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  1. Would be nice if we could see the base, and if the pic you have was during daylight so we can see it
  2. The goo jiggles and wobbles as the craft flies.
  3. Didn't say it was a comedy, i was taken aback by his lack of care over the lives of our astronauts. Maybe im just sensitive XD
  4. I don't think you have any clue how not funny that would be.
  5. I have succesfully docked a spacecraft using the claw but that crashed my game so looks like it's back to docking ports!
  6. I don't believe it is possible to switch between vehicles if they have not been launched from the same body, so no.
  7. So I've noticed, in the SPH and the VAB it is always sunny, despite it being night time in kerbal time. I would love to see this change in a newer update, it's rather small and probably petty but it would be cool nonetheless!
  8. You have to start with the two vessels connected, basically attach your plane to the vessel you want to dock with and decouple once you are in the air
  9. I'm not sure if there are many more difficult challenges than this, I have been attempting for four hours, and have gotten so close, but not enough to complete it The challenge, as it is, is to dock, and refuel two aircraft, whilst in flight in the new aero model. I have seen a few accomplish this in the old soupmosphere, but flying at high speeds with just the slightest movement throwing you off is a much greater challenge. I myself have gotten inches away, from docking in flight using a prop plane, and I would love to see a few avid pilots accomplish, what I believe is the hardest thing in Kerbal Space program! Below are a few images of me getting close, and I am fluent in the art of formation flying now I used KAX for the propellors, and B9 procedural wings for the nice looks and functionality. The rules are pretty simple: Dock two flying spacecraft. You can get points for leaderboards by stepping out of the box a little, try to reach the top of the leaderboards DOCKING PORTS Which one did you use? Kerbal Klaw- 0.5 points Clamp o' tron Sr- 1 points Clamp o' tron docking point (1.25)- 1.5 points Clamp o' tron Jr (for hardcore people)- 3 points DOCKING SPEEDS get points for how fast you are travelling at time of docking! 0-200m/s- 1 point 201-350- 1.5 points 351-499- 2 points 500-799- 3 points 800-1000- 5.5 points 1000+- 7 points ROUGH ALTITUDE OF DOCK for those who fly high! 0-2999m- 2 points 3000-4999m- 3 points 5000-7500m- 4 points 7501-10000m- 5 points 10001+- 6 points ALSO you can receive points for HOW you did the docking as well, a few of these are listed below and can earn you more points! Did you use a guide rail to help trap your port to dock?- 1 point If not,- 3 points Did you use FAR?- 2 points There are a few more rules to go over as well. 1. Mods are allowed. (Don't abuse mechjeb or thermal) 2. All targeting assists are allowed as well, but do not help much. 3. Pictures are necessary. 4. You get to count up your points, have evidence of them. 5. Debug/Persistence editing/Cheat menu NOT ALLOWED 6. ENJOY YOURSELF! Happy acing I will be working on some graphics that you can add to your signatures shortly! LEADERBOARDS 1.2001kraft-6.5 points 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  10. Im not sure if this is how it works but I am very skinny person, so my body itself is one giant radiator, and I get cold quickly!
  11. So, is there a real reason that SpaceX didn't change to use hydrolox in their upper stage to gain more DeltaV? I'm guessing it's that the tanks take up too much space for it to work well, trying to learn about these things is fun
  12. Whilst taking a look on SpaceX's website for the Falcon Heavy rocket, I noticed the comparison between the Falcon Heavy and the Delta IV. The Delta IV is a bit larger in size but has a bit more than half of the payload capacity of the projected payload tonnage of the Falcon Heavy. This may have been discussed before, I'm not sure. My pondering is, why does the Falcon Heavy, despite it's size and similar staging, have more payload capacity than the Delta IV heavy? Is it because the Falcon Heavy uses RP-1/LOX as its fuel as compared to the LOX/LH fuel mixture of the Delta IV? If so then what is the purpose of using the LOX/LH fuel mixture in the Delta IV when you can seemingly get more payload capacity from using RP-1? I think this topic is pretty good for discussion, and I'm curious as to why scientists would engineer a vehicle with such a fuel mixture when you can get more payload capacity from using RP-1. Maybe its just me thanks in advance!
  13. I wouldn't make too much of it, as I believe they are using a commercial company to do so, but this has large implications for the future. To me, the idea of Mexico even considering doing this is a pretty neat thing, another country to put enthusiasm back into space I suppose.
  14. Out of curiosity I googled the Mexican Space Agency. It hasn't done much, but I found this article. http://www.post-gazette.com/news/science/2015/06/10/Pittsburgh-s-Astrobotic-signs-Mexican-Space-Agency-for-trip-to-the-moon/stories/201506100099 Seems legit, not sure what Mexico would get from this though, other than the first Latin-American country to land on the moon. Thoughts? Edit: Here is Astrobotic's website for those curious: https://www.astrobotic.com/
  15. Very upsetting to see the buran in this state. How hard is it to give a shuttle a hose wash? :/
  16. I like using Mechjeb, simply because lots of monotonous things like getting into orbit and plotting hohmann transfers to moons and planets gets kind of old after a while It's all about your cup of tea, if you've been to orbit 5,000 times then you probably can do it again, just use what you want
  17. Well considering that planetary bases on other celestial bodies are called human "colonies" a colonial system is in order (I believe) whether it's part of our past or not. Maybe not such a strict uniform set of policies but one nonetheless. There really is no way for one on Earth to govern one on another planetary body, especially with today's technology, maybe in the future with warp drive, but it just isn't feasible. Any way of communicating may be viable, even on Mars, but if someone committed another crime on another planet or moon, how would they be punished by the government? It's not possible atm, travel to Mars takes 3 months fastest, and to the moon 3 days. And it costs a lot of money to get there. The prospect of "colonies" in space is heavily flawed at the moment. Perhaps one form of familial punishment could be arranged. If a crime is committed in outer space by an astronaut/cosmonaut, his or her family is punished. This is still loose however. The consequences of actions outside of Earth are minimal. As such I believe that any "colony" on another body is in and of itself an independent government. Organized or not. The decisions that the astronauts/cosmonauts make are their own entirely, completely out of Earth's jurisdiction. Now whether they are "governed" or not is their own decision. An oligarchy would be probable based upon their training, but again, there is no governing in space right now, even based on the Space Treaty. That's my input
  18. Similar to B9 (if i'm not mistaken) it would be nice to have some sort of heatshield that one could add to the bottom/top of wings and aerodynamic parts. It is very nice that we have reentry heating, but trying to land spaceplanes would be better left to magic than an actual attempt. Trying to enter without air brakes is extremely difficult, as random parts start exploding on my spaceplanes along with my wings. It would also be nice to see directional heating that doesn't just "ghost" through parts behind wings. Many a time I have had batteries above my wings on the fuselage and somehow despite my reentry angle they explode anyway, I would love to see this fixed in the future. (Also goes with radial parts behind heat shields) Just a few things on my mind since the update
  19. I personally (Even though im young) would like to be turned into a cremation diamond. Kind of expensive, maybe I could set aside a couple thousand dollars for this or something, but that seems like a great way to be remembered. Perhaps I would be embedded into a ring and worn on my daughters hand. Nothing better in my opinion.
  20. If you look straight up, is it blue? I might have been flying high but the whole sky isn't blue, only the edges of the atmosphere on the horizon are i believe, nonetheless the sky's color decays quickly with altitude rather than slowly.
  21. For the kerbal identification, I think they should wear different collored suits. like orange for pilot, blue for engineer, and white for scientists or something like that. Would be very neat to see all of the spacesuits on EVA as well with the different colors!
  22. So, whilst flying one day I noticed a rather annoying thing that I had never really thought of before. Kerbin's (or any other planet I'm guessing) daytime sky is: Black. After thinking a while, I had always had a disdain for flying at morning time, as it wasn't bright enough, or something else was amiss. So I would hope that one day we would have realistic skies, blue ones with sunrises and sunsets. The night time is just fine the way it is, but black skies is really an eyesore for me, it makes flying a little less scenic. Hopefully I would like to see this fixed for Kerbin and other planets, but I'm not sure if this is a beaten subject or has been brought up before. Just a little tidbit of my mind Edit: Also, a transition from bright blue to black as you head into thinner and thinner atmosphere above kerbin would be pretty neat to see as well!
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