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  1. Banned for being back at the same time as i am.
  2. 1/10 Dont recall the profile pic nor the nickname, but i remember that signature.
  3. Granted. Its so homogenous its literally hitler. I wish i had some coffe right now.
  4. Banned because i went on a hiatus.
  5. Granted. Some random person you dont know anything about and was already happy, is now happy. I wish i did better with my comics...
  6. No im not. TUBM is afraid of not being afraid.
  7. Kinda. I think its overrated. TUBM is book.
  8. Granted, but it also contains viruses. GG your brain is dead. I wish i had more charm.
  9. Not really, no. Not actually. TUBM built a robot once.
  10. Banned because of mentioning Erasm of Rotterdam.
  11. I like many colored juices, what do you want? Sampa?
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