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  1. Tried beta, dry mass seem to be in order; no resource amount is shown in description in part list (maybe it's due to several available sizes of each part, where each contains different amount of resource).
  2. In such cases usually a button to execute experiment flashed in SA's window. Also, I had enough time to manually execute telescope's experiment (and not only once), while there was no prompt for telescope is SA window.
  3. US II from CKAN, KSP BTW, seems like version file both in space dock and in CKAN is not updated with "" version number.
  4. Resource-containing parts like battery, tanks, etc, don't show resource amount/capacity in description in VAB. Also, after attachment their actual mass is different from part description (example: H2 tank, mass in description 0.165 t, mass in part info (dry) - 0.33 t).
  5. There is something wrong with invisible struts: I used them on 2 vessels between SRB and core booster to avoid SRB nose moving towards core booster; both times SRBs were starting to lean towards core right on launchpad, in both cases replacing invisible struts with stock struts solved issue. Taking into account they have same strength in description, guess SRB mass is not a cause of this behavior.
  6. Have 2 visual issues, pretty sure that at least 1 of them is TR's: 1. No reflections; - SOLVED BY READING POST ABOVE and installing suit pack 2. Poor kerbal's mouth go from open to closed state (as on screenshot) maybe 50 times per second, happens only on EVA (IVA seems to be ok), I believe it's not ok for kerbonaut's health. Bug seems to be present only with helmet on. Any ideas where to dig? It's now much less visible due to solved question no. 1 regarding reflections, but it's still there
  7. There seems to be issue with Dmagic's infrared telescope - I've noticed several warping stops while flying past Eve, but there were no buttons to collect science in the list. Then I manually checked science parts and found out that there was telescope's experiment available, for other experiments button seem to appear in the list normally, so there must be something about telescope (I've also checked science alert setting and it's set up in very same way as other experiments). Also noticed that at least on Sun's orbit SA keeps showing alerts for experiments that already have 0 transmit and recovery value, even though threshold is set to 1.0.
  8. Strange how I managed to miss that part, thanks As I understood, this cable connection is viable for towing stuff? And the only way to connect stuff for better structural integrity (like legacy struts) is using those fancy short joints+ports?
  9. I've encountered same trouble. What is compatible with CH-1 hook? It says cable in description, but only source of cables are winches and you say they aren't compatible. Can't find anything I may attach to that hook.
  10. Found it all under difficulty options, no button needed, puzzle solved
  11. What is hotkey to bring up SR's settings if I chose to hide SC icon? I remember there was something about a hotkey, but can't find it anywhere
  12. Yeaaah, ok, but first I noticed this effect on Kerbin (Eve was just in view to make a screenshot), then on Jool and somewhere else, taking into account rapid blinking I thought it was some sort of texture bug or something. Flashing frequency seems to be about the same on all these planets, btw.
  13. Many thanks. And, by the way, it's better to keep showing collect all button after all experiments are performed (now it disappears if there are no experiments in the list, i.e. if I activate all available experiments, then all buttons disappear; so it's needed to manually select collect all from container's PAW).
  14. Wow, I feel for those poor creatures that live on planets where lightning strikes live every second or two across whole planet (provided that there is any life form that can survive this). maybe there is way to decrease flash frequency so it'll look less like a disco ball?)
  15. As I understood from explanations in previous post, it should transfer experiment results from equipment to container/pod. In my case it works like this: When experiment is available, I see animation, click on mod's button, see menu with buttons to perform all/w/o EVA; collect all, list of experiments. If I click collect all, nothing happens (well, ok, let's say I didn't have any results in equipment so nothing should happen). If I perform all experiments, all button are gone (including "collect all"), results stay in equipment in which they were performed. If a new experiment is available, then all buttons appear again as listed above, BUT click on "collect all" does nothing, i.e. previous experiment results are not transferred to pod. Is it working as intended?)