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  1. Great news that the game is being updated. Hope it's worth the money. Will it receive a graphical overhaul? It seems that the original dev team went through a lot of trouble to evolve the game into Unity 5 yet it hasn't taken the opportunity to improve on the game's visuals. I know gameplay comes first (been playing KSP for 5 years now), but I feel the game would get a lot more traction if it didn't look like a PS2 game at times. Hopefully they'll work on the shaders and lighting!
  2. Was this particular mod ever continued?
  3. Fantastico! Downloading when I get home. Thanks for lowering part counts!
  4. At this point Squad should just make this stock for 1.0. The amount of work put into KSPRC would take months to develop by Squad, and probably wouldn't look as good! I don't know if this has been discussed earlier, but it would be awesome if the time of day would affect how the world is tinted. For example, during sunset KSC should have an orange tint. Keep up the great work. Installing this pack has made me come back to KSP in full force after a few months hiatus.
  5. It would be awesome if Porkjet got Squad to make this stock.
  6. I finally got the reflections to work and they are beautiful. Still figuring out how to make the visors not transparent. Is there another line I have to edit for that in the default config?
  7. Ok I don't know what I need to edit in the @default file to get the mirror-like visors (100% real-time reflection, no transparency). I have the "isVisorReflectionEnabled = true" and I've messed around with the visorReflectionColour line but nothing looks like that picture: What am I missing?
  8. Porkjet is currently KSPs top parts creator after the space planes overhaul. I hope this also becomes stock. Maybe a gargantuan 3 meter inflatable set is in order? I'd name it The Beach Ball.
  9. Fantastic. Thank you so much for doing this for the community.
  10. I've always dreamt of playing KSP multiplayer where each player has their own space center located at different parts of the world, each upgradeable through multiplayer career mode. Maybe this is one small step towards that becoming a reality. I love the idea of refueling at different bases. It would be cool to be able to "launch" EVA'd kerbals from the Astronaut Complex, so they can walk towards the refueled vehicle and take off. This way we could have forever persistent vehicles in the space center and beyond. For extra awesomeness, spawning kerbals at the VAB rooftop helipad.
  11. My only request for this excellent mod would be a lock horizontal velocity function. It would make helipad landings a breeze!