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  1. Sorry if this has been answered already (I'm on mobile and in a hurry), but is there a mode that makes the decal display the mission's individual flag? Or does each decal have to be injected into the mod?
  2. I can't say for certain whether this has been mentioned or not, but in any case I couldn't find it. Anyway, I've been experiencing an issue with the Patriot missile turrets, whereby they won't pitch or yaw when given autonomous input (e.g. from a radar data receiver). This ends with the launcher spitting missiles out straight ahead instead of locked to a target. More details are present in the GitHub issue.
  3. I forgot how nice the view was from Komarov Station
  4. I'm not sure if/when this was mentioned before, but I finally had the idea to post it myself. For a while now I've been doubling up RAPIER engines by turning one of the two 45 degrees, and then clipping the two together. The picture explains it better. Therefore, double the power for the exact same volume! Pay no attention to the increased mass. But come on, You have to admit that looks cool.
  5. Alright, I'll set up a patch for my client that I can give you if you want (I'm thinking a uniform 3000).
  6. Okay, I knew there was something going on. The WW2 parts have 1% exactly the maxTemp of the Modern parts. I'm thinking this may be a bit of an oversight, as 1000000 maxTemp seems a little excessive. It's just that it's not consistent, that's my point. Otherwise, I love it and I wish KSP would stop breaking to the point of launching my ships kilometres into the air, even while trying the other fixes.
  7. Quick question (Sorry if it's been answered, I'm not very good at combing threads): Are the antennae compatible with RemoteTech? I've currently installed both, and none of the VSR antennae have RT capability. I've even looked at the core files and I haven't seen a ModuleManager patch nor anything in the parts' files themselves. Has RT capability simply not been implemented?
  8. As far as I'm aware, everything is x64 now. No more worrying about mods!
  9. Granted, but now he's even more obsessed with his Venusian rover project. I wish for a Python from Elite: Dangerous.
  10. Banned for being forced to edit grammar.
  11. Granted, but every booster is identical to the right booster from STS-51-L. I wish for a working super-heavy SSTO.
  12. Granted, but the craft missed Venus. I wish for more hours in the day.
  13. Banned for custom title (violates community guidelines: inappropriate)