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  1. I played this since release at least once or twice a week, mainly because it is so damn relaxing - during flight, that is. Regarding AddOns I mostly use free ones, weather stuff etc, and my favourite airplane is a Saab 340 (was mentioned earlier in this thread, I guess it's the same one) - a paid AddOn I really can recommend is FSPassengers which adds a ton of immersion for me to FSX. With FSPassengers I usually fly commuters within Europe with Cologne as my "homebase", to destinations in France, Denmark, Englands, Spain, Poland, Italy, and back. When I haven't that much free time to spare I fly short round trips over my home area (also supported by FSPassengers).
  2. This. I'm just guessing here, but I think that most, no, almost all people just don't care that the names of the weekdays or the months are based on a funny mixture of various mythologies which were (and are) undeniably an important part of human history., if you like it or not. They're just names nowadays. I don't sacrifice caught enemies in a swampy moor on Thursdays, you know.
  3. Maybe the chutes were cut off too late, dragging the capsule a bit.
  4. Do we add new months with cool names, or do we just add days to the months? Isn't it awful to wait longer between two christmas or birthday presents? And oh the bureaucracy!
  5. I never fought an ape, so I can't say much on that "Who's the strongest"-topic. I think with an pan-like intellect the sapiens-species - albeit much, much smaller in quantity at all - would diverse into numerous subspecies, like homo sapiens desertiis, homo sapiens tropica and whatnot, maybe living alongside groups of erectus, neanderthalensis, denisovas et cetera frolicking in their nichés. Sounds nice, actually. Sympatric living alongside other hominini and hominae wasn't (or isn't, actually) that unusual in "our" history, before we came up with things like the wheel, throwing spears and stealth bombers, that is.
  6. [insert dozens of pictures of "Luftwaffe"-stuff here]
  7. Dear Universe, I never ate Nachos in my life. Please wait a bit with that dying thing until I've had, okay? With best regards, AcidSludge
  8. 3. In case you (or others watching this thread) didn't already read "His Master's Voice" by Stanislaw Lem - it's a great SciFi-Novel about this topic.
  9. Modest Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition . In all forms, instrumentations and variations, it puts me through so many emotions and sensations that it almost feels magical to me. Orchestral Organ Arrangement And there's an very interesting and notable interpretation by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
  10. The first time I seen or heard about these wannabe stars (or beefed up gas giants, depends) was in 1994, when Frontier: Elite II came out, where they were one of the tons of celestial objects to marvel at. I always found this thingies somewhat eerie and strange - I mean, lithium fusion, about 20°C to 150°C surface temperature (do they have a surface at all?), and they looked (in FE2, that is) kind of scary - I'm not a physics buff, and informations about brown dwarfs are relatively sparse and uncertain. So my main questions are: What happens at the end of a "life circle" of brown dwarfs? Some sort of nova? Do they just burn out, leaving a big lump of material floating around whatever whereever? How they may freaking look like? Are planets orbiting brown dwarfs possibly capable of sustaining life as we know it?
  11. Hm. I played both before it was cool. I'm such a hipster ... Nah, srsly, I lost my interests in MineCraft a long time ago, partly due to being unable to finding a suitable server - it was either mods and admins with - to put it mildly - strange behaviors, or the servers changed to minigamey-things all of a sudden, attracting a new audience I don't wanted to deal with, and requiring this mod and that mod and these mods too, and I was like "You know what else is required? Less me!". No one bothered it, especially not me, because I think videogames are not a religion or should be the main focus of anyones life, same with KSP here. I played it, it was cool, the game told its story to me, and now I'm just visiting the forums for the Science Labs/Space Lounge-part every 2 or 3 days. That's one pro-KSP argument, on the mc-forums they constantly ask for my favourite Yu-Gi-Oh-Character or something. Go away. I think the last time I started up KSP was two months ago. Maybe I try it for a last time after summer, but I doubt it will spark my interest again. So, tl;dr, for the poll - do I like bananas or a sunrise on a free day? I guess the correct answer is "A pot of coffee or Norah Jones, maybe both, maybe playing soccer with my friends". Oh hey look, a butterfly ...
  12. Some very early 80s, maybe late 70s videogame console, don't remember the name of it, it was mainly black, had like 8 oder 10 variants of pong and a crude lightgun game on it, two controllers with paddles and a button, and a pump-action lightrifle for the lightgun game. For the lightgun game to work you had to turn off all the lights in the room, otherwise everytime you pulled the trigger it counted as a hit regardless of the direction you pointed that rifle. When I was four, one of my uncles had this, and I remember watching my father and my uncle playing this for a while, then handing me one of the paddles. I wasn't very impressed at all and it bored me after like 15 minutes or so. After that, my uncle gave me a little green plastic chest and told me it is full of snake eggs, and I should never ever open it, otherwise the snakes would hatch and bite me. I was like "Okay, thanks", and after I got home I put that chest on a shelf in my room and didn't opened it for a few days, then I got curious and opened it. It was full of LEGOs, never heard of or seen LEGOs before, but an hour later I had built the most impressive spaceship known to mankind, and I searched the household for glue to make that spacecraft more durable, found some and ended up being angrily yelled at for glueing LEGOS and a sock to the carpet. Ah, the memories ....