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  1. Understandable @Nertea. I would have loved to use your mods in combination with some kind of life support mods in KSP 1, but it makes sense to at least know what your effort will yield first. Your mods are required on installs of KSP for me, so I just go without LS mods.
  2. Hey, so I use and enjoy CKAN, and understand many mod-maker's positions on CKAN (maintaining the metadata), so opting out of maintaining that makes sense even if it makes my life a bit more difficult. Really, what I like most about CKAN is it's ability to help me discover mods that isn't easily reproduced by the stickied threads in the releases forum or other venues. In that respect, I've also never really understood mod-maker's suggesting AVC in place of CKAN. They solve different problems. However, what I don't get is the almost fanatical support of AVC I see from the mod community. It comes pre-packaged with a lot of mods. I don't want a third-party app built into my game that sends information to private servers while the game is running. I just don't. So fine, I just tell AVC that every mod isn't allowed to check for updates and then pray the source-code isn't malicious, right? Except every mod still checks for updates. I know this because every mod still notifies me when there is an update. How exactly is this possible when I specifically said not to check? Why do so many modders force this on anyone using the mod if the AVC plugin isn't even running in good faith? I really hate complaining about something like this, because any kind of mod is a labor of love and something that you shouldn't really put expectations on... but the forced inclusion of a plugin that sends data to private server regardless of my settings is rather uncomfortable. Is AVC just broken? Is this because this is how mod-maker's want the system to work? Do mod-maker's know that it's doing this when they package it with their mods?
  3. This may be a stupid question, but I read the entire wiki and couldn't find an answer. So several images show a 'Duna' series and 'Tundra' series module connected, and the 'Tundra' series module is supported by a truss on the bottom that is connected to four legs that are identical to those on the 'Duna' series. I can't seem to find this part anywhere in the mod. EDIT: Derp. And of course I find it as soon as I post here. Nevermind. It's the 'Cradle' item underneath the 'Konstruction' category.
  4. Wait, you think that the ONLY purpose of mods like this was to prevent hard crashes?
  5. None of my science labs, either the MPL or the THNKR Lab, produce science per day. I have them both in orbit around Kerbin at 250km, and both are full with scientist crews, with the start research button clicked, but both still say 0.0000 sci/day. EDIT: Ah, never mind, didn't realize that you had to finalize into a lab first. Had another mod that was automatically moving the data to the command pod instead.
  6. So, how much would it cost to pay to have this updated? I'm totally willing to throw some money at this. EDIT: And by this I mean, how much money in the tip jar would make it worth it for the author or someone else to update this to work with the current version?
  7. Sorry, don't mean to interject in your guys', er, discussion... but can anyone confirm that kerbalstuff is experiencing downtime right now? It appears that my CKAN is getting 504's on any kerbalstuff downloads. Does CKAN support multiple download locations? Like fallback repositories?
  8. You mean with Deadly Reentry? I was looking at the 2000m and thinking "I'll either have to uninstall DE or my ship will explode..." EDIT: Also, RoverDude, I like the balance of how you did this, but I think the fact that there's only that one tiny drill for Karborundum is part of the balance? If so, you're essentially balancing it by using the fact that high part-count ships crash the game. :/
  9. It will if you're running a 32bit operating system, as KSP can only address about 1.75GB of memory on a 32bit operating system, and 3.5GB on a 64bit operating system (with the 32bit executable).
  10. Or they could not load every asset in the entire game at once before reaching the main screen. It's not like we DON'T have scene change loading screens.
  11. I'm not asking as a way to poke at squad or anything, I'm honestly curious. In game development, unity is kind of awful, unless you're making a game that needs to be on like eight different platforms including phones. But KSP is only on desktop, so why was Unity chosen? I'm really curious.
  12. She plays it a bit actually. Also, the day has been fantastic so far.
  13. She got Werner Von Kerman to invite me to training camp.
  14. I came home from work to find this on my desk: http://imgur.com/a/I7g3p Basically, she booked the day so that we're going to see the Shuttle (Endeavor) and watch the last mission in 3D on IMAX, then she booked flying lessons for me. Dinner, stand-up, then a movie.... I don't even know what to say. The attention to detail in this letter on its own is impressive.
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