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  1. I've been playing a hell of a lot of ArmA 3 lately. Just messing around in the editor. I've also been playing the new Deus Ex (Mankind Divided) a little, and Minecraft with friends.
  2. is it compatible with 1.1.3 ? Thanks !
  3. Nero is the best god-damn looking planet I've ever seen in KSP modding ! Congrats my man !
  4. A mod called Principia replaces the stock orbital physics with fully realistic N-body orbital physics, so you might want to take a look at that
  5. Is the fact that the solar panel's power output are significantly diminished an intended feature ? If so, is there a way to remove that feature ? Thanks !
  6. It is also to be noted (although I know that it is impossible to avoid without deleting it), but the storm going around Earth makes no sense. It sometimes goes in Siberia while being just as intact as if it was in the pacific or something.
  7. Is there a way to remove the size limitations in career mode ? Thank you ! EDIT :Read the thread, forget the question.
  8. I use But I mostly record Battlefield 3-4 footage. Fraps bogs down my computer.
  9. Base tier runway. Its bumpier than the rest of the planet !
  10. How well does this mod fare with the Community Tech Tree ?
  11. It is already integrated in the present version of ScienceAlert.
  12. What happens if I install this along with USI mods ? (especially the ones for bases) I always wanted to mix Civilian Population with USI and EL to be able to make a true permanent space colony.