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  1. no, sorry. But i have more than 100 mods so there could be some conflicts. The best way to do it is to install it and look at the tech tree. if something is missing or not connected then it does not work
  2. The solution is not that simple as i don't have it installed. Thanks for trying thou.
  3. EET - engineering tech tree. It is compiled for 1.4 but works on 1.5
  4. Anyone tried this with 1.5? I have and it works, but "Advanced SRB" node is missing and I cannot research following nodes because of it. Any ideas for a fix?
  5. ha ha ha. Found it. Thank you wikipedia. The name is DARWINIA from 2005
  6. Hello fellow Kerbals. My Google-fu is weak and I need your help. I am trying to find out the name of a game I played some 15-20 years ago. It was set inside a computer infected by a virus. The virus was represented like a red snake or spider moving on a terrain made out of polygons and you had to kill it using a squad shooting lasers. When you killed it it left peaces called "souls" which you had to collect using a unit that looks like the ship from the movie Tron. Later in the game these souls could be resurrected in small 2d green men. They could go on to fight the infestation of red 2d men.
  7. SpaceX launches NRO payloads and they are also horizontal.
  8. Si, they have recover the fairings. What is the method of recovery. Just fish them out of the ocean or is it spectacular mid air helicopter fishing?
  9. Wait. I thought that diching propulsive landing ment no super-dracos. Or are they still on for LES and orbital burns?
  10. How does the F9 second stage reignite? Does it have RCS, ulage or does it have some kind of internal systems for keeping fuel on the pumps?
  11. What time of the year is the earth's night side rotated towards the centre of the galaxy?
  12. If I remember correctly this equipment is a refurbished AA battery. Just that the guns were replaced with cameras
  13. Soon Musk will start a new company called "The weather company" with the goal of making a weather controling machine.
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