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  1. as i type i am upgrading and almost every files has this error in RED. here is an example of just one of the many lines of text that is scrolling by as these files are downloading; rsync: failed to set permissions on "/cygdrive/j/games/KSP/KSP_win/KSP_Data/.sharedassets9.assets.LrI7Q2": Invalid argument (22) windows 10 OS on a haswell i7 with 16 gigs of ram and other bits of hardware that work well with many MMO's and single player games from morrowind to shroud of the avatar.
  2. i like this very much. i often chuckle to myself thinking of how much calculus i am NOT doing while working on setting up a maneuver that changes multiple vectors in a single burn.
  3. i know what he's talking about, and you COULD. try running the game without updating.
  4. i like those reindeer, very good. and that Christmas tree seems to have just barely enough lights. it's great. the part count must be astronomical. pun intended.