new Mun Hopper. Was too exited to take any picks, but tomorrow we will dock the hopper and have our first science ever processed by the Science module. Good times. P.S. 1.2 is awesome. I'm doing things first time without mods (MJ) and I'm loving it.
  7. So, last night I tried my first ever docking attempt. I have a station start around Mun and tried to add science module to it. I spent couple of hours trying, then got myself some beers and watched some Scott Manley and tried for a few more hours before giving up, because controls were getting really unpredictable. I swear I heard the metal clang when the ports hit together, but they just would not connect. This morning I learned that the different kind of docking ports don't mix and match. So, today I built a connector module for my station and science module and did my very first successful docking.
  8. Remember when Don't Starve was singleplayer only and never getting multiplayer? It turned out just fine.
  9. I have +150 hours and have never gone interplanetary. It's on the list tho. Maybe on this save.
  10. The 1.2 is here(prerelease)! And after 2 days of spinning the Mk1 Command Pod on VAB, we finally got the hotfix for the Chatterer and we're good to go. So, today we got to orbit of Kerbin and that's achievement on itself for me. Next stop, Mün. Go go new career!
  11. Ah, back again first time since release. I missed you. Today we rescued Jeb from Kerbin orbit where he got stuck last night in a drunken spree on my brand new career. Good times.
  12. Aww.. we're here. Time to get back.
  13. Start a new career. A long way to go.
  14. Damn it was a long day to wait for this.