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  1. Wow! I am really impressed! You have turned my (poorly made, it needed refactoring a long time ago...) little mod into something really powerful. I'm almost glad that the last traces of my old code has finally been obsoleted I am curious though. In the original version, I had a bare-bones in-game documentation function. Do you have plans to implement something similar in the future? It may be useful in a couple of ways.
  2. Until Kopernicus adds an ingame UI for editing PQS components, this mod remains relevant. And the particle system thingy in KittopiaTech has yet to be integrated into Kopernicus, so that's one more reason this mod is still relevant. Don't demoralise Gravitasi with sayings like that, as he is the only person to ever show an interest, and skill, in continuing my plugin.
  3. I would be careful what you say, its comments like this that put a lot of pressure on me, and the sheer pressure (Including a lot of other factors) of maintaining my plugin caused me to give up. If you want updates quickly, you could always learn C#, fork the project, and help.
  4. This plugin is KittopiaTechs first continuation, as far as I am aware. So as long as Gravitasi doesn't change how the config parser asks the plugin to make rings, your existing configuration should work fine. Simply ask people to download this instead of my discontinued work, as this will likely be updated to any future KSP version.
  5. As I have said on the Kopernicus development thread, I am formally discontinuing this project for an indefinite period of time. This plugin has fulfilled its role, and is technically scope-complete. However I am no longer interested in continuing development of it, or any other planet-based mods. There are many factors that contribute to this. Such as my own short-sightedness while programming this plugin. For instance: -KSP's API being difficult and troublesome. -The code has become too difficult to read and edit with ease. -User unfriendly UI design. -Unrealistic expectations of the end-user. -Kopernicus will fill in most of this planets unique features anyway. -Lack of programmers on the planet making scheme. -General ignorance of this plugins goal, potential and capability. -Lack of PQSMod creativity. and finally, Other projects of mine taking precedence. I am sorry if I am seeming rude, however I have noticed, and become rather upset by the state of the "planet making" group, mainly the reliance of third-party tools and utilities. In the early days, the art of making planets was reserved for adept plugin makers. And generally were self-contained. There are defiantly exceptions, such as NathenKell, Gravitasi, MrHappyFace, OvenProofMars and his successor, medsouz, and, of course the Kopernicus team. I wish to thank everyone who supported this plugin, and I wish the Kopernicus team luck. I would be honoured if they decide to use some of this plugins code to make life easier on them. Should interest rise again, I might resume. But for now, feel free to gut this mod of all its good stuff.
  6. Feel free to extract anything from KittopiaTech, such as its "unique" features: rings, the hacky "star fix", hazardous "oceans" and the cfg-based particle loading for scaledspace planets. I'm probably just going to (personally, feel free to do whatever with it.) discontinue it, as working on it became much to stressful due to how messy my code became. It would be nice to finally have a "one-stop shop" for planets, instead of a series of dependencies. Good luck, you may or may not need it.
  7. With groundscatter, I am still working on a better implementation, but the end goal is near-full control.
  8. Sure, I have the "ring" function in PlanetaryUtilClass.cs, look for public static GameObject AddRingToPlanet
  9. I was able to fix the RSS incompatibility with rings, the error was caused by the ScaledSpace model "expanding" after the rings formed, without the rings scaling to match the new size. As for custom ring shaders; I think it would be entirely possible, as they are GameObjects with a mesh. If you are interested, feel free to take a look at the source code and change things around.
  10. Adding shadows and other such details to rings would be nice, but would require a custom shader. Graphics programing is a bit too tricky for me, so I would need to ask someone to create the shader (If someone does, they will defiantly be accredited). KSP's lighting system is a bit weird. As for the incompatibilities with RSS, the way this plugin tries to modify PQS defiantly conflicts. But that AdditionalData config should load regardless... I will see if there is a problem with the plugin.
  11. Its defiantly possible, even right now in the current version. Add decreasing alpha scales in the 5 configurable colour options, it will fade out nicely. Scaling the particle to 0 during its lifetime adds to the effect. SaveLoad and ScaledSpace have been a thorn in my side since the beginning. I will try to make it work better, but overall it may never work perfectly. I am sorry for my plugins shortcomings.
  12. That is definatly due to the atmospherefromground component... I never interfaced scale to saveload, but I guess I can do that for next update. I am still in the process of trying to fix the texture import functionality. For some odd reason it doesn't play nice...
  13. This has incompatibilities with starsystems? Send me some debug info and I will see if I can fix it.
  14. I am really sorry to have to do this, but can you please make sure you are following my license agreement for the plugin: KittopiaTech. As of KittopiaTech version 0.183; it is no longer licensed using CC BY-SA, but rather a custom-written license ( refer to http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/68619-0-90-Plugin-WIP-KittopiaTech-Ingame-Terraforming-Tools-V0-19 ) designed to prevent undesirable results from redistribution. Seeing as you are redistributing the binary compiles of KittopiaTech version 0.19, I will have to ask you to check if you are not violating it. I am a bit weary of the "curse" hosting website; can you please elaborate if you are opted in to their "rewards program" (http://www.curse.com/author-reward-points-faq). If you are currently opted-in for said program, then, by distributing via curse, potentially gaining "profit". This would be against my new license and if it is the case, I will have to ask you not to redistribute the compiled binaries. Any and all configuration files generated or used by the KittopiaTech plugin may be freely distributed in whatever manner you please, however. Again, I apologise, but I must protect my sanity and my ideals, as well as uphold my license designed to help me deal with potential exploitation, not that I am accusing you of exploiting me or having any malicious intent.
  15. Firstly: I have released a new version, with preliminary support for custom ground scatters. These are models (in the same format as parts) added to a models folder. The location is as followed: "GameData/KittopiaSpace/Models/TemplateName/scattermesh<number>". These have not had saveload implemented yet. I have been a bit neglectful of KittopiaTech, sadly. And yes, the textures are a bit weird. Manually adding " (MapSO)" directly on the end of the keyvalue of the cfg file might help.